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WWE Smackdown Thoughts - May 21, 2010

When Smackdown began with CM Punk & The Straight Edge Society inducting three new members into the fold, I asked myself if anyone in WWE is consistently getting more airtime than CM Punk?  John Cena, perhaps?  Jack Swagger's gotten a lot of time since winning the World Championship, but CM Punk has been getting tons of time since his feud with Rey Mysterio began several months ago.  He hasn't been World Champion since October, but I'd say that Friday nights belong to your Straight Edge Savior.  Nothing you haven't seen or heard here before, but solid last-minute hype for what I assume will be their final match.

Okay, I can't believe I'm about to say this, but Michelle McCool & Layla vs. Kelly Kelly & Tiffany was the best women's match I've seen from WWE in quite some time.  Layla's lightning-fast roll-up, Kelly Kelly's springboard backflip into an arm drag, her crossbody to the outside, Tiffany's diving sunset flip, and McCool reversing a monkey flip into the Faith Breaker, there may not have been a lot more than that, but it's more than the snoozefests Michelle McCool usually treats us to.

Big Show stealing the Jack Facts (which were stolen from the Matt Facts), was highly amusing.

Did Matt Striker just say "jigga j-hova?"  Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?!  He was saying it in reference to JTG, who was in singles action against Caylen Croft of The Dudebusters.  Decent match, not much to it, but JTG looked solid.

Up next, Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer vs. Local Competitors... yeah, you read that right, both Hawkins and Archer have returned from obscurity, re-debuting on Superstars last week, and now they're here on Smackdown, which I'm not particularly thrilled about.  Archer was painfully boring in the final days of ECW and Curt Hawkins... well, he's not wearing pants with one leg, so who cares?  Maybe putting them together in a team will work, but I've had more than my share of local competitor destruction since Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov were doing their thing, so I'm not going to come around on these guys just yet.

Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston was our hour 1 main event, as far as I know, the first time these two have ever had a one-on-one encounter, and a very enjoyable match to boot.  Swagger looked like a dominant champion, Kofi looked like he was ready to hang with the top dogs, even if he did get a little help from Big Show to pick up the shock win!  This is why the ship has never sailed on anyone in wrestling, Jack Swagger was losing to Santino, Kofi experienced one of the biggest de-pushes I've ever seen, but now Swagger is World Champ and Kofi just pinned him in a non-title match.  So never count anyone out in wrestling, there are no lost causes, a little change of scenery may be all they need.

And by the way, how NASTY! was that kick that Swagger hit as Kofi was diving off the top rope?  Matt Striker insisted it hit Kofi's "inner thigh," which it did... after it caught him square in the crotch!  Ouch.

Perhaps the most important part of this Friday's Smackdown, The Peep Show returned!  Christian had a guest lined up that he has never really "seen eye to eye" with... Hornswoggle!  Get it, because Hornswoggle's short, no one sees eye to eye with him.  Hornswoggle's still rocking the DX gear, even though Shawn Michaels has been gone since WrestleMania and Triple H has been gone since Extreme Rules.  Obviously Hornswoggle's shtick has run its course, but if anyone could make a segment with him amusing, it's Christian.  Christian taught Hornswoggle to speak important Canadian words like "eh," "hockey," and "beer," sadly "sorey" and "Bryan Adams" were not included in the lesson plan.  Vickie Guerrero wasn't happy about Hornswoggle being picked as Christian's first guest over her and brought Chavo Guerrero with her.  Oh no, Chavo and Hornswoggle within a 50-foot radius of each other never leads to good things.  Vickie sends Chavo in to deal with her Christian problem, but Dolph Ziggler attacks Captain Charisma from behind!  Really, Christian's reduced to dealing with Ziggler and Chavo?  Two guys that haven't done anything in months/years?  Lame.

MVP & Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk & Luke Gallows was up next in a rematch from MVP's first night back on Smackdown.  Very fast paced and exciting, Punk almost decapitating Mysterio with his springboard clothesline was (you guessed it) NASTY!  A little short for my liking, but like I said, it was a very exciting and packed a lot of action into a little bit of time.  The Masked Stranger made an appearance, but it was not enough to stop Mysterio from catching Punk with a quick hurricanrana to pick up the win.

Nice little exchange backstage with Kofi Kingston & Drew McIntyre, their match could be the sleeper hit of the PPV.

Main Event time! For the first time ever, Big Show vs. Drew McIntyre in a non-title match.  I liked the idea of combining the World/IC Title matches from the PPV with Show vs. McIntyre and Kofi vs. Swagger, WWE should do that more often to hype PPVs.  Crowd was really behind Big Show in this one, especially after he started the "Sssshhhhhhh" chops in the corner.  Big Show's handprint was on McIntyre's chest throughout the rest of the night (it's probably still there), and I don't think there's any amount of money you could pay me that would get me to agree to letting the Big Show slapping me in the chest as hard as he can... I wouldn't be alive to spend it.  Unfortunately, there wasn't much match after that thanks to Jack Swagger's interference, which caused the DQ.  Swagger got a little bit of an upper hand (for the first time in this feud), but once he went to attack with a steel chair, Show did the whole punch-the-chair bit and got really angry, and believe me Jack, you wouldn't like Big Show when he's angry.

Not a particularly great episode of Smackdown.  Swagger vs. Kofi, MVP & Rey vs. Punk & Gallows, and (surprisingly) the Diva's tag were all enjoyable, but that's about it.  JTG vs. Croft and the Archer/Hawkins matches were pure filler, the main event had a screwy finish, and Christian being used to try to make Dolph Ziggler relevant is less than ideal.  Hopefully things can get back on track tonight for Over the Limit.

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