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WWE Raw thoughts - May 24, 2010

Sorry for no live blog last night, on top of missing my first PPV in three years, I missed Raw for the first time in months.  I had to work late, and the big series finale of 24 kept me from watching Raw live, it's easier to avoid wrestling spoilers than network TV spoilers.

Over the Limit sounded interesting though (I still haven't seen it), and the recap video of Cena vs. Batista really bummed me out because the match seemed pretty awesome.  Cena hitting the Attitude Adjustment off that car was pretty sick.

Speaking of the Cena vs. Batista, Davetista kicked off last night's episode of Raw!  Well, since he needed referees to walk him to the ring, "kicked off" might not be the best phrase, "stumbled off" perhaps?  Batista in a wheelchair demanding his spotlight might be the funniest damn thing I've seen in awhile though, at least since Ric Flair was in a wheelchair.  What is it about wrestling that makes it the only venue you'd actively boo someone for being in a wheelchair?  Batista was pissed though and wanted his rematch once he's healthy, but Justin Roberts quickly interrupted The Animal to introduce the new General Manager of Raw...


Wow, I honestly did not see that coming.  Bret Hart?  Definitely a far cry from the "top name on the list" that the dirtsheets were reporting, Abraham Washingston.  Bret Hart announced the Fatal Four Way PPV and told Batista he could qualify for the main event if he beat Randy Orton.  Batista argued that he was hurt, Bret responded that Orton was hurt too, but Batista still didn't want to fight, forfeited the match and quit WWE altogether!  Looks like Batista will be taking an extended vacation after all, but I doubt this is the last we've seen of Big Dave.

Sheamus vs. Mark Henry was our first actual qualifying match for Fatal Four Way, and you don't have to be a lifelong wrestling fan to figure out how this one went down.  Sheamus attacked Cena after his win at Over the Limit and has set his sights on the WWE Championship since he put Triple H on the shelf, so it was pretty much a forgone conclusion that Sheamus would get in the main event for Fatal Four Way.  Mark Henry put up a hell of a fight though and looked like a credible threat (which he should since he's the "World's Strongest Man"), but obviously this one was going to the Celtic Warrior.

Jon Lovitz is awesome.  I haven't seen him do much of anything lately, but I was a huge fan of The Critic and his work on SNL, so it was nice to see him on Raw.

Bret Hart set up a triple threat match with John Cena, Edge & Chris Jericho to determine the last spot in Fatal Four Way, but if Cena won, neither one of them would get the shot.

Maryse & Alicia Fox vs. Gail Kim & Eve was up next, and hey, Gail Kim actually did stuff in the match!  Don't think we've seen that since she returned to the company.  Once Eve got in the ring though, things took a turn for the worse and Maryse picked up an anticlimactic win for her team.

I wasn't a big fan of vacating the United States Championship and putting it up for grabs in a simple one-on-one match, I feel like we just did that on Smackdown with the IC Title, even though it was quickly rendered meaningless by Drew McIntyre.  I get it, Bret Hart obviously isn't going to be defending the US Title or wrestling anymore matches, and The Miz did get robbed, so he deserves a rematch, but I would've liked to see something a little more in depth.  There are enough guys on Raw to justify a tournament heading into Fatal Four Way: R-Truth, Mark Henry, Evan Bourne, Ted DiBiase, Zack Ryder, William Regal, etc., and they could even give Miz a bye into the semifinals since he was the former champ.  But hey, can't always get what you want, I suppose.

The Miz vs. R-Truth was the match to determine the new United States Champion.  R-Truth was fresh off a surprising win over Ted DiBiase and this was the first Raw that Miz wasn't carrying gold since October!  That didn't change for Cap'n Awesome though, R-Truth picked up a hard-fought win to earn his first championship in WWE history!  I'm happy for Truth, he's worked his ass off since coming back to WWE and has been a consistent fan favorite from day one.  Damn good match too, and considering how drastically he has improved with each passing year, I think it may be time to elevate The Miz to the WWE Title scene.  That may sound crazy, but Batista's on his way out, so someone's got to take his place, right?  I nominate The Miz, because he's awesome... he's just not United States Champ anymore!

Jon Lovitz's Superstar Search had all the potential to be a massive trainwreck, and once The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh came out to sing "Puttin' on the Ritz," it lived up to it.  Khali in the biggest tuxedo on the planet though?  Awesome.  Then a dude came out of the crowd to pull out his glass eye (no, I'm not making that up), and I never thought I'd say this, but Ted DiBiase came out to save this segment.  Well, DiBiase will get the credit, be we all know it was Virgil that made this entertaining!  Turns out, Teddy wanted to buy the dude's glass eye, which is really gross, the guy refused to sell and... Santino came to save the "cyclops boy!"  One Dream Street later, things didn't really go according to Santino's plan, and we wasted a good portion of TV time on something that probably could've been accomplished in 25% of the time.

The Hart Dynasty vs. William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov was incredibly underwhelming.  Too short, and an another anticlimactic finish, but the real story came after the match when all three members of the Hart Dynasty were attacked by two dudes I didn't recognize and a woman I didn't recognize.  A quick Google search tells me they're The Uso Brothers, Rikishi's twin sons, along with Sarona Snuka, daughter of "Superfly" himself.  My guess is they were brought up since Carlito was released, which put the kibosh on Carlito & Primo going after the Tag Titles.  I liked it though, it's been a long time since anyone got to debut like this, let alone a whole trio.

Tonight on NXT, Michael Cole is going to call Daniel Bryan out and force him to apologize, or else he'll SUE!  Going to be hard for him to talk to his attorney when he gets his head kicked in.

Ashton Kutcher is next week's guest host?  That's pretty huge.  I pretty much can't stand the guy as an actor, but he's actually a pretty bright guy and should be a fun guest host.

Main Event time! Edge vs. Chris Jericho vs. John Cena was a hell of a triple threat match and that STF/Walls of Jericho combo was freaking awesome.  Lots of drama and Edge picking up the win and final spot in the Fatal Four Way main event rounds out the match well, and the final image of all four guys in line looked really cool, but what's Jericho going to do?!  My suggestion?  Feud him R-Truth, the US Title is literally the only championship in WWE he's never held, so have him go after it.

Decent Raw, kinda fell off in the second hour, but the strong main event helped pull it back up.  A lot of stuff going on here: Bret Hart is the new GM, Batista quit, PPV main event set up, new US Champ, and a brand new tag team debuted, but for some reason the show didn't just "feel" as big as it should have been.  Maybe that's just me since I watched on DVR rather than live like I usually do, so let me know what you thought of last night's Raw in the comments section.

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