Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WWE NXT Thoughts - May 4, 2010

Wow, this show was terrible.

Okay, so I figured WWE would do a bunch of filler between the first Pro's Poll and the beginning of eliminations, but I had no idea they would pad it out with completely useless nonsense.  If you wonder why Syfy isn't keeping the show around when Smackdown moves over in October, or why the ratings are rapidly declining, just watch this episode of NXT and you'll understand.  Here's what I liked about this show:

Daniel Bryan got to wrestle.

And yeah, that's about it.  I'm not complaining because he lost again, in fact I think his losing streak will wind up turning in his favor eventually, I'm complaining that he was literally the only thing worth watching this week.  Let me put it this way, someone in WWE thought it would be entertaining to watch guys drinking sodas at the concession stand, seriously.  How does that, or the rest of the "obstacle course" (aka, shit we had lying around) make this show entertaining?  Do they really think someone was sitting on their couch watching this show and then frantically reached for their phone to call a friend and say "Dude! You gotta turn on NXT, they're climbing a rope ladder!!!"?

The eliminations start next week, which could help this show turn the corner in terms of quality, but after this disaster, and weeks of filler before it, I don't know if anything's going to help them in the ratings.  With numbers declining and WWE scrambling to find a new network, the possibility of a Season 2 isn't looking very good, which is a shame since it is (was?) such an interesting concept.

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  1. Even though you won't go after it, I will go after the complete goofiness of Bryan losing a match to only other winless person on the show. I just don't like the angle, which clearly has lost so much traction that they are actually repeating steps. (This has to be the second time Bryan's ribs were taped.) And to compound it, he lost to the other man who "can't drink his sodas right." Now this would be fine if we are shown shots of Miz being cunning after being exasperated, but his anger at Bryan almost seems legitimate. Well..."legitimate."

    I just don't like the "super long debut losing streak to get over" angle. It didn't work for Colin Delaney, it all but destroyed MVP's momentum and led to a silly face turn, and I'm afraid the same thing is happening with Daniel Bryan.