Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WWE NXT Thoughts - May 18, 2010

Daniel Bryan Danielson is awesome.

There you go, my thoughts on last night's NXT.

I've grown increasingly frustrated with this show because it's such an awesome concept and it got off to a hell of a start, but WWE blew it with almost two months of useless filler.  The only bright spot of this show has been Daniel Bryan, Bryan Danielson, whatever they're going to wind up calling him, and seeing the way he's been handled, I have to wonder if WWE creative is wildly inept or absolutely brilliant.  The entire show was built around Bryan, but then he can't win a match, but his losing streak seems like it's going somewhere, then he loses to people like Michael Tarver and Darren Young who were presented as jokes, but he also takes Batista to the limit and gets a pretty big win on Raw, but then they go an eliminate him anyway... but then he becomes even more awesome!  Either WWE has had this planned from the get-go, or Danielson is so good, he can turn all this confusion into a launchpad for his WWE career.

With his promo last night, I knew I was watching something special, and anyone who said that Bryan doesn't have the "it factor" was proven wrong, he has more of an "it factor" than anyone on this show.  Once he got in Michael Cole's face and became a hero to all of us that know he'll never be a true replacement for JR, he solidified his spot as a WWE Superstar.  I can't believe WWE would even greenlight something like that, and all it tells me is that the potential for this company to be cutting-edge is there, and they don't even need to be TV14 to do it.  It's just a shame WWE drove away the audience for this show, if people actually watched it, Bryan Danielson would be the next big thing.

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  1. I quite enjoyed this week's show. As you said, Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson's segment was very entertaining, and I also thought that Michael Tarver put himself across surprisingly well. The in-ring action was nothing memorable, but nothing awful either. The only real problem I had was that Heath Slater was beaten cleanly by Justin Gabriel, yet Slater moved up in the Pros' Poll rankings and Gabriel moved down. I recognise that WWE wants to make things more unpredictable by avoiding a repeat of last week's positions, but at least have a system that makes sense.

    To me, the last couple of weeks have reaffirmed the fact that NXT can be reasonably entertaining if proceedings are kept relatively simple. The worst shows of the run have involved the Tough Enough-esque challenges, whereas the most enjoyable ones have delivered a decent mixture of wrestling and promos. With the eliminations coming into play now, I can see myself looking forward to each week's show more than I have done in the last month or so, even if I don't end up agreeing with the rankings come the end of the night.