Monday, May 17, 2010

Smackdown Thoughts - May 14, 2010

Back in town to review Smackdown!

Kofi Kingston vs. Christian was our opening contest to determine a new Intercontinental Champion after Teddy Long stripped Drew McIntyre of the title last week.  A match I've been eager to see since Christian's return to the company and it certainly did not disappoint.  I don't know what more anyone could ask for in a free TV match, just absolutely fantastic back and forth wrestling between two of the most underrated performers in the industry today.  The finish with Kofi hitting Trouble in Paradise out of nowhere was beautifully executed, but that was just one of the many things that made this match so awesome.  Track it down on Hulu or if you missed it because you must watch this match. Matches like this are the hardest to review because there's nothing else I can say aside from "TV wrestling perfection."

But Drew McIntyre (in a sweet white suit that would make Don Johnson jealous) was out next to ruin our fun.  He handed an envelope to Teddy Long (it did not say "DOCTOR'S NOTE" on the front though), and it turns out Kofi Kingston is not the new Intercontinental Champion and Drew McIntyre's firing and title loss have been overturned.  It's the next logical step in his winning streak* storyline where his losses would be stricken from the record, and if you want people to hate Drew McIntyre, this certainly works.  Having Matt Striker read Vince McMahon's letter after commercial was just the icing on the cake.  So much for that Vince face turn?

Shad Gaspard vs. Local Competitor, been a long time since we've seen Local Competitor, glad he could find work even after ECW's cancellation.  Spoiler: Shad won.

The Dudebusters vs. MVP & JTG (aka "The Dude's with Letters for Names") was our next contest, and I kinda like the MVP/JTG tag team.  Perhaps it's less than ideal to have these guys team up since they just got out of tag teams and have potential as singles competitors, but I think they could have a lot of really fun matches.  They were both the stronger links of their respective teams, and I'd love to see them mix it up with The Hart Dynasty or Miz & Jericho.  Good debut match for this team too, The Dudebusters played their role perfectly, and MVP picked up the win for his team.  The only real bad part of this match is MVP getting the win with the Play of the Day, which would be the worst finisher in WWE if MVP didn't also have The Playmaker in his arsenal.

Next up was Jack Swagger, taking us on a tour of the Jackie Swag's Museum of Natural Awesomeness, a collection of every trophy that he's accumulated throughout his entire life.  Trophies, medals, ribbons, Homecoming King, and at age 5, he was better than all your children!  He's even a master of ballroom dancing and the famous Perry Deli named a sandwich after him, "The Swaggie," and it tastes like freedom!  Swagger was absolutely on fire here, which he has been since Extreme Rules, but of course all these trophies and medals was an excuse for The Big Show to come in and King Kong the place.  That's just mean!  Swagger hasn't even done anything to Big Show, while the World's Largest Athlete has been sucker punching him and chokeslamming him through tables!  Hilarious stuff though, and it's been awhile since we've had genuinely funny bits surrounding the main event scene.  Show's a very funny guy and Swagger plays a great Kurt Angle-esque goofball villain, so I'm really enjoying this feud.  SHOW SMASH!

Beth Phoenix came home to Buffalo to take on Rosa Mendes, but things didn't go exactly as planned for The Glamazon.  Vickie Guerrero made some changes to the match, turning it into Beth Phoenix vs. Michelle McCool & Layla for the Women's Championship, with Layla surprisingly grabbing the gold.  Well, at least it wasn't Michelle McCool reign #4319.  Beth Phoenix tore her ACL last week and will be out for several months, which is a damn shame and there's literally no one on Smackdown even remotely qualified to fill the void.  May as well just unify the Women's titles at this point.

Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero... Kane wins, no one cares.

Drew McIntyre will defend the Intercontinental Championship against Kofi Kingston at Over the Limit, but before that, he has to face The Big Show next week on Smackdown!

Main Event time! CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio and I have to question the logic behind this match just nine days before Over the Limit.  It's not a huge deal since people will be watching their match at the PPV because of the SES pledge vs. Punk's hair stipulation, but it's still pretty weird, especially when they went all out in this great main event.  Unsurprisingly though, we got some shenanigans at the end, with the Masked Stranger causing a disqualification.  Rey gets beatdown and hoisted onto Punk's shoulders for the GTS to end the show.

Another great episode of Smackdown, with three major angles feeling like main event-worthy stories.  The IC Title drama, Big Show vs. Swagger and Punk vs. Rey were all given equal attention and nothing felt rushed or half-assed.  A dramatic shift from last Monday's mind-boggling Raw, which will hopefully see a jump in quality thanks to the commercial-free gimmick tonight.

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