Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Poll: Overdue DVDs

Apparently, the long overdue Chris Jericho DVD set is finally in the works and set for release this fall (fingers crossed).  It was really the glaring omission from WWE's DVD library, but there are definitely DVDs that need to be put out, especially with documentaries chronicling the person's career.  So that got me thinking, what is the big DVD set that you want to see that still isn't out there? Vote in our new poll to the right of your screen, and if your choice isn't on there, leave a comment and let me know what it is.


  1. What about a Big Show DVD set? He's had a long career. Matches may not be spectacular, but he might have a good story.

  2. I actually considered putting Show on the list.

  3. Big Show
    Randy Orton
    CM Punk (maybe a bit early)
    The Rock (Docu style with him involved)

    History of the United States Championship

    Edge and Christian
    A comprehensive DX DVD 1997-2010, i.e not that stupid one they released a few years back

  4. Goldberg.

    He had a HUGE impact on the Monday night wars. I know I always flipped back and forth from Raw and Nitro to make sure to catch the "Goldberg! Goldberg! Goldberg!" chants.

  5. How about an Owen Hart dvd? I've heard many wrestlers speak about how good Owen was in the ring and how much of a nice guy he was backstage