Friday, May 21, 2010

Over the Limit 2010 Predictions

This Sunday is the very first Over the Limit PPV, and it will also be the first PPV I don't watch live in over three years.  Nothing against WWE or this PPV, I think the card looks really strong and I've been really into the product since the Draft, but sorry WWE, you just can't compete with:

Yeah, I don't know if WWE just didn't realize that their PPV was scheduled the same night as the series finale of Lost, or if ABC decided to do a Sunday finale after the PPV date had already been set in stone, but it's an unfortunate set of circumstances for WWE.  There's no way I'm not watching the finale of Lost live, because if I get on Twitter at 11pm after watching Over the Limit to find out that the entire series of Lost has been a day dream of an autistic boy with a snow globe, I'll kill someone.  I'll likely go dark from the internet between Lost finale and when I can watch a PPV replay, but if Swagger vs. Big Show gets spoiled for me, I won't be nearly as upset.

So a big apology in advance if you were just dying to read my review of the PPV around 11:30 pm Sunday night, but it won't be happening this month.  I will have a review up eventually though, so wipe away the tears!   Anyhoo, even though I won't be watching the show live, I'm still going to do my predictions, so here you go!

I Quit Match for the WWE Championship
John Cena © vs. Batista
Well, this is probably it for "The Animal," at least for now.  Of course, the dirtsheets said that last month too, so I wouldn't be flat-out stunned if Batista wound up walking away with the WWE Title.  I highly doubt that will happen, but I just like to root against the dirtsheets, it makes me smile when they're wrong.  Anyway, the feud comes to an end with this match, and I'm extremely confident that John Cena will walk away still holding the WWE Championship.  Cena will never tap out or say "I quit," so bad guys should probably take note of that in the future before getting into this type of match with him.

World Heavyweight Championship
Jack Swagger © vs. Big Show
This feud has been all Big Show, and I'm always weary of any match that seems too one-sided going in.  Jack Swagger will definitely retain the title, but I'm not 100% convinced he'll win, I could see this feud continuing after Swagger gets himself counted out or disqualified.  But as a result of not winning the belt, expect Big Show to look like a monster after the match, probably KOing Swagger to the crowd's delight.

Grudge Match
Edge vs. Randy Orton
One of the most anticipated matches on this card, one could even argue that this is more of a main event than the two title matches.  This match has been brewing since the Rated RKO days and the crowd has been red hot for it so far.  Randy Orton has all the momentum and is the biggest name in the company right now, so my money is on "The Viper," blurgh.

SES Pledge vs. Hair
Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk
I've loved every moment of this feud and it looks like it'll finally come to an end with this match, but I also think it's the least predictable match on the card.  Mysterio obviously won't join the Straight Edge Society (I expect he'll take some time off if he loses), and Punk getting his head shaved seems plausible, so where are they going with this?  Punk getting humiliated would go over huge with the crowd, but him humiliating Rey Mysterio would put him in the upper echelon of evil heels.  I'm going to go out on a limb and pick CM Punk  for the win, and my only reason behind that is the x-factor of the mysterious "masked stranger."

Intercontinental Championship
Drew McIntyre © vs. Kofi Kingston
McIntyre has all the momentum behind him with his losses being erased, but Kofi's getting his push repaired after being unceremoniously shelved for the first part of the year.  I say Drew McIntyre wins, likely through some sort of shenanigans, just to keep turning up the heat on this guy.  Not that I want them to get too gimmicky with it, but I could see Kofi "winning" the title again, only to get the decision reversed through some sort of BS decision.

Unified Tag Team Championship
The Hart Dynasty © vs. Chris Jericho & The Miz
The big question here is, will United States Champion Bret Hart get involved?!  The Hart Dynasty just won the belts, so I expect they'll retain here, but I hope this feud doesn't end Sunday.  The possibility of Chris Jericho and Tyson Kidd mixing it up in the ring in a singles match is just too awesome to have this rivalry end already.

Ted DiBiase vs. R-Truth
Ted DiBiase has all the momentum, I can't see any other outcome, and that's the truth.

Divas Championship
Eve © vs. Maryse
Maryse isn't Michelle McCool, she doesn't get a belt back just weeks after losing it.  Eve wins, but wake me up when Beth Phoenix returns.

Let me know your predictions in the comments and keep checking Kick-Out!! throughout the weekend for ongoing coverage and thoughts on WWE Over the Limit.


  1. I predict Mr. Brian will interfere in the Tag Team match.

  2. I thought for sure he'd be there on Monday.