Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kick-Out!! Radio - Episode 36

This week, the WWE Draft goes into full effect, TNA moves back to Thursdays, WrestleMania’s buyrate goes down, and we make fun of Bubba the Love Sponge.*

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Theme song: "Believe" by Grasp Infinity

*G-list celebrity voice impersonated... poorly 


  1. I don't agree. 885,000 is not a respectable number. Just like when TNA put all it's eggs in one basket with RVD winning the title, WWE put literally everything they head into Mania 26.

    Cena/Batista, Edge/Jericho, Vince/Bret, Taker/Michaels. This was the biggest Mania match card in many years, and 885,000 buys is simply unacceptable.

    Sorry, that's not having a pop at your opinion, just that WWE is making excuses and I hate it.

  2. WWE's making excuses? Vince himself said that it wasn't the economy or UFC, just that they didn't give the fans what they wanted to see. The only excuse they've made recently is the "communal viewing" line.

    But if it was truly the biggest Mania card in years as you say, and most people agree the build was strong, what should they have done to get the buyrate higher?

    And I don't take it as a "pop" at my opinion. I think it's a decent number, but obviously disappointing and that's why I said that WWE may need to make some changes with their main event scene. Please don't let one word like "respectable" distract from the overall point of the piece.

  3. what a bunch of lame no life havin wastes of skin all u wrestling marks really are! maybe one day youll grow up and realize its FAKE people it aint real and its all scripted in most cases really poorly scripted!!

  4. And here comes the Bubba Army. Quick, everyone show off your high school diploma, it's their Kryptonite!

    BTW, most forms of entertainment are scripted, scooter. I know it may come as a surprise, but Iron Man isn't a real person.

  5. Razor, I want to apologise to you in advance for clogging up your blog, but I have to say this.

    "what a bunch of lame no life havin wastes of skin all u wrestling marks really are! maybe one day youll grow up and realize its FAKE people it aint real and its all scripted in most cases really poorly scripted!!"

    So you've never picked up a book, watched a film or gone to a show? That's all entertainment, and by your definition, that makes someone a "waste of skin". Wrestling fans don't watch pro-wrestling because we think it's "real", we watch it because we find it entertaining.

    The only waste of skin around here is people like you. So quick to tell "wrestling marks" as you call them, that watching wrestling makes them wrong. How sad does your own life have to be that you go around writing abuse on people's blogs simply because you don't like something they do?

    Oh, and by the way, fuckface, a "mark" is not a derogatory word. Find a word you really know how to use before you use it. I know your limited education has meant you don't know many words, but I invite you to find a thesaurus.

  6. Anonymous probably thinks that a thesaurus is a prehistoric creature! lol!

    So let me get this right, "Anon" decided to visit a wrestling blog, just so that he or she could leave a nasty comment?

    That's odd. There are many forms of entertainment that I loathe, so I tend to stay away from their shows and websites and blogs. What would be the point of doing otherwise?

    I don't like horror movies, but I don't troll horror blogs insulting the people there, because

    1) It's ignorant - and I am educated :)

    2) It's a waste of my time to wade through entertainment that doesn't entertain me

    3) I degrade my own dignity in so doing.

    I don't expect Anon to understand that, or what I am about to say, but as a wise man once said in a debate ... "Such a comment stands as it's own rebuttal"!



  7. Hey Razor, I post at EWB..first time I've listened, good stuff.

    The Bubba Army claiming wrestling fans have no life is laughable at best and pathetic at worst. They are the ones taking the time to "argue" with people they have no interest in solely because their "leader" Bubba tells them too. Just ignore these mindless sheep