Friday, May 21, 2010

Carlito released


WWE Superstar Carlito (Carlos Colon) has been released from his World Wrestling Entertainmentcontract as of today May 21, 2010. Carlito’s termination was due to his first violation of the WWE Wellness Program and his subsequent refusal to attend a rehabilitation facility.

I find it a little strange that they'd ask Carlito to go into rehab after one Wellness Program violation, but we don't know the nature of the offense and I won't speculate. The writing has been on the wall for Carlito for more than three years though and it wouldn't shock me if this was more of a "last straw" scenario. It is a shame, Carlito has shown himself to be a capable entertainer, but to say that his work is inconsistent would be a bit of an understatement, even the most casual of fan could notice that.

WWE has given Carlito numerous opportunities, but nothing seems to come from them, whether that's Carlito's fault, WWE's fault or a combination of both is up for debate, but this release is far from shocking, especially considering the reason. Perhaps Carlito can find success in a different environment, but I hope if there are any other issues related to his release, he gets those sorted out beforehand.

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