Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bulbous Bubba bungles big time

Our good friend Bubba the Love Sponge is at it again, and by "it," I mean making himself look like a total tool. On his show today, an "anonymous caller," claiming to work for Spike TV, told Bubba that the head of the network was furious at TNA for firing Bubba and may outright cancel Impact for it!  Bubba naturally took it at face value, the dirtsheets jumped all over it, and it was quickly shot down by Spike TV's David Scwartz in a statement to (really,  I'm surprised they didn't totally distort it to make it sound like TNA was moving to the Game Show Network):

"I can assure you the caller was a fake and TNA Impact is not only among the highest rated shows with young men on Spike, but on Thursday nights as well," Schwarz wrote. "This past Thursday, Among Basic Cable Networks between 9p-11p, TNA ranked #3 in M18-49 behind ESPN and TBS (Disturbia, Family Guy). And our relationship with Dixie (Carter) and TNA has never been stronger."

Yeah, total network spin bullshit in there, but the idea that Spike would cancel Impact because of Bubba the Love Sponge getting fired makes that quote smell like roses wrapped in chocolate bacon. The "anonymous caller" claimed the head of Spike was upset because of all the promotion TNA could've gotten from Bubba's show. Pardon me for a moment...


Okay thanks. Since Bubba the Love Sponge joined TNA, they lost more than half their audience! Their ratings went from all-time highs to all-time lows in the span of two months! Now, obviously I'm not blaming that on Bubba, I don't even think the racist comments he made about Awesome Kong had any effect on TNA, but clearly Bubba's radio show did absolutely nothing to help TNA. At best, his g-list celebrity status was completely unrelated to TNA's disastrous numbers on Mondays, and at worst, he contributed to them. If this caused Spike President Kevin Kay to flip out and consider canceling the show, then clearly this guy doesn't know how to run a network.

What's hilarious about this whole Bubba debacle is the fact that he continues to blame all of TNA's problems on the fact that Dixie Carter is a "mark."  Yeah, Dixie's the mark, yet you're the increasingly irrelevant shock jock that believes anything some random caller tells you, as long as it's good news about you. Bubba, YOU are the mark, you're a complete mark for yourself and your show, just like every other morning zoo host that couldn't carry Howard Stern's sunglasses. You're not some "edgy genius," you're lowest common denominator nonsense that appeals to people who think pretending to torture an animal on-air and asking underage girls if they're wearing panties is entertainment.

You got fired, you work in radio, it happens! Accept it, move on, and keep doing your little show for the Army of None, but let the Kong incident go. You said some hateful, stupid shit, your staff went on Twitter and Facebook to say even more hateful, stupid shit, and now you still can't let it go when someone calls your show and claims to work for Spike TV. You're embarrassing yourself.

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