Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WWE NXT Thoughts - April 6, 2010

NXT started with all eight Rookies on the stage to talk to Matt Striker about their rankings.  Daniel Bryan was again the standout on the mic here, taking the humble position that he doesn't deserve his #1 spot, but also that David Otunga didn't deserve to host Raw and Michael Cole doesn't deserve to replace Jim Ross... ouch.  The Rookies were then placed in a Keg Carrying Competition, where they had to carry a full-sized keg around the ring in the fastest time.  Heath Slater shockingly came out on top and his prize? A match with Kane!  I'm not sure WWE's definition of "prize" is the same as mine.

Our opening contest was Daniel Bryan vs. Darren Young, first place vs. last place.  I'm not surprised Bryan lost again, but this losing streak has to be going somewhere, right? No one should have to lose to Darren Young just because.  Even though Young came out on top, this match was all Daniel Bryan, his running knee strike off the apron, that NASTY! slap to the face, and even busting out Cattle Mutilation, no one else on NXT is wrestling like this, hell, no one in WWE is wrestling like this.  

Up next, we had Justin Gabriel vs. Michael Tarver, and wow, Tarver just is not living up to expectations at all.  When I first saw the guy, I though "oh yeah, this dude is going places, he looks like he'll rip your head off," but what a bust he's turned out to be on NXT.  WWE obviously has little interest in him at this point, but he's certainly not doing anything to grab their attention either.  On the other hand, Justin Gabriel looks like a Superstar, he's got the look, he's got the skill, I can't see any reason why he wouldn't have a roster spot waiting for him, even if he doesn't win NXT.

David Otunga vs. Wade Barrett just struck me as odd, they're the two most clearly-defined heels on NXT, the crowd didn't want to cheer for either one of them.  And not only are they clearly-defined heels, aside from Daniel Bryan, they're the top names on NXT, and they just get thrown together in the middle of the show?  It was a decent enough match, but there are plenty of other things I'd rather see these guys doing.

So, my DVR has been set to record from 10pm-11:10pm every week since NXT started, but for whatever reason, it decided to cut off just as Heath Slater vs. Kane began.  I didn't see the match, but obviously Kane won and Slater supposedly looked fairly decent in there.  As I've been saying for weeks though, Slater seems like a very solid wrestler, it's just a shame that he looks like a total doofus, which I think will ultimately hurt him when trying to make it to the main roster.

Decent show from what I saw, but like I mentioned last week on Kick-Out!! Radio, expect a few more "eh, okay" shows before they start doing the eliminations.  I don't know if the next four shows will all feel like placeholders, but after that is when the competition will truly begin.


  1. You've got Darren Young down as having wrestled twice, when you talk about the two most clearly defined as heels I assume you mean David Otunga and not Darren Young.

  2. I did indeed mean that, thanks for the heads up.

  3. Obviously I think that more than one of these guys will make the main roster, I seen enought to predicts what might happen:

    Bryan - Even though he hasn't won yet, he has the most buzz surrounding him. I think he wins overall and challenges the Miz for the US title (Certainly it would be smart to go for the top prize, but I'm thinking WWE logic.)

    Otunga - He has the personality, he's green in the ring, but you can only go up. Right? They seem to love the "A-List" thing and I think it works too.

    Gabriel - Very impressive in the ring, the crowd likes him and can definitly catch on. His 450 looks great like Bourne's SSP. They crowd will mark for it every time.

    Barrett - Great heel attitude, impressive size. Isn't that what Vince likes? He'll be around for awhile.

    Slater - I'm not sold by him, but the WWE seems to like him. He'll get his shot on the main roster, maybe it can work if he stops being a tool.

    Young - The party boy gimmick is lame and will get stale quick. But there is something about him that makes me think he can work well. He will climb the charts and always be on the verge of being tossed, but will hang around at least for awhile. The SES will play a role for now, but what about aftewards?

    Sheffield - Sure, he's big. But the southern meathead gimmick is just about as stale as the savage Somoan. If he has a future, it will be a comedy role.

    Tarver - The most meh of the group. He's the first one gone in my prediction. Carlto doesn't do enough outside of NXT for them to work with, like Jericho or Punk. He doesn't have the charisma like Otunga and I haven't seen him knock anyone out in 1.9 seconds yet. Nothing against him but the only thing I see his future will involve will be followed by the word endeavor.

  4. Ugh only a cunt like Fitzy would hate this show.