Sunday, April 11, 2010

Smackdown Thoughts - April 9, 2010

I really don't like Jack Swagger's toned down entrance. He doesn't need to be as goofy as he was, but he's got to be a little more lively than an Ortonbot. Anyway, Smackdown started off with our new World Heavyweight Champion, and told us that no one will stop his momentum (starting right after his loss to Randy Orton, I suppose), and this brought out his opponent for the night, John Morrison! Nice little back and forth between these two, but John Morrison crossed the line by mocking Swagger's speech impediment, then Swagger crossed an even bigger line by saying John Morrison lives in the shadow of The Miz. Ouch. Seriously though, who thought when Miz & Morrison split that Miz would become the bigger and enjoy more success first?

Jack Swagger vs. John Morrison was already underway after commercial, and I was really excited to see this one. I don't recall these two ever meeting in the ring before, and I think their styles mesh well. The match did get off to a bad start though due to the referee pausing it due to Swagger having a small cut above his eye. As I've mentioned before, I don't have any problem with TV-PG programming, except for this. It kills the momentum of the match, it pisses off the crowd and half the time, it's a minor cut. If we want to end the practice of "blading," where wrestlers intentionally cut themselves open and wind up with foreheads like Dusty Rhodes, I can understand that, but flat-out stopping a match because of what happened to Swagger here, I just don't don't get it. Luckily though, after the ref got Swagger cleaned up, we had a really good match where both guys looked like a million bucks. Morrison taking a nasty spill off the apron gave Swagger the opportunity he needed to hit the Gutwrench Powerbomb and pick up the win. Big thumbs up here.

Liked the interaction with Swagger & Chris Jericho backstage, it'd be fun to see them occasionally team up once they put the Money in the Bank issue behind them.

Shad Gaspard was out next to explain his actions from last week where he turned on his partner of four years. Pretty standard tag team split, "JTG got all the attention, so I took him out, blah blah blah." Nothing we haven't heard before and I'd much rather see Cryme Tyme remain a tag team. JTG tried to confront Shad, but got another boot to the face for his troubles.

Drew McIntyre has apparently been reading the Randy Orton Book of Long-Ass Entrances, and took his time getting to the ring and telling the audience that he wasn't going to waste his breath on them. Matt Hardy arrived next to get his revenge for last week, and at least the match actually got started this time. Pretty solid match too and got especially brutal near the end with McIntyre slamming Hardy's head into the side of the ring and then nailing him with the Future Shock on the outside of the ring. Tough break for Hardy, who continues a long losing streak, but the Intercontinental Champion is really solidifying his status as a top a-hole in WWE.

CM Punk & The Straight Edge Society were out next to MASSIVE heat from Punk's hometown crowd. Serena & Luke Gallows got in their praise for their Messiah before handing the mic over to the Straight Edge Savior himself. Punk was out this week to save his NXT Rookie, Darren Young, and gave him a choice to join the Straight Edge Society. Young seemed eager to join the SES and was willing to let CM Punk shave his head, but then grabbed the mic and said "I changed my mind" and shoved Punk to the mat. Well, that was a really dumb move, Gallows and Serena tore him apart and just when Punk was going to shave Young's head, Rey Mysterio made the save! Boo! A haircut would've been an improvement for Darren Young! Looks like the match at Extreme Rules is on though, Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk, if Punk loses, he'll shave his head, but if Rey loses, he must join the SES.

The Dudebusters vs. The Hart Dynasty in a rematch from last week's Superstars, but before the match, Croft & Baretta got on the mic and cut a pretty damn funny promo. Baretta beat Call of Duty 4 in a single day, did you know that?! The match these two teams had last week was really good, so I expected to be entertained here, and I was not disappointed. The Hart Dynasty were good as heels, but since this face turn, they've be so exciting in the ring. Smith hits hard like his father or Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart and Kidd is the new Excellence of Execution, it's really like watching the evolution of the Hart Foundation. These guys aren't just coasting on the "legacy" of their fathers, they're carrying the torch.

Main Event time! And not just any main event, this is a WrestleMania Main Event rematch, Chris Jericho vs. Edge, and the winner will face Jack Swagger at Extreme Rules for the World Heavyweight Championship. Good main event, good length too, I almost had to question giving this away for free on weekly TV, there's still a lot of juice left in this feud. Luckily, WWE apparently feels the same way and this match ended in a double count-out, presumably setting up Jack Swagger vs. Chris Jericho vs. Edge in a Triple Threat match at Extreme Rules, but that has not yet been officially confirmed.

Great Smackdown. I saw someone on Twitter Friday night complaining that there was "no wrestling" on this show, and I'm pretty sure we were watching different wrestling programs. Swagger vs. Morrison was a great opening contest, Hardy vs. McIntyre was a decent match with good length, the tag match was a tad on the short side, but still a fun contest and the main event was long and featured Chris Jericho vs. Edge, what more do you need in a weekly television show?


  1. Not counting the referee stoppage due to blood, there seemed to be at least instances of mis-communication between Morrison and Swagger during their match. I like them both as workers, but I actually don't think they mesh very well, at least not in this match. This may be due to the fact that they're never worked together before on TV, and may improve with experience and better chemistry.

    The ring apron spot at the ending did more to kill the match for me than the referee stoppage. It looked like Morrison was almost waiting more Swagger to do the chop block, and the announcers were covering up by saying Morrison's hesitation cost him. To me it looked like Swagger was late for the spot. It would have looked great if Swagger had recovered faster for that spot.

    Shad's reasons for turning on JTG was rather flimsy at best. Whether in kayfabe or reality, neither was significantly getting more attention than the other, unless you want to count JTG getting the Royal Rumble spot two times in a row (it actually would have helped if Shad brought that up). This kind of storyline is nothing we haven't seen before, but it would have worked better if one guy is actually more over than the other, like the Los Guerreros. In this context it doesn't make much sense.

    Love the rest of the show, though. Yeah, other than weirdness last week where there was almost little to no wrestling, Smackdown is easily the best show to watch for wrestling.

  2. Just want to add that the only (minor) regret I have about the Hart Dynasty turning face is the fact that we're less likely to see Natalya interfering for her team and beating up men outside the ring like she did to guys like Jimmy Wang Yang. I'm really going to miss that.