Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Poll - RVD wins the TNA Title

First, the results from our previous poll:

YES - 20%
NO - 80%

I'm honestly a bit surprised, I thought the roster split was more unpopular than that.  I'll have my thoughts on the Brand Extension soon, but let's dive into our new poll.  Last night, Rob Van Dam was crowned the new TNA World Champion, I want to know your thoughts on this shocking turn of events.  Great move? Too soon? Let us know by voting in the poll to the right of your screen.


  1. I'd hardly call it 'Hogan vs. Goldberg'. It was the TNA poster boy/questionable draw vs. respected ex-ECW wrestler/questionable draw. The lack of hype is damning though. If they want to put everything into their television shows, which is fair enough, they have to give the audience prior warning or a proper build-up. This "must-see" "change the channel RIGHT NOW" booking is so two decades ago.

  2. Obviously not as big as Hogan vs. Goldberg, but I'd argue it was the TNA equivalent. Certainly one of their biggest matches they could've put out there, and it's a match that's never been done before, but fans have been wanting to see for years.

  3. I would have loved to have seen a Styles/RVD TNA Title Match at an upcoming PPV such as Sacrifice next month, but the night after a PPV in which AJ just defeated The Pope?

    Speaking of The Pope....

    As big of an RVD fan I am, The Pope deserves the title more. Dinero has all the tools to be one of fresh, young poster boys of the company. Why not give him the belt, especially after he locked in his #1 contenders spot for Lockdown this past Sunday, two months ago?

    I wouldn't mind RVD winning the title next month at Sacrifice, but the night after Lockdown? My vote goes to "What about The Pope" with "Hogan/Goldberg" a close second.

    I'm all for titles changing on weekly shows, but with the given situation I just stated, I thought it was very rushed for such a big happening.

  4. I've got to agree with the previous statements about it not being as big as Hogan/Goldberg, but at the same time, it could have used at least a LITTLE hype. It seems to me like TNA saw the opportunity to pull the shock factor out of their asses and counteract what we all knew would be a somewhat lackluster Raw (though I think they did a decent job with what they had). Now if their ratings went up 0.1, we'll be hearing Dixie rain praise like they suddenly beat Super Bowl viewership lol.

    Now it's just a matter of time before RVD vs. Hardy as they're playing up that respect angle FAR too much, and we all know how TNA loves to turn people heel/face on a whim every few weeks.

  5. I don't have a problem with it happening on weekly TV, especially considering no one watches TNA PPVs, but I just don't know why they didn't at least have Hardy/RVD as the main event of this show, hype up the match next week and then do RVD vs. Styles on the next live Impact.

  6. Some build would have been nice, but with TNA starting the ranking system from what I heard, they had no choice but to make it similar to Hogan/Goldberg.

    But as I said before, look at the date, we should have seen this coming lol.

  7. But could they not have instituted the ranking system four weeks down the road? And why do they need to get the belt off AJ for the rankings system?

  8. And wasn't this rankings system teased four months ago?

  9. Hasn't the rankings system been hyped but completely ignored and disregarded quite few times already?

    All for RVD winning, I'm a huge fan, but RVD vs AJ Styles could and should be a hyped PPV main event, for the quality you'd get out of the participants.

    Styles losing the night after beating Dinero makes The Pope look really weak, not what you want to be doing with one of your best young prospects. I think we'd all agree that it would be better for TNA to build a new star rather than use an established name. Apart from AJ and Samoa Joe, who was the last star TNA built on its own?

  10. I thought it was a great move, raw was in a debacle, so they had hardy v rvd at the end of the firs free hour, then had a sweetner for people to conintue to watch till the end