Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Poll: NXT Superstars

First, the results from our previous poll:

Nothing, things will pick up in their current timeslot - 6%
Move Impact to 8pm - 10pm on Monday Nights - 19%
Move Impact back to Thursdays - 32%
It doesn't matter, the damage has been done - 41%

The vast majority of Kick-Out!! voters believe that Impact on Mondays isn't going to work, but the big divide comes between people thinking a move back to Thursdays would work and people thinking TNA's move has caused irreparable damage.   I don't think they're in that kind of trouble yet, but the move to Mondays, at least at this point, can't be construed as anything but a failure.

Onto our New Poll, I want to know which NXT Rookie, aside from Daniel Bryan, impresses you the most.  Poll is open for a week, but make sure you cast your vote!


  1. Man. That is a tough question. I really like the look of Otunga and he's good on the microphone, I also like his gimmick. It's more Kanye West than the usual "I'M HOLLYWOOD ELITE!". But then Justin Gabriel has been impressive when it comes to actual wrestling... he's just not a great talker. For me, it'll have to be Wade Barrett. I wasn't so high on him at the start, but he's made a believer of me lately. He's a good talker, wrestles a great big man style and I think he just has plenty of room left to improve. He may not have the charisma of Otunga or the abilities of Gabriel, but he's got a nice combination of talking ability and wrestling.

  2. Hey,

    Honestly surprised to read that you think TNA is a failure at their current timeslot. While it's true that they've done their lowest numbers ever, and there are certainly many many things they could be doing better such as building the show around younger talent and balancing their huge stars with simple, logical storylines, I still wouldn't say the show is a "failure." I mean, it's all about comparison isn't it? For example, you launched your excellent blog a year ago--would it be fair to say Kick Out was a failure in May of 2009 because it wasn't getting as many pagviews as the Pro Wreslting Insider (or whatever the big huge wrestling sites are)...

    Give TNA time to build, and grow. They are still getting a few hundred thousand people to watch each week, and I think there are kernels of excitement there which will bring even more viewers if they adjust some core issues. But, I wouldn't say they're a dead horse yet, just a very very stubborn mule.

  3. They were doing better ratings on Saturday nights five years ago. That was also before Angle, Hogan, Hardy, RVD, Sting, and all the other guys they're paying a hefty sum for right now.

    TNA moved to Mondays with the purpose of competing with WWE and they've dropped to historic lows. They've lost over half their audience in just a single month, there's no positive spin to put on that. They've been a "growing" company for eight years now, and they tried to run before they could walk and it's killing them. I'm not saying TNA is a failure, but the move to Monday nights obviously is... at least for now. Sure, that COULD change, but not at the rate they're going.

  4. Now that the ratings news is out, it's clear that the unopposed first hour is the way for them to go. If they're intent on staying on Monday nights, their ratings still won't be what they were doing on Thursdays, but 8-10pm is definitely a better move than 9-11pm.

  5. Otunga definitely has more star power than the others. Wade will suffer in that he doesn't have any distinct personality traits that separate him from the other 'big heels'. If we haven't even seen the last ECW champion Ezekiel recently, how's he going to have air time? Same goes for Gabriel. Without ECW, there's not a whole lot of space for guys like him, Yoshi Tatsu, Evan Bourne, and so forth. However, those 3 and Heath Slater will be the only ones with any true potential. Young, Sheffield, and Tarver won't last long.

    As for TNA's problem, it's just not the time. If the WWE is even struggling, there's no chance for a minor league show to come and dominate, especially when you put it in direct competition with the giant. The 8 o'clock move helps, but it won't save them.


  6. I wouldn't say Barrett doesn't have any distinct personality traits. He's a big dude, the English accent is an automatic heat-generator and the roses is at least something no one's ever done before, though they need to play it up more. He needs some work in the ring and definitely needs a better finisher, but he's definitely in the top 3 on NXT.

    Otunga's the standout (besides Bryan), and looked to be the obvious breakout star, but in the last seven days, his weakness has been exposed: a live microphone. He's dripping charisma and can obviously talk, but he seems more comfortable in pre-taped vignettes than on the mic. It's nothing that he can't improve, and speaking in front of 10,000 people is a lot different than talking on camera in a studio, but it's not his strong suit right now.

  7. OUCH. Poor Skip Sheffield. Honestly, the guy is goofy, and he's not as good as the clear front-runners (Barrett, Gabriel, and Bryan), but he's hilarious as Regal's foil, and I hope he sticks around.