Monday, April 12, 2010

Poll: Brand Extension

In light of the Guest Post written by Rich of The Superplex, I figured now would be a good time to gauge your thoughts on the Brand Extension.  First, the results of our previous poll:


Wade Barrett - 35%
Justin Gabriel - 24%
Heath Slater - 8%
David Otunga - 24%
Skip Sheffield - 4%
Michael Tarver - 2%
Darren Young - 0%

Chris Jericho's rookie with a decisive victory and Justin Gabriel & David Otunga tied for second place.  Bryan, Barrett, Gabriel and Otunga are obviously the top four in the competition, and I wouldn't be surprised if they all wind up with spots on the main roster.  I wouldn't count out Slater either, even though his look and charisma aren't quite there, he's proven himself to be a solid hand in the ring and WWE may want to keep that around.

Also, sucks to be Darren Young, maybe if he listened to CM Punk and joined the Straight Edge Society, he wouldn't be the only guy without a single vote.

Okay, New Poll time.  If you haven't checked out Rich's post calling for the end of the Brand Extension, I suggest you do, and then vote in our new poll.  Pretty simple, should WWE end the Brand Extension?  I'm not going to weigh in on the subject just yet, I think I'll save that for the Opening Bell on this week's episode of Kick-Out!! Radio.  Poll will be open for about a week, so get those votes in quickly and feel free to explain your choice in the comments!

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  1. I don't think the Brand Extension should end for a couple of reasons: firstly, there isn't enough room on every show for everyone so if you put everyone on both shows a lot of guys get pushed all the way off the card to superstars purgatory (which is not as bad as having to lose to the NWO on TNA, but still not the best card you could be dealt). Also, the brand extension is a logical way to create fresh match-ups, and let guys gel and find their roles. For example--CM Punk was great when he was challenging John Morrison for the ECW title, but then fizzled on RAW even though he was champion. When he was moved to Smackdown, lo and behold, he established an excellent gimmick for which he is now known on both shows. Same with Jeff Hardy--he couldn't hang on RAW as he simply didn't have the raw main event look (and the super bright HD lights were not kind to his multi-colored hair and jackson pollock style tatooing/body painting)but on Smackdown he firmly established himself as a main eventer.

    And I would say the brand split certainly matter when it comes to who is on what show...sure, main eventers may visit the show they're not on once in a while, but generally, you have to watch a particular show to see a particular guy and that guy is associated with that show. So, if I want(ed) to see Shawn Michaels I have to turn on RAW, but if I feel like watching Rey Mysterio, it has to be Smackdown. Makes sense, I think.