Thursday, April 1, 2010

KODUBZ XCLUSIVE: Shawn Michaels coming out of retirement? TNA being sold? Walt Disney and WWE? Senator Bischoff? & More!

Reported by: Ray Zor (partial credit: people who actually work)

--There are currently no plans for Shawn Michaels to come out of retirement.  However, he did retire once before in 1998, so draw your own conclusions.

--Spike TV is currently focusing on selling airtime to new advertisers during TNA Impact.

--There has been talk of bringing in the Mad Hatter from the highly-grossing Alice in Wonderland movie to guest host Raw, but negotiations cooled when Vince McMahon discovered he is a fictional character.

--Much like the John Madden curse, readers are suggesting the Slim Jim curse.  Randy Savage is blackballed from WWE, and Edge lost at WrestleMania.  There has been no talk of firing Edge... yet.

--Eric Bischoff was recently spotted at a Tea Party event, obviously this means he plans on running for Senate.  No word on Hulk Hogan's ongoing presidential campaign.

--The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that John Cena smells.

--Due to the success of GameCrush, an online service that allows men to play video games with attractive girls, the company has announced RingCrush, an online service that allows wrestling fans to forfeit any remaining dignity.

--Daniel Bryan's feelings were reportedly very hurt after hearing Michael Cole's latest remarks on NXT.  Michael Cole continues to live up to his reputation as the most callous man in wrestling. 

--Rumors are swirling in the locker room that The Hart Dynasty will soon be rebranded as "Dynasty," with Tyson Kidd being replaced by John Forsythe.

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  1. I hear the main event for the Mad Hatter edition of RAW will be a Tea Party Battle Royale. When the special guest referee, the Mad Hatter himself, instructs the competitors to CHANGE PLACES they must all rise up out of their seat and find a new one. The last one to find a seat will be eliminated. This will continue until one man is left, he will receive a WWE title match against John Cena.

  2. Outstanding, simply outstanding

  3. Mad Hatter also raised concerns about his reliability. He, like Floyd Mayweather, is often late for a very important date.

  4. Don't forget that CM Punk is still in the doghouse, which is why he lost at Wrestlemania.

  5. you forgot a spoiler! (which is just a guess... it goes like this)

    officals wanted john cena to retain his champsionship at extreme rules but are no reconsidering