Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kick-Out's 2010 WWE Draft Predictions!

The 2010 WWE Draft is coming up this Monday, and while I gave my predictions last year, we're going to change things up a bit this year.  Instead of just my predictions, you'll also get predictions from our panel of experts: random chance and my cat, Trex!

I'm in ur WWE, draftin ur Superstarz

Razor's Predictions

From Raw to Smackdown

1. Randy Orton
Honestly, this is the only draft move that strikes me as a sure thing.  Randy Orton's in the middle of a big face turn, a blossoming feud with World Champion, Jack Swagger, and has desperately needed a change of scenery for years now.  The news of Smackdown moving to Syfy in October helps this theory as well, the Blue Brand is going to need big names and there are few bigger than Randy Orton right now.

2. Christian
More wishful thinking than anything else, but Christian on Raw has been a complete waste.  My only hope is that the post-ECW/pre-WrestleMania period just put Christian's eventual main event push on the backburner, but here's hoping he moves to Smackdown and tears it up with guys like Jericho and Punk.  I also wouldn't mind if he picked up the Money in the Bank briefcase at the upcoming July PPV.

3. Kofi Kingston
His momentum has been completely killed over the last few months in the most mind-boggling de-push that I've ever seen, but the damage is not irreversible.  Many Superstars have been saved by switching brands, and I think Kofi Kingston heading over to Friday Nights would be just what the doctor ordered.

4. William Regal
I don't really have any reason for this, but all of Regal's work as of late has been on NXT, might as well officially move him over to that traveling roster.  Plus, who wouldn't want to see Jericho and Regal team up from time to time?

5. John Cena
Okay, I know this is supposed to be my predictions, but I don't actually expect this to happen.  It's just a completely longshot guess so that if it happens, I can say "I totally called that!"  Since becoming the biggest name in the industry, Cena moving back to Smackdown seemed impossible, but the Syfy deal completely changes the game.  Remember when they moved Triple H to Smackdown before the move to MyNetwork TV?  Even if it only lasts a year, it's not impossible anymore.

From Smackdown to Raw

1. Batista
He hasn't been on Smackdown in over a month, and honestly, he could've officially moved over to Raw once he finished up with Rey Mysterio.  I suppose he could head back to Friday nights once his feud with Cena ends, but I just have a feeling he'll be feuding with Triple H sooner than later.

2. John Morrison
The Guru of Greatness has been floundering a bit on Smackdown lately and I think he's just exhausted his possibilities on the brand.  I don't think WWE's quite ready to give him a main event run, so I guess they move him to Raw to give him a fresh set of opponents.

3. Kane
Because it's Kane, and he's contractually obligated to switch brands every year.

4. Matt Hardy
I'm not sure about this one, but I'm running out of names to move.  Hardy's not doing anything on Smackdown so a move could help, but I honestly don't expect him to do anything on Raw either.

5. Edge
Another dark horse, but Edge has been on Smackdown for over three years now and if Raw loses Orton, they're going to need a major face to take his spot.  Can't think of many people on Smackdown to fill that role better than Edge.

Now let's see how I do against pulling names out of a hat.

Random Chance's Predictions

From Raw to Smackdown

1. Kofi Kingston

2. Michael Cole

3. Chris Masters

4. The Miz

5. Maryse

From Smackdown to Raw

1. Mickie James

2. The Undertaker

3. Jimmy Wang Yang

4. Edge

5. Finlay

And finally, let's see how I do against my cat.  We placed cut-outs of the WWE roster page on the floor and let him make his own choices.

Trex's Predictions

From Raw to Smackdown

1. Kofi Kingston
The only person to be picked by myself, random chance, and the cat.  With that in mind, I'm sure Kofi will wind up staying on Raw. :-/

2. Mark Henry
Trex likes Mark Henry because they have a similar body type.

3. Goldust

4. Ted DiBiase
My cat does this awesome trick, if you just mention any member of Legacy, he falls right asleep.  Okay I'm making that up... that's my trick.

5. Sheamus

From Smackdown to Raw

1. Dolph Ziggler

2.  Drew McIntyre
I'm curious how Trex plans to solve the upcoming problem of both the US and IC Titles being on the same show.  When asked, he ate Drew McIntyre's face.

3. Kane
Even a cat knows Kane has to be drafted every year.

4. Yellow Mouse Toy! 

In a huge shocker, Trex has chosen his Yellow Mouse Toy to go to Raw!  If WWE lets him run wild, he could really tear things up! YMT vs. Evan Bourne could be a true classic.  

Okay, actually it was Shelton Benjamin

5. Kung Fu Naki
Bold prediction, Funaki's been a loyal Smackdown Superstar since the Brand Extension began!

Check back here this Monday to see if the predictions came true, or if I discovered a better use of my free time.


  1. This whole post has just made my day. And it was already a pretty great day.

  2. Are you sure your cat wasn't picking SD guys who'll be "future endeavored"?

  3. My cat's been plotting Shelton Benjamin's doom for years now.

  4. I think Trex is thinking that he's seeing his reflected image in that Sheamus photo.