Friday, April 2, 2010

Kick-Out!! Wrestling Turns 1

While I celebrated during WrestleMania weekend, today marks the official one-year anniversary of Kick-Out!!  It all started on April 2, 2009 with this post titled Opening Bell, and I had no idea that it would catch on so quickly.  Not that I'm patting myself on the back or anything, but I do think it's proof that wrestling fans really want a better wrestling media.  You're tired of going to ten sites and reading the exact same stories, copied word for word.  You're tired of seeing a bunch of nobodies with no connection to the business, try to get themselves over at the expense of wrestlers.  You're tired of people with absolutely no background in writing, journalism, or broadcasting, pretend like they're writers, journalists or broadcasters.  The dirtsheet stooges are obviously still around, they've had the internet at their disposal for over a decade, but visiting these sites is like still using AOL, old habits die hard. 

There are so many better sites and blogs out there, and I'm proud to share a community with them.  For every two-bit copy & paste site, there's an awesome blog like Ring Posts, which is run by an actual professional, and I dare anyone to say that any dirtsheet has more value to the community than  These are sites run by fans, for fans, not by leeches who will use any shady, underhanded tactic to drive up traffic.

The second thing I'm incredibly proud of since starting this site is the birth of Kick-Out!! Radio, the site's official podcast.  As you may know, I come from a radio background, and getting to combine my career with my favorite hobby is really a dream come true.  I'd still like to turn it into a broadcasting career within the wrestling industry, so WWE, if you're reading, I hear Jim Ross is thinking about retiring from announcing.  Hint, hint.  Seriously though, Kick-Out!! Radio, is the best part about running this site and I thank each and every one of you that have listened, subscribed and told friends, it means a lot to me.

I still have a lot of work to do here at Kick-Out!! to get it even remotely close to my ideal vision.  I'd like to improve the layout, spread the word, get a few thousand followers on Twitter, and become the most popular wrestling website on the internet... so we got a ways to go!  Year one was a hell of a start, and here's looking forward to year two of creating a better wrestling media.  Thank you once again for your support, without you, there would be no Kick-Out!!


  1. Congratulations! Here's hoping this is the first of many birthdays.

  2. Congratulations for reaching the one-year milestone. I have, without doubt, enjoyed the vast majority of this site's content over the last year, and Kick-Out Radio always makes for entertaining listening on a midweek evening.

    Keep up the good work and, most of all, I hope you continue to enjoy running the site.