Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chris Kanyon dead at 40

Another one of those entries that I never want to write, a wrestler has died at a very young age, this time the eccentric Chris Kanyon.  I'm not going to write much about his personal struggles or his personal life because I don't know what the guy was really going through and it's unfair to assume, but according to his peers, he was dealing with some serious issues.

So instead of focusing on his death, I will focus on his life.  Kanyon was one of the few (only?) entertaining parts of WCW near the end thanks to his awesome DDP spoof, Positively Kanyon.  The one thing that really sticks out in my memory was an episode of Thunder where "Above Average" Mike Sanders debuted or was having a very early match in his career and was cutting a promo backstage, only to be hit with a Kanyon Cutter for no apparent reason, then Kanyon looks at the screen and yells "BANG!"  That was pretty much what the entire character was built around, but there was just something about the attack on Mike Sanders that stood above all the random Kanyon Cutters.

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