Monday, April 26, 2010

2010 WWE Draft! Raw Thoughts - April 26, 2010

It's the 2010 WWE Draft, and we're live bloggin!  Keep refreshing your page for ongoing updates for tonight's huge three-hour Raw!

And before we get into the Draft, it looks like we'll be kicking things off with the Unified Tag Team Title match!  ShowMiz are in the ring and The Miz is in rare form, just verbally destroying The Hart Dynasty here and demanding that Bret Hart come to ringside to fulfill his end of their deal.  Doesn't take long for the WWE Hall of Famer, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, to make his way onto the stage and he's a man of his word, admitting that ShowMiz is the greatest tag team of all-time... and that David Arquette was the greatest World Champion of all-time!  Talk is cheap, it's all about what you do in the ring, and The Hart Dynasty is here to do what they do best inside the squared circle.

ShowMiz vs. The Hart Dynasty is our opening contest, and I'm thrilled to see Tyson Kidd and The Miz start things off here.  I really can't heap enough praise onto Tyson Kidd here, who truly lives up to the "Excellence of Execution" name, I hope there are big things in his future, starting with the Unified Tag Team Titles.  The Richmond, Virginia crowd is red hot for this match, and definitely are not fans of The Miz, which is just making this one even more fun.  Tyson Kidd tagged in, Hart Attack! SHARPSHOOTER!  Miz taps out and we've got NEW Tag Team Champions!  Awesome match and the perfect way to kick off the big night!

During the break, Big Show hit The Miz with that malignant fist! Looks like that's going to do it for the greatest tag team of all-time.

Video recap of Sheamus destroying Triple H last night at Extreme Rules.  I've actually read smarks complaining that it makes Sheamus look bad because he had to cheat to win... yeah, Sheamus looks really weak here with his foot on Triple H's chest and the Game being stretchered out of the arena.  That's how you make a monster, my friends.

According to Jack Swagger, if he was in charge of Wall Street, the economy wouldn't be in the toilet.  Jack, for the good of your country, maybe you should take some time off from wrestling and help us out?  Hey, you're the All-American American, it's your civic duty!

Michelle McCool & Layla vs. Eve & Maryse is our first Draft match, the winning team getting a draft pick for their brand, and in this one, only the Divas are up for the lottery.  The Richmond, VA crowd is already starting a "WE WANT MICKIE!" chant, and I'm inclined to agree.  The Raw Divas can't get along, which is no surprise considering Eve just beat Maryse for the Diva's Championship, so it would appear like it's going to be an easy win for Smackdown.  One boot to Maryse's face later, and that is indeed the case.  Smackdown gets the first Draft pick of the night and the newest member of the Blue Brand is...

Kelly Kelly!  Without Mickie James, it makes sense, Smackdown is short on face Divas, but it doesn't exactly "shake things up."

Okay, I might need a paper bag to breathe into so I don't hyperventilate, but our next Raw vs. Smackdown match is Evan Bourne vs. CM Punk!  This is a match that I've wanted to see for years, please, please, PLEASE give this one enough time.  I had to step away from the laptop for a moment so I could devote the proper attention to this match, and even though it was a bit short for my liking (I would've given them 45 minutes), it was a fine length for a TV match.  That mysterious hooded attacker made his presence felt again here, knocking Evan Bourne off the top rope when he was going for Air Bourne, allowing CM Punk to hit the GTS for the win and another Draft pick for Smackdown.  That pick is...

The Big Show!  Not too surprising, much like Kane, he's legally required to change brands every year.

The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus is out to start the 9pm hour, and tells us that Triple H won't be drafted to Smackdown, because he'll never wrestle again!  Sheamus is closing the book on Triple H and is now setting his sights on John Cena and the WWE Championship, but Randy Orton has something to say about that.  Hey Sheamus, while you throwing out multiple kicks to the face... just sayin!  Much like last night and the last few weeks, the crowd is bonkers for The Viper, undoubtedly the hottest name in the company right now, much to my chagrin.  Orton tells Sheamus that he doesn't deserve a shot at the WWE Title, but Sheamus brings up the very valid point that Orton certainly doesn't deserve one, he lost his title match last night.  I love the idea that Randy Orton is suddenly an honorable wrestler, after physically assaulting Triple H's wife last year and then licking her face while unconscious... yeah, he's a real class act.  Oh and speaking of the crowd going bonkers, let's have John Cena weigh in on this little debate.  Crowd goes nuts, then realizes they're supposed to be cool and boo him.  Oh smarks, you're so cute.  Cena's in goofy mode tonight, the champ's got jokes, but he's also the only one who can name the next number one contender!  Sheamus vs. Randy Orton is set up tonight to determine Cena's next opponent!  Both men went for their finishers after the announcement, but both managed to escape.

Up next, a 10-Man Dual Brand Battle Royal with three draft picks on the line!  Usually they only do two picks in the Battle Royal, so this is pretty huge.  On the Smackdown side, we have Rey Mysterio, Kane, R-Truth, Drew McIntyre & Shad Gaspard vs. MVP, Mark Henry, Yoshi Tatsu, Santino Marella & Ted DiBiase on the Raw side.  Wow, the Raw team looks slightly ridiculous here, but surely they have to win since they're down by two picks already?  Rey Mysterio put up a valiant effort for the Blue Brand, but Ted DiBiase (and Santino?!) were just too much for him and Raw's suddenly ahead by one!  Great drama here though, the back and forth with Rey and Ted was really fun.  So who does Raw get?!

John Morrison!  I believe that's my first predicted Superstar to get drafted, and I'm glad I got this one right. Morrison's needed a fresh set of opponents and I think 2010 will be his year.

But he's not alone, he's also joined by his tag team partner, R-Truth!  I'm not opposed to this, but for some reason it Truth on Raw just seems odd.

And Raw's third draft pick...

EDGE!!!  Another prediction of mine, and Michael Cole called it here, "Raw just hit the jackpot!"  Edge is a huge pick-up for Raw, and it's his first time on this roster since 2007.  Curious to see what he'll do on Monday nights, but here's hoping they can hold off on Edge vs. Cena for awhile.

Chris Jericho vs. Christian is up next!  These two tore the house down on ECW back in October, and while I don't expect them to get nearly as much time tonight, I have no doubt it'll be one hell of a match.  But before Christian can make his entrance, Jericho has a mic and demands that Heath Slater come to the ring to apologize for beating him on last week's NXT.  Hilarious.  I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but I feel so bad for Heath Slater, he's entertaining in the ring, but he's such a dorkus, it's hard to care.  Anyway, Christian finally makes his way to ringside and this match is underway!  During the commercial, Christian took a NASTY! spill to the outside, being backdropped face first right onto the floor.  And speaking of NASTY! Jericho gets the win after nailing Christian with a mid-air Codebreaker!  Smackdown gets another draft pick and Heath Slater gets a kick to the face... and a Codebreaker!  Who's the next Draftee?


Another prediction of mine (and a pick of my cat's), but this move was desperately needed.  Kofi's been floundering on Raw since his feud with Randy Orton ended, but he hit the ring and hit Jericho with Trouble In Paradise, so maybe he's going to get back on track.  You'll never hear me complain about a Kofi/Jericho feud.

A rematch from Friday Night Smackdown, one of Raw's new acquistions, John Morrison is taking on the World Heavyweight Champion, Jack Swagger, for the next Draft pick.  Pretty weird, a guy who's only been a Raw wrestler for less than an hour against a guy that's been on Smackdown for only a couple weeks.  I enjoyed their match on Friday, and it's been a hell of a night for in-ring action, so my expectations are high for this one.  These guys really have tremendous chemistry with one another and it's a shame they're on separate brands now, I think they could have a hell of a feud for the World Title.  Swagger picked up the win for Smackdown, Morrison goes down in his first match as a Raw Superstar, but surely they couldn't have Swagger lose two in a row to Morrison, especially when they can't feud now?  Hell of a match though, perhaps their best yet, now let's find out Smackdown's latest pick.

CHRISTIAN!  HELL YEAH!  Finally, Captain Charisma is on Friday Nights!

Is Wayne Brady gonna have to chokeslam a bitch?

Ted DiBiase looking for ethnic man servants is uncomfortable.  Good for R-Truth for slapping him in the face, but honestly, it probably would've got Carlito more TV time. I'm just sayin.

Our final Draft match of the night is Dolph Ziggler vs. ...Hornswoggle?  Seriously?  And Dolph Ziggler gets counted out?  SERIOUSLY?!  Well that's a blemish on an almost perfect evening.  But anyway, Raw's got themselves a Draft pick and...


Not sure how I feel about this one, I liked Jericho on Friday nights, but Raw is light on top heels now that Orton has turned, so I guess it makes sense.  Still, big loss for the Blue Brand, but that just opens the main event scene for guys like Punk, Kofi and Christian (hopefully).

Batista is ANGRY!  Sheamus is ANGRY!  Randy Orton is ANGRY!  They all want a shot at the WWE Title, so John Cena has turned our main event into a Triple Threat match!  Very exciting Triple Threat match, and pretty damn long too, looked like Orton had it wrapped up, but was nailed with a Spear from Edge, allowing Batista to pick up the win?!  What?!  Rated RKO explodes!  Oh and "LOL" to the "Batista's leaving after Extreme Rules" dirtsheet reporting.

AWESOME RAW!  One hell of a show, damn near three hours of perfection, with the exception of the Ziggler/Hornswoggle silliness and the Divas match.  Hell, take out the commercials and you've got a PPV-caliber show, this was just great wrestling, on Monday Night Raw, no less!  It's a bit jarring to see the drastic changes to Smackdown and Edge's apparent heel turn, but I'm very excited to see where they go with this experiment.  Christian vs. Jack Swagger for the World Title... make it happen!


  1. The Hart Dynasty are the new tag champions, then Big show sticks the fist in the face of the Miz, wow!

    Big show is gonna be a face i think!

    Smackdown is light on popular faces... even with kofi! Yeh, kofi vs Jericho could be epic.

    Oh, boring zone with the divas :( ... that's usually when i have my toilet or food-making break - but not at the same time!

    Oh yeh, also i had thought, when the King was saying to Matt Striker "you should get drafted to spongebob" ... i could have sworn he was gonna say "to TNA" but stopped himself lolz

    I think that the JoMo and Swagger match could either be epic or crap, lets see.

    oh, ted dibiase and rey rey, i loved the ending of the battle royal, although i knew what the result would be!

    I love santino! i just do.


  2. Gosh, American TV seems to have a commercial break every 2 mins! It's ridiculous! I stay up til 4am to watch wwe live and i am watching mostly ads! lol ...thats why we have "from the vault" in smackdown ... to pad it out a bit, coz in the taped show we don't have all those excessive breaks! Although, the good thing about the breaks is that i get to come over and refresh my computer to check out your latest observations razor!

  3. Re: Christian to Smackdown - will the move allow him to turn heel, get some mic time and move up the card? Or will he continue to pay the price for his TNA exploits?
    (because, God knows, nothing punishes another promotion like holding down a guy who doesn't work for them any more)

  4. I don't really see how Christian "paid the price" for going to TNA when they built the entire ECW brand around him for a year. They obviously had nothing for him on Raw, but I think (hope) he'll thrive on Friday nights. If he doesn't, I don't think it has anything to do with his trip to TNA, but more to do with the fact that Vince simply doesn't see him as a top-tier player. If they can make him money, I don't think he cares if the guy went to TNA, Hollywood, or Timbuktu.

  5. Christian as a heel was regularly gaining some of the biggest heat of anybody in the company, prior to his departure to TNA. I don't see his former status as flagship of a now-defunct brand as being a vote of confidence from da 'E', rather an acknowledgment that (like CM Punk) he was too over to bury. Logic would dictate that he should have by now been involved with his storyline brother. (Which clearly will not now occur for the foreseeable future.)
    Christian has gone from being a dynamic, genuine main-event prospect to being a relatively wishy-washy upper mid-carder. His TNA run was in the middle. I cannot see that as a coincidence.

  6. Prior to his departure to TNA, Christian was jobbing to the Mexicools.