Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WWE NXT Thoughts - March 9, 2010

R-Truth & David Otunga vs. The Miz & Daniel Bryan in tag team action was our opening contest; I like the idea behind this one, take the two teams that are having the most issues with each other, put them in a match against each other, and see who will self-destruct first.  If you guessed Miz and Daniel Bryan imploding, congratulations, you're a winner!  Truth & Otunga seemed to be getting along better last Friday on Smackdown, they certainly kept the hatchet buried long enough to pick up the win here, but I won't be surprised if they end up like Miz and Bryan.  I loved the Miz/Bryan interactions, Miz costing them the match by breaking up Bryan's submission and getting caught with Otunga's "get the hell off me" spinebuster, Bryan making Miz flinch when he teased a slap, these two just work incredibly well together.  Decent match, but great storytelling.

Heat Slater vs. Carlito made headlines by being the first singles match where an NXT Rookie pinned a WWE Pro.  I'll give Slater half a point on that one, because really, it was just Carlito; Slater's won more matches in the last three weeks than Carlito has in the last three months.  Not enough Michael Tarver involvement in this match, but I have a feeling I'll be saying that a lot as long as he's saddled with Mr. Caribbean Cool.  Slater's persona still doesn't strike me as a WWE Superstar, but he's solid in the ring and he's got Captain Charisma in his corner, so I'm hopeful for him.

Darren Young is definitely getting his head shaved by CM Punk before NXT is over, maybe even before WrestleMania.

Main Event time! Justin Gabriel w/ Matt Hardy vs. Wade Barrett w/ Chris Jericho, and aside from the awesome Bryan/Jericho match-up from week 1, this was my favorite NXT match so far, definitely the best match yet between two rookies.  Everything worked here, Barrett looked like a beast, Gabriel looked like the plucky underdog, and Chris Jericho (as always) looked like the best in the world.  Jericho yelling at the ringside commentators has always been one of my favorite Jerichoisms, but he may have topped himself this week:

Jericho: Barrett's like a machine!
Cole: You should just join us on commentary!
Jericho: Maybe I should!

Brilliant.  Despite Barrett's unwavering assault on Gabriel's back (which Jericho taught him to do), Matt Hardy's protege somehow pulled out a victory with his beautiful 450 Splash.  Very fun match.

Nothing earth-shattering here, but another solid night of wrestling from NXT.  I was disappointed to hear that the ratings dropped again this week, down to the numbers ECW was getting.  I suppose one could make the argument that killing off ECW was pointless, but I've already moved on from the Land of Extreme and NXT still feels fresh and unique.  Plus, more people are still watching NXT than TNA Impact. :-P

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