Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Poll - TNA's Monday Debut

Title pretty much says it all, what did you think of TNA on Monday?  Thumbs up? Thumbs down?  Feel free to leave your comments on what you thought of the show and let us know if you plan on watching next week.


  1. Thumbs up in comparison to most other TNA shows, Thumbs down in comparison to RAW. I have to hand it to TNA though, despite being a life long WWE fan, I am finding myself checking out TNA when RAW goes to commercial or has a Jerry Springer Show style segment. (Or a Legacy match. >_>)

  2. This is trouble. I think it was a more "interesting" show in that it seemed action-packed in comparison to Raw, but the big problem is that they've destroyed any sense of a build. Raw wasn't amazing by any means, but the builds have all been pretty substantial. However, I turned it off by 9:50 PM Central for a few minutes, probably not something I should do for a Mania build. Then again, I can't tell you but one match, maybe two on TNA's PPV in two weeks. Whereas I remember almost the entire card for Mania and am looking highly forward to quite a bit of it. So, thumbs down, since television is supposed to draw money.

  3. Thumbs up


    Thumbs down