Thursday, March 18, 2010

Opening Bell Extra: TNA DOA on Monday?

Opening Bell Extra returns this week with Razor’s thoughts on TNA’s ratings decrease since moving to Monday nights.

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Theme song: "Believe" by Grasp Infinity


  1. Uhm. Zero. Have I heard this one before? I checked against a file I've got marked 'Kick Out Episode 30' and it's almost word for word the same. :P

  2. When TNA stops going around in circles, so will I!

  3. Trying to reason with TNA fans is like trying to teach a blind person how to read. It can't be done. Hogan is their God and Bischoff is their Jesus and neither can do no wrong. I was actually told by a TNA fan that ratings aren't important and another told me Vince McMahon has the money to buy ratings. Ratings bring in Sponsors, Sponsors give out Money, Money keeps you in business hence low ratings = no sponsors and no sponsors = no show and that my friends is how TV and Radio works. Also it's against the law and just plain stupid to pay a sponsor to stick around even though ratings are crap.

  4. Difference is, a blind man CAN learn to read with the right help. TNA just doesn't seem to be able to learn.