Sunday, March 28, 2010

NXT, Superstars & Smackdown - WrestleMania Week

So just a quick heads up, with WrestleMania being later this evening, I wanted to write an in-depth editorial about why I love wrestling and why tonight is so special.  I realize I haven't reviewed NXT, Superstars or Smackdown, but WWE treated them as WrestleMania hype shows and I'm going to do the same.  I don't think you're dying to hear my thoughts on NXT this week, and since watching/reviewing all those shows is so time consuming, I'll just save my time so I can bring you more WrestleMania coverage.

But there are a couple notes from this week that I wanted to touch on, most of all, the absolutely fantastic match between Rey Mysterio & Tyson Kidd on Superstars.  If you missed the match, make sure you watch it on Hulu or, their work deserves to be admired.  For them to go out on the "lesser" show and put on this kind of match, we owe it to them as fans to make sure it is seen.  It also annoys me that after work this good, Tyson Kidd (and the rest of the Hart Dynasty) aren't on the WrestleMania card.  I hope they at least make an appearance during Bret vs. Vince, they deserve the WrestleMania exposure.

Also, I really liked the Raw vs. Smackdown 10-man tag featuring the Money in the Bank participants.  A great way to hype a big multi-man match like MITB, everyone got to do something, and it was just fun to watch.  Drew McIntyre got the win for the Smackdown team, which leads me to hope that he won't be victorious tonight.  It's the "Kane win;" every year before MITB or the Royal Rumble, Kane gets to look like a bad ass to make up for the fact that he won't actually win, hopefully that's the case for McIntyre this year.  Go Christian! (Or Kofi).

The hype videos that have been played throughout the week, though I'm sure we'll see them a dozen more times tonight, have been absolutely amazing.  Whoever's in charge of WWE's hype videos just gets better every year, I hope they get an annual raise.

As I type this, we're less than seven hours away from WrestleMania 26, and I went on record on this week's Kick-Out!! Radio, saying it could be the greatest WrestleMania in history.  Only time will tell, but the potential and my level of excitement are certainly there.  So take a listen to this week's podcast, check out the Top 26 Matches in WrestleMania History - Part 1 and Part 2 - and visit Kick-Out!! throughout the day for continuing WrestleMania coverage! 

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