Saturday, February 6, 2010

WWE Superstars Thoughts - February 4, 2010

WWE Superstars tagline is "expect everything," which is catchier than "expect to see Raw Divas in a tag match," the show starts off with Kelly Kelly & Eve vs. Alicia Fox & Katie Lea.  Alicia Fox even looked better than usual, but that's not exactly a compliment either; Kelly, Katie Lea and Eve are all capable of being entertaining, so perhaps I've been a bit too cynical about Raw's Diva division over the last few months.  Alicia and Katie Lea pick up a surprising victory here and honestly, this was one of the better Raw Divas matches that I've seen lately.

Evan Bourne vs. Carlito was up next, and definitely an odd match-up since one of these guys actually had to win, which is something we haven't seen in awhile.  Also something we haven't seen in awhile, these guys getting a chance to go all out and wrestle, rather than be squashed, and these guys went all out here.  A match like this is why Superstars is a valuable show, because it's the kind of action that can take lower card guys and help them not look like total jobbers.  If Evan Bourne gets to have an impressive showing on Superstars every other week, then it's not completely outside the realm of possibility that he could be a threat to someone like The Miz.  Good win for Bourne, I hope it's a sign of things to come.  An absolutely fantastic television match, and that's the other value of Superstars - entertaining wrestling - so if you missed the show this week, make sure you  find some way to at least see this match. 

So I guess NXT is the reason why ECW hasn't been getting matches on Superstars?

Main Event time!  Matt Hardy, The Great Khali & John Morrison vs. Tyson Kidd, David Hart Smith & Drew McIntyre in six-man tag action.  I love me a good six-man tag match, although it's sometimes difficult to use the words "good match" and "The Great Khali" in the same sentence.  Luckily, Khali was kept to a minimum here and was used to his strengths, like chopping people in the corner and hitting the Punjabi Plunge, which got the win for his team.  Another good match, and I really have to give props to The Hart Dynasty (all three members) for being the glue that held this bout together, if they don't win the Tag Titles by the end of 2010, something is wrong.

Great episode of Superstars this week, highlighted by Evan Bourne vs. Carlito, which reminded me of Evan Bourne vs. John Morrison from ECW last year.  Just a simple match that you know will be good, but somewhat surprised at just how great it really was.  If you didn't see this show, Hulu is your friend.


  1. Hulu is not my friend, I'm not in the States. :P

  2. I'd still suggest finding that Bourne/Morrison match from last year, as far as free TV matches with no build go, that is the absolute definition of what wrestlers should strive for, had it not been less than a fortnight (or was it even days?) after Undertaker/Shawn Michaels I'm almost positive people would've been giving it their utmost praise.

  3. Morrison/Bourne was 9 days after WrestleMania last year. Awesome, awesome match.