Friday, February 26, 2010

TNA Impact Thoughts - February 25, 2010

Okay, so thanks to the Olympics, my DVR got a break this evening and allowed me to watch Impact, my first full episode since January 4th.  The show was dreadfully boring, so I'm not going to bother going through a step by step recap like I do with my usual reviews, instead I'm going to give you The Good, The Bad, and The NASTY!

The Good
-Mr. Anderson is amazing.  Well, backstage at least, that promo before his "match" with Rob Terry was just a "WTF is he talking about?" moment.  Anderson's promo backstage was a great reminder of why I'm such a fan of the guy and it shows that TNA can do stuff like this well, they just need to follow this formula.  Compare this to something like the Jarrett/Bischoff backstage stuff and it was like watching two different shows.  Anderson's promo was to the point, Jarrett and Bischoff were like a bad improv class whose skit went five minutes too long.

-AJ Styles has come so far on the mic in the last seven years, and maybe pairing him up with Flair wasn't entirely a horrible idea. His promo at the start of the show wasn't fantastic or anything, but this is not the AJ Styles from 2002.

-Daffney, a bajillion times Daffney. While Daff isn't the best wrestler out there, I challenge you to find me someone - male or female - who embodies their character as great as Daffney does.

-I was getting serious ECW-era Shane Douglas vibes when Robert Roode cut his promo, and yes, that is a compliment.

The Bad
-I know it's cliché to mock TNA for calling themselves "Total Non-stop Action" when the action stops frequently, but FFS, where was the wrestling?! There wasn't a single match on this show that I would even consider "average," and the only one that was watchable was Kaz vs. Kendrick, which was about three minutes long and treated as an afterthought. The rest of the matches were flat-out awful or never even got started.

-The backstage segments are still laughably bad. When WWE goes backstage, it still feels like a part of the show, you can hear the crowd and they're usually done quickly. An example of WWE not following that formula was Little People's Court, which failed miserably, and that's the vibe I get when I watch TNA go backstage. These segments are incredibly distracting, they look like they were filmed off-site, there's no emotion from the crowd, and they have the production value of one of Sean Morley's movies.

-The Nasty Boys vs. Team 3D, the battle of teams who have been doing the exact same thing since I was in junior high. Hell, I wasn't even in pre-school yet when the Nasties started their gimmick. Sure, Ric Flair's been doing pretty much the same thing for 35 years, but that's because people actually want to see Ric Flair.

-Abyss. Seriously, this has to stop. It's bad enough the focus of a TNA storyline is the WWE Hall of Fame, but turning Abyss into Evad Sullivan 2.0, the World's Biggest Hulkamaniac, is just absurd. Abyss is not a main event face, I'm sorry, he's just not. That's nothing against the guy playing the character, but the very nature of this character is not a Hulk Hogan or a John Cena, it's the character you put against people like Hulk Hogan or John Cena. Abyss can be a face, in the same way that Kane is a face, but he is not the guy who should be challenging the World Champion.

-Why is an amazing talent like Desmond Wolfe getting demolished in minutes? There's nothing wrong with putting Abyss over Wolfe, but did the match need to be two minutes long? Couldn't we have shaved a few minutes off the painfully long post-match beatdown and the painfully long Hulk Hogan promo and let these guys actually wrestle?

-Speaking of Hogan's promo, this was the official announcement of Ric Flair coming out of retirement to team up with AJ Styles to take on Abyss and Hulk Hogan on the March 8th, Monday night Impact. Two things: 1. this match will suck, a lot. 2. Ric Flair coming out of retirement is still infuriating to me. TNA better be careful that their World Champ doesn't get a back injury in this match, carrying these three dudes will be painful.

-Jeff Jarrett being forced to flip burgers, SMELL THE RATINGS! Oh, that's just the onions.

-Seeing Scott Hall like this just makes me sad. The guy is in no shape to work, he moves so awkwardly, and just doesn't look like Da Bad Guy anymore... and could someone tell me what the hell Sean Waltman was wearing?

TNA wrestlers are currently on vacation, resting up for the move to Monday nights, after watching a show like this, apparently the viewers are expected to do the same.


  1. Hey great to see some Impact coverage!

    I was also amazed that they're using the WWE Hall of Fame Ring in the Center of a storyline, or that they're even allowed to show it on tv, as I assumed WWE Hall of Fame was a trademarked property of WWE. I understand they're not saying "wwe" but you know.

    I was surprised when Abyss got a good pop for telling Flair to shove it, and Flair sold it like a big deal, but Abyss was still making faces and pouting and being sort of spazzy. That's NOT how a main event face acts. If he's channeling Mick Foley, that's cool, but Foley always knew how to get serious during promos and project intensity.

  2. The fact Desmond Wolfe has fallen to jobbing to Abyss is just wrong. :( Wolfe was easily the best thing going in TNA and could have been made into a star easily, but instead TNA would rather pushed the blandest Monster Face since Kane.