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Smackdown Thoughts - February 5, 2010

Sorry for the delay, but I figured no one would care about a Smackdown review yesterday due to the Super Bowl.  

Starting the show with Chris Jericho?  Oh WWE, you're too kind.  Jericho was not happy with Edge returning, even claimed he didn't deserve to win the Royal Rumble!  Jericho was downright pissed actually, and didn't think he should have to qualify for the World Heavyweight Title Elimination Chamber match.  Jericho went backstage to find Teddy Long, but instead found Edge... these guys have to be fighting at WrestleMania, right?

Much like Raw, this episode of Smackdown was jam packed with Elimination Chamber qualifying matches, the first of those was a triple threat match: John Morrison vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Kane.  Adding Kane to the mix was an odd choice, but it worked and provided an enjoyable match.  Man, I've been way too nice to Kane lately, but he's been rather impressive in the ring; now if only WWE could make him an interesting character, we might be in business.  With that said, the real star of this match was John Morrison, his unique offense throughout the contest was a real treat and to see him advance to the Chamber gets a big thumbs up from me.  I'm surprised Kane isn't in the Chamber match, but hopefully this means Morrison is on his way toward the main event scene.

R-Truth vs. Mike Knox was our next qualifying match, and I'm surprised they made R-Truth's qualifier so obvious.  Usually every Elimination Chamber has a "surprising" entrant (Raw has Ted DiBiase), and R-Truth was my pick for the Smackdown side, but putting him in there with Mike Knox pretty much made it a guarantee.  But hey, R-Truth has been on fire lately, he doesn't need to be a gimmicky entrant in the Chamber, he's earned his spot.

I loved them showing the footage from after Raw went off the air with John Cena making the save for Bret Hart, only to get powerbombed onto the steel stairs by Batista.  Sure, they could've aired it on Raw, but little things like that are nice touches. 

Our next Elimination Chamber qualifying match was Batista vs. CM Punk... okay?  An odd match-up, Punk can't even shave Big Dave's head!  But the story unfolded before the match could even begin, Batista didn't care and simply walked out, giving Punk the count-out victory and a reason for a hilarious celebration.  Cool for Punk, but I'm not sure I dig it for Batista, his entire character is about winning the World Championship, and he just handed a spot in a World Title match over to CM Punk?  Vince better be paying him the big bucks.  Oh well, Punk is in the Chamber, I'm not going to complain.

Matt Hardy vs. Chris Jericho was our next qualifying match, poor Matt Hardy, the guy just can't catch a break.  Even if you missed the show, I'm sure you could deduce that Chris Jericho won, but at least it was a fairly enjoyable match with an exciting finish.  Now that I think about it, have Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho ever really worked that closely with one another?  I'm sure they've had plenty of matches, but if Hardy could ever get some momentum back, it could be a pretty fun feud. 

Nice promo from Mickie James, mic time is rare for Divas, and usually it's painfully awkward to watch, but Mickie's always been a great talker.  However, it didn't take long for Beth Phoenix to interrupt, fresh off her Royal Rumble appearance, which was one of the highlights of the PPV.  Mickie and The Glamazon have one of those rivalries that can pick up at any time and work, and they always deliver in the ring.  Unfortunately, it didn't happen here, Vickie Guerrero got involved and set up a tag match, Beth Phoenix & Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool & Layla.  I was hoping we wouldn't see McCool for awhile after she got destroyed at the Rumble, but at least there was no more Piggie James nonsense.  However, we did see The Glamazon unleashed, attacking both her partner and Michelle McCool, but Mickie was still well enough to roll up Layla for the surprise win.  Ha-hah!

Our final qualifying match for the Smackdown Chamber match was Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler, which was a bit anticlimactic, since it's another forgone conclusion.  Bummer, the only one of these matches that wasn't completely predictable was the Triple Threat match.  On the plus side, Rey and Dolphy Z have fantastic chemistry and always provide an entertaining match, this one was no exception.  Though he didn't make it into the Elimination Chamber, this match might get Ziggler back on track, and it would be pretty fitting if Rey Mysterio was the guy to help him out with that.

Our "main event" of the evening was the return of The Cutting Edge, obviously hosted by the Royal Rumble winner, Edge.  Edge's guest tonight?  The World Heavyweight Champion, The Undertaker!  Well, it was supposed to be The Undertaker, but before The Phenom could arrive, Edge was interrupted by Chris Jericho!  I really can't see any other outcome besides Chris Jericho winning the World Title at Elimination Chamber and facing Edge at WrestleMania.  These two will tear the f'n house down in the ring, and if this segment is any indication, they'll tear it down on the mic during the lead up to WrestleMania as well.

But things got more interesting when CM Punk interrupted both Jericho and Edge.  Punk was on fire here, his psychotic savior gimmick just keeps getting better every single week.  While I definitely want to see Jericho vs. Edge at WrestleMania, Punk needs to become a four-time champion sooner than later.  Now that I think about it, I wouldn't mind seeing The Undertaker vs. CM Punk at WrestleMania, but I'm not going to hold my breath on that one.  Speaking of The Undertaker, The Cutting Edge ended with the Dead Man appearing and helping Edge eliminate Punk and Jericho from the ring.  Edge teased a Spear, but Taker saw it coming and we left Smackdown with a stare-down. 

Good show.  Crowd was hot most of the night, they were especially digging Edge at the end of the show, and I'm extremely pleased with the WHT Elimination Chamber match.  Compared to Raw, Smackdown has a vastly superior Chamber match, though Raw's qualifying matches were way better, which I found a bit surprising.  But yeah, Smackdown's main event is pretty stacked, should be worth $40 alone... hopefully.  Let me know your thoughts on this show, and don't forget to come back to Kick-Out!! Wrestling later this evening for coverage of Monday Night Raw!

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  1. Ha, the same thought crossed my mind for Punk/Batista. Punk wins and goes to shave Batista's head to show his dominance and...oh wait.

    Speaking of which, how about Shawn Michaels, desperate to get into the Smackdown EC, trades CM Punk for his spot. The price? He has to join The SES. People give Matt Hardy some stick for his receding hairline but maybe HBK should admit defeat there too.

    I thought the same initially regarding Batista in terms of passing up a title oppurtunity but I imagine it's easy enough to explain away. 'Vince has promised me a title shot so why should I jepordise my carreer inside the Elimination Chamber?'.