Sunday, February 28, 2010

Smackdown Thoughts - February 26, 2010

Chris Jericho started Raw on Monday, main evented NXT on Tuesday and opened Smackdown on Friday, WWE, my birthday isn't until October, so what's this all about?  Although if you want to give me a Jericho-related gift then, may I suggest a Chris Jericho DVD?  Just sayin.  Jericho's promo was fairly similar to his rant from Monday, and Edge once again interrupted, but did not spear the World Champion this time, at least not at first... although he did say "spear" a lot.  Speaking of which, Edge, a new finisher wouldn't hurt.  Jericho says he'll "never get speared again," and five seconds later, spear.  Spear spear.

Why was AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" playing before the first Money in the Bank qualifying match? Wouldn't "Money Talks" have been more appropriate?

Dear Matt Striker, please stop saying that John Morrison "shed his innocence" in the Elimination Chamber, it just sounds gross. Anyway, Morrison was in action against Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth in the aforementioned MITB qualifying match. Should be worth noting that NXT Rookie David Otunga accompanied Truth to the ring for this one, I suppose he was taking notes. Very fun, extremely exciting match, might even be my pick for Match of the Week; good work from all three men and the crowd was hot for it as well, which always helps. Weird to see Dolph Ziggler come out on top, even though he definitely dominated the match, but when was the last time he even won a match, let alone a match this big? But after smashing his face on the apron near the end of the match, he certainly earned it. Curious what Truth and Morrison will wind up doing at WrestleMania, because there's no way Ziggler makes it into MITB and these guys have nothing to do.

While I usually grow tired of seeing WWE's hype videos, since they show them 400 times a month, I could watch that Undertaker/HBK Placebo video over and over again.

It got spoiled for me earlier in the week, but Michelle McCool beating Mickie James to regain the Women's Title was fucking stupid. I try not to drop the f-bomb on here too often (which is weird since I use it everywhere else almost every other word), but yeah, fucking stupid. I still don't know why the hell Vickie Guerrero is helping Michelle McCool, the same McCool that calls MICKIE JAMES fat, when she's clearly not, and the same Vickie Guerrero who was called a fat pig by WWE throughout 2009. This storyline makes me want to vomit, and not because I'm bulimic, just because it's nauseatingly stupid. Couldn't Mickie have worked with Beth Phoenix or Natalya for a bit? No, we have to go right back to McSnooze. LAME!

Our second MITB qualifying match of the night is a rematch from Elimination Chamber, Kane vs. Drew McIntyre. So there's something about Drew McIntyre's new music that really bugs me, at first I swore it sounded like a Seether song, but the First Lady of Kick-Out!! mentioned it sounds like Metallica's version of "Turn the Page," and now that's all I hear. That discussion was more entertaining than this match, and the fact that they ended McIntyre's undefeated* streak after a stomp to the face is just weird. I don't care that Kane's in MITB, the match always needs a big dude to catch guys that are flying all over the place, and maybe it means the IC Title will be defended at WrestleMania, which is rare these days, but still, weird.

And how funny does Drew McIntyre look with his hair down? He looks like he belongs on the cover of a romance novel.

Oh so "Thunderstruck" is a theme song for WrestleMania? I support AC/DC providing WM themes every year.

The way Tony Chimel says "The Miz" (like "da bears") is hilarious. Chimel said that, because Miz made a rare appearance on Smackdown, which is the beauty of the Unified Tag Titles. Miz on Smackdown... he's definitely come a long way since the days he "hosted" Smackdown! ShowMiz want to defend their titles at WrestleMania, and T-Lo said he'd take it under advisement, but came out during this segment to set up the main event for tonight, The Miz vs. Edge!

Shelton Benjamin vs. CM Punk, now that's a match I can get behind. Shelton is a free agent no more, returning to Friday nights now that ECW is no more. Before I get into the match, I have to give props to Matt Striker for coming up with the "Anti-Diva" moniker for Serena, we need more of those in WWE. Good match, nothing particularly mind-blowing or anything, but rock-solid TV wrestling. Much like our opening contest, this match had a downright shocking ending with Shelton Benjamin getting the win (thanks to a little help from Rey Mysterio), but I liked it. Shelton needed a big win, it's certainly not going to hurt Punk, and it sets up the expected Mysterio vs. Punk match at WrestleMania 26. If they do go with hair vs. mask, Punk definitely needs a haircut, but he's going to look weird with a shaved head.

WrestleMania is really shaping up to be awesome this year.

Main Event time, The Miz vs. Edge! This is why I love Smackdown, simple wrestling all across the evening, and a unique main event with a top-tier player against a soon-to-be top tier player. Good stuff, again, nothing too complicated, but it did exactly what it needed to do: Edge looked like he's just one WrestleMania away from his 10th World Title, The Miz looked like a serious contender who's almost there. And even though I gave Edge crap earlier for using the spear, Miz took it like a champ in this match.

Solid thumbs up to this show, it was a showcase of everything that's right about the Smackdown brand. I'm not even opposed to adding a little more "sports entertainment" style elements to the show, because with a roster this good, they can make almost anything work.


  1. Razor, once again you've taken the words out of my mouth. This is pretty much how I feel about SmackDown this past Friday.

    As for more Sports Entertainment elements, I disagree. I feel SmackDown is fine on it's own as a pure wrestling show.

  2. "So there's something about Drew McIntyre's new music that really bugs me, at first I swore it sounded like a Seether song, but the First Lady of Kick-Out!! mentioned it sounds like Metallica's version of "Turn the Page," and now that's all I hear."

    I said the exact same thing at Elimination Chamber and nobody believed me! Tell your lady that she's absolutely right and that Drew McIntyre hears all the same old cliches: is it a woman or is it a man?