Saturday, February 20, 2010

Smackdown Thoughts - February 19, 2010

Did Todd Grisham just refer to the Elimination Chamber as the Chamber of Horrors?  I hope Abdullah The Butcher will make it out okay!

Starting things off with Chris Jericho, so WWE's already batting 1.000 for this show.  Jericho went down his list of accomplishments (hey, you may have forgotten that he beat The Rock and Stone Cold in the same night), and caps it off with his pinfall victory over The Undertaker last Friday night.  Jericho guarantees victory at Elimination Chamber, but before he can finish his thought, "you think you know me,"  EDGE!  Your pick for Superstar of the Decade, had another verbal spar with Chris Jericho, at the end of the segment, the lights flickered, perhaps signaling the arrival of The Phenom, but all it did was give Edge the opportunity to nail Jericho with a Spear! Pretty much guaranteed these two will be going at it at WrestleMania... at least I hope so.

Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler was our opening contest, pretty logical match considering their recent history, but I didn't like Dolphy Z's chances since Kane is the #1 contender for the Intercontinental Title.  Dolph put up a good fight (like he always does), especially after the distraction from Drew McIntyre, but came out on the losing end of this one (like he always does) thanks to Kane's chokeslam.  Not exactly a classic, I was more interested in Matt Striker's facts about the Intercontinental Title than the actual match.  I was not aware that 40% of IC Champs have gone onto the World Heavyweight or WWE Title and that 20% have gone into the Hall of Fame, thanks Matt!

Ezekiel Jackson is coming to Smackdown, which I fully support.

Cryme Tyme vs. The Dudebusters (Caylen Croft & Trent Baretta) was up next, and it appears we've gotten another answer about where the ECW Free Agents are going.  I suggested sending Croft & Baretta to Raw, since they're lighter on tag teams, but it'll be nice to see Cryme Tyme get to fight guys besides The Hart Dynasty.  Good match here and a good showing for The Dudebusters, even though they came out on the losing end against the Blingling Bros.  I've mentioned it a few times over the last few weeks that I'm still not entirely sold on Croft & Baretta, but if they keep putting on matches like this, I'll definitely be on board.

Backstage, John Morrison assured us that his ankle injury will not keep him from competing at Elimination Chamber... we'll see about that.

CM Punk cut a pre-match promo, do I even need to tell you that it was great?  The dude threw out a freakin' Darth Vader reference in a wrestling promo!  It's official, Punk is currently the best mic worker in the industry.

John Morrison & R-Truth vs. CM Punk & Luke Gallows continued this new Smackdown tradition of putting an awesome tag match at the top of the 9pm hour.  Undertaker made his presence felt again with his pyro, but it was just another mind game.  As I said, great tag action here and good hype for Elimination Chamber since half the participants were involved.  Near the end of the match, Morrison made a huge mistake, accidentally kicking the turnbuckle post, aggravating his ankle injury and CM Punk smelled blood.  Referee stopped the match, giving Punk & Gallows the win by forfeit, but they weren't done there.  Much like last week, they went with the post-match beatdown, Rey Mysterio tried to make the save, but ended up just like he did last week as well, unconscious.  Striker made the great point on commentary that Punk has already softened up three of his five opponents for Sunday.

Could someone explain to me why Vickie Guerrero, someone who spent most of 2009 being called a fat pig, is siding with Michelle McCool against Mickie James?  

Matt Hardy, The Great Khali, & Maria vs. The Hart Dynasty in six-mixed tag action (I just came up with that!) was a pretty decent match, but might as well be the battle of people WWE has nothing for at the moment.  Hart Dynasty came out on top after Natalya decapitated Maria with her discus clothesline, but the big story was Matt Hardy going back to his old ring attire... obviously there weren't many other stories in this match.

Michelle McCool & Layla are like nails on a chalkboard at this point, but I do have to admit, I laughed at them asking Maria & Matt Hardy why neither of them can make a relationship work.  Maybe those two hooking up will allow them to finally find true love... commiserating is a powerful aphrodisiac.

Main Event time!  Edge vs. Batista in Edge's first singles match since returning from injury, but Big Dave didn't want to wrestle!  Davetista tried to walk out (again), but Edge got under his skin by calling him spineless and The Animal returned to action.  Edge proved ring rust wouldn't be an issue here, wrestling like he never got injured, almost to the point where it freaked me out.  Really Edge, I'm not your doctor or anything, but do you really need to go diving off the ring apron just a few months after destroying your Achilles tendon?  Just a concerned friend looking out for ya!  Anyway, Edge had the upper hand, nailing Davetista with the Spear, but the lights went out and we finally got to see The Undertaker!  These non-finishes are becoming a bit too regular for Smackdown main events, but Edge brought this one on himself for costing The Phenom last week against -- CHRIS JERICHO!  CODEBREAKER on Edge out of nowhere to bring this show to a close!

This show was all about one thing - Elimination Chamber, and that's a good thing since it was the last show before the PPV.  The EC card is looking mighty thin, only two matches scheduled aside from the Chambers (though I suspect ShowMiz will make an appearance), but with hype like this, I'm willing to spend $45 just to see the World Heavyweight Title match.  Of course, it doesn't hurt that all six participants in this match are awesome and pretty much guarantee it's going to be a hell of a main event.

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