Monday, February 15, 2010

Smackdown Thoughts - February 12, 2010

So someone in WWE sat down to plot out this week's Smackdown and said, "let's start the show with CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio," that person deserves a raise.  I'd like to find a word besides "awesome" to describe this match, I know I use it a lot, but this match was flat-out AWESOME.  The crowd was red hot, the back and forth action was intense, and both men came out of the match looking good.  Rey Mysterio got himself a big win, but CM Punk got all his heat back and more with one of the greatest post-match beatdowns I've ever seen.  Luke Gallows placing Mysterio on Punk's shoulders so he could hit the GTS was both hilarious, and a major dick move.  No doubt about it, this match is easily Match of the Week.

Hey, Drew McIntyre graduated to real theme music!  Despite the absurdly long intro, it's much better than the "generic rock track that you'd probably hear in the background of a commercial about the Monster Truck show coming to town" that he had before.  McIntyre faced Kane in a non-title match, and with Kane being impressive in the ring lately, I found myself oddly entertained by this match.  The big story on commentary was Drew McIntyre's "undefeated streak," which of course is a WWE-style undefeated* streak, he hasn't been pinned or forced to submit in singles competition... in cities with a sports teamed named after an animal and a population higher than the national average.  Anyhoo, double count-out here and it looks like McIntyre will defend the IC Title against Kane at Elimination Chamber.  Considering that most of the company's top stars are in Chamber matches, I don't see a problem with this match at all.  Also, looks like McIntyre finally got a name for his finisher, "The Future Shock," I'm sure Chris Sabin is thrilled about that.

Oh great, the Piggy James storyline isn't over.  Congratulations WWE on killing my interest in Smackdown's women's division as long as this bullshit continues.  Mickie James vs. Layla was the match, but Vickie Guerrero was not happy about having cottage cheese thrown on her backstage and turned it into Mickie James vs. Layla & McSkeletor.  Yes, they took the dumbest storyline in the company and added the "excitement" of a handicap match. A handicap match that McCool & Layla won.  Ugh x12.

Davetista, it's time for a fashion intervention.  I told you weeks ago that you need to pick a look, now you're wearing a jeans with a jean jacket, that I'm pretty sure had a wool collar, and no shirt underneath.  I can't take you seriously when it looks like you fell naked through a Levi Strauss warehouse.  Gotta hand it to Dave though, he got massive heat from the crowd just by keeping his mouth shut and throwing a mic on the ground.  That's right, Batista not talking might be the best Batista promo ever!

The Great Khali & Matt Hardy (w/ Maria) vs. The Hart Dynasty was pointless, much like the Hardy/Khali partnership.  Over before it began, and it seemed more like an excuse to get Maria and Natalya in a catfight than to showcase any of the four actual competitors.  Lame.

John Morrison vs. R-Truth was scheduled next, but quickly ended when Morrison injured his ankle.  Morrison posted on Twitter that he broke his ankle in three places, but everyone is saying it's not a real injury, but if it's not real, I have no idea what the point of this would be.  Unless this is some roundabout way to get someone else in Smackdown's Chamber match, but even then, what weird way to do that.  Very odd segment.

Edge was out next to cut a promo about who he could be facing at WrestleMania.  Edge dropped some hints, but focused mostly on The Undertaker, which I'm sure could make for some interesting interaction between him and Shawn Michaels somewhere down the line.  Chris Jericho interrupted, noting that Edge forgot to mention him, and that he is Edge's bad luck charm.  Again, I could use the word "awesome" here, but it was Jericho on the mic, I think that goes without saying.  Jericho's promo set up our main event, which was...

Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker in a No-Disqualification match! This was a match that people were throwing down as a possible WrestleMania main event, and now with the two times we've seen them compete one-on-one, there's no doubt as to why people would want to see this match on the grandest stage of them all.  Very fun match here, and good use of Edge, who was on commentary at ringside.  Edge speared Undertaker after the Dead Man kicked him in the face, but Undertaker sat up and returned his focus to Jericho, only to suffer the Codebreaker!  Jericho beat The Undertaker!

Good episode of Smackdown, mainly thanks to our first and last matches.  Great hype for the PPV and I'm definitely more interested in SD's Chamber match than Raw's.


  1. I'm almost 100% certain the Morrison injury is a work, as like the next day on Twitter he posted a picture of himself surfing. :)

    I'm actually wondering if it might be an ECW guy that gets in the Chamber if they're taking Morrison out. Wouldn't surprise me to see Christian turn out to be involved, which despite my love of Morrison, is probably the only way I could be happy with him being removed.

  2. I'm actually hoping that taking Morrison out isn't an excuse to put Shawn Michaels in. I also would like to see Christian put in, if a switch is made.

  3. I've got to agree with you, the Punk/Mysterio match was great. I hope the rumours of the two facing at 'Mania are true because i'd love to see a full-fledged feud between the two, they've definitely shown the have the potential to put on some classics.

    I'm hoping Morrison will still be in the Chamber match, he could really use it as a chance to shine on a big stage.

  4. Using it as an excuse to put HBK in makes sense actually. HBK can beat Taker in the Chamber, Jericho could win the belt, then we could set up HBK vs. Taker and Jericho vs. Edge at Mania.

    Though I'm still hoping for HBK vs. HHH instead.