Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Poll - The Streak

It's one of the most polarizing questions to ask wrestling fans - should The Streak be broken? Some say yes, it must end at some point as it would immortalize the person who did it. Some say no, The Streak has reached mythic proportions and has transcended all championships, breaking it would be a sacrilege.

This isn't whether or not you should think it should end this year, I'm asking hypothetically about any year, Should Taker's Streak ever end? Let your voice be heard, give us your vote in our latest poll to the right of your screen. And make sure you tell us why in the comments section!


  1. For the record, I change my mind on this question every other time it comes up. At this point, my answer is usually "it should be whatever Taker wants to do."

  2. WWE aren't brave enough to end the streak. Imagine the backlash - no pun intended.

  3. No way. I'd love to see it go another 2 years and after he makes it to 20-0 have the lights go out and have him disapear and just the hat remain, that would be the ideal end to the Undertaker's career.