Monday, February 22, 2010

Elimination Chamber 2010 Review

It's the last PPV stop on the Road to WrestleMania, how did tonight shape the WWE on their way to the biggest event of the year?

Thankfully, the night started with the Raw Elimination Chamber, considering the Smackdown Chamber was the only match on the card that I was really excited about, if that would've went on first, it would've been a long night.  So Sheamus vs. Triple H vs. John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Ted DiBiase with the WWE Championship on the line kicks things off, and I was pleasantly surprised with this match.  No, not just because Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase were the first guys eliminated, but that certainly didn't hurt.  Actually, I liked the progression of the Legacy split here, DiBiase continues his slow Evolution/Batista-esque turn, Orton is the leader getting one-upped and Cody Rhodes continues to look like an idiot.  Sheamus looked pretty strong here, unfortunately at the expense of Kofi Kingston (which makes me a sad panda), but I had to raise an eyebrow when it came down to John Cena and Triple H.  Not only did WWE blow it with making Sheamus look like a monster, the last two guys were the same guys who are always on top.  I like Triple H, I like Cena, but give me a break already!  It's the #1 problem facing Raw right now, WWE playing it safe.  If the goal was to put the WWE Title on Cena, why not make it Sheamus vs. Cena at the end?  

And yes, Cena won the title, only for Vince McMahon to reprise his role from New Year's Revolution 2006 and let Cena know that he wasn't done yet.  Cena had to defend his newly won championship against... DAVETISTA!  The Animal was unleashed, and after one sick spear and a Batista Bomb, we had new WWE Champion, again.  Okay, so I know folks are really pissed about this, and I can understand, Batista as WWE Champ sucks on general principle, but I've been seeing people say it doesn't make sense.  Doesn't make sense?  Have you not been watching the last few weeks?  This explains why Batista walked out on his Chamber qualifying match with CM Punk, it explains why he's been helping McMahon, he didn't need to risk his career in a Chamber match, Vince simply gave him the title.  I don't necessarily think that Cena vs. Batista at WrestleMania needs the WWE Title to be a major selling point of the card, but it is pretty much the one big match WWE has that we haven't seen on PPV multiple times.  Again, I'm not thrilled that Batista is champ, but it's logical and consistent with the biggest storyline in the company, so it works.  And don't be surprised if you hear "Vince McMahon didn't screw John Cena, John Cena screwed John Cena" tomorrow night on Raw.
Predictions: 0 for 1

Drew McIntyre vs. Kane had the unfortunate task of following a huge match and a major storyline, and the crowd just wasn't that into it.  It's a tough break for McIntyre, the crowd still isn't sold on him and they didn't give him someone to work with that the audience would've really responded to because those guys were all in the Chamber.  Kane did what he could, but this just wasn't a match to get really excited about.  McIntyre got the win though, and I'm curious about his next feud, but I doubt we'll see him face Kane on PPV again anytime soon.
Predictions: 1 for 2 

Gail Kim vs. Maryse in the finals of the Divas Tournament turned into the far less interesting Gail Kim & Maryse vs. Michelle McCool & Layla by order of Vickie Guerrero.  Uh... why?  This is the kind of stunt you pull on Raw, not on PPV, and I'd be pissed if it were a match that anyone cared about in the first place.  Still, why are we still delaying the finals of the Divas Tournament?  Melina will be healed by the time Maryse and Gail get in the ring one-on-one.  Mind-numbingly stupid decision, and forcing me to watch Michelle McCool is never good.  McCool & Layla won, I don't think Maryse ever got in the ring, but do you care either way?
Predictions: n/a

Now for a much better impromptu match, The Miz put his United States Title on the line against MVP in what might be their best match to date.  Big Show & Mark Henry were in their respective partners' corners, and I mention that because it gave us the highlight of the match, Big Show throwing Mark Henry through the barricade where the timekeeper sits, and I like to think Henry screamed "OH YEAH!!!" as he burst through.

 Exclusive photo from tonight's PPV

The Miz picked up the victory thanks to the old JeriShow finisher - one guy distracts the referee while Big Show punches someone in the face - but I hope this isn't the end of the ShowMiz/MVP & Henry feud, it's been a lot of fun since the Royal Rumble, hell, it's just now getting interesting!
Predictions: n/a

Main Event time!  Smackdown Elimination Chamber, World Heavyweight Title on the line, and the match I paid $45 to see.  Before we get started discussing the match, we have to discuss the insanity during The Undertaker's entrance with the pyro malfunction.  If you didn't see it, Taker's flame pillars were going off while he was on the stage, but not just the ones on the side, the ones in front of the ramp.  Taker could've walked around or waited for the malfunction to be fixed, but oh no, he walked through a pillar of fire!  That, my friends, is why you will never be as bad ass as The mother-f'n Undertaker.  Thankfully, we avoided a James Hetfield situation, Taker was okay, he just threw his jacket off and hauled ass to the ring, ya know, because he walked through fire! 

Also... was Rey Mysterio wearing the world's largest Fruit Roll-Up?

Okay, so Undertaker vs. CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho vs. John Morrison vs. R-Truth. Punk and R-Truth started things off and Punk made lightning quick work of Mr. WUSSUP and even though he didn't talk trash in a mini-chamber like I hoped, he did get to work the mic during the match, taunting all the guys still waiting and asking us to touch the screen and let Punk flow through us.  They might as well give CM Punk one of those tie-clip mics during his matches, let him clip it on his trunks, or maybe even a headset?  Either way, between tonight and the Rumble, it's no secret that WWE sees the guy as the best mic worker in the company.  Unfortunately, much like the Rumble, Punk was eliminated way too quickly, but it did help further his budding rivalry with Rey Mysterio, who was the one to take out the Straight Edge Superstar.

So we were down to Mysterio, Morrison, Jericho and Undertaker, who proceeded to tear the house down, much like I hoped.  Morrison was really the star of this match, he really stepped up his game and looked like he belonged in there when it came down to him, Taker & Jericho, I'm thrilled that they didn't use his ankle "injury" as a reason to take him out of the match early, because this may have been his breakout performance.  No shame in losing to The Undertaker after getting chokeslammed on steel either.  

With Morrison gone, it was down to Jericho & Undertaker... well, Jericho, Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, who popped out of a trap door and nailed Undertaker with Sweet Chin Music, giving us a new World Champion, Chris Jericho!  One hell of a main event, definitely redeemed what was shaping up to be a below-average PPV, and it gave us the six-time World Champion, Chris Jericho.
Predictions: 2 for 3

Despite some weird decisions early on, Elimination Chamber turned out to be pretty enjoyable thanks to the final two matches.  One major issue I have to raise from tonight was Matt Striker, who went from charming to annoying in about ten seconds.  I get it, he's the teacher, he's got the facts and the cute nicknames, but his commentary tonight was simply distracting.  JR mentioned on Twitter that Lawler needed to slap him upside the head and I'm inclined to agree.  If he's ever going to be the top color commentator in the company, someone's gotta rein him in.  But that complaint aside, and whether or not you liked the show, you can't deny that WrestleMania is shaping up quite nicely, here's how I'm seeing it:

World Championship - Chris Jericho vs. Edge
WWE Championship - John Cena w/Bret Hart vs. Batista w/Vince McMahon
The Rematch - Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels
Legacy Explodes - Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Cody Rhodes
Hair vs. Mask - CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio
Unified Tag Team Championship - ShowMiz vs. MVP & Mark Henry
Intercontinental Championship - Drew McIntyre vs. R-Truth?

The only thing I can't figure out is where this leaves Triple H.  I know the rumored match was Sheamus defending the WWE Title against Triple H, but with the WWE Title now in the Cena/Batista feud, I'm not sure if I can see that match happening.  It would be a major downgrade for Triple H considering that he's been in a World/WWE Title match at every WrestleMania he could compete in since WM18!  Before tonight, Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H and Sheamus vs. The Undertaker would've made more sense, but there's no way they don't do the HBK/Taker rematch now, right?

But only a couple lingering questions with five weeks to go before WrestleMania isn't bad.  They've got a lot of time to iron out the details, but if that card I predicted is what we get, I can't wait until March 28.


  1. Pretty decent PPV. Not sure why they'd go with Miz vs. MVP on the PPV and not even bother to advertise it. Good match though.

    The SD! EC match definitely takes the cake. Great match.

    As for WM, I think they'll still go with Trips vs. Sheamus. Not sure how they'll do it, but as you said, with 5 weeks, they've got time.

    They Undertaker getting burned and still putting on that fantastic performance was great. Still hoping for an Undertaker-Jericho feud.

  2. I really thought the card was low on matches, but what was there was good. (Except for the Divas tag match.)

    I couldn't help but crack up when I saw Mark Henry crash through the barricade. It was hilatious, and with the whole Kool-Aid thing it was even funnier.

    Good match between Miz and MVP, by the way. I watched the event with my girlfriend, who hadn't watched WWE programming in about 6 years or so. She agreed that the Miz was awesome. Had to enjoy him pointing at his wound and then licking his finger after touching the blood. So I guess WWE's allowing blood as long as it's accidental now?

    The Raw Chamber match was decent. I hated seeing Sheamus get taken out, but I figured he wouldn't make it to WM as champ. I couldn't help but recall Punk's first World Title reign the moment Sheamus got pinned and lost the title. It's like they put the belt on a guy, then they don't have faith in him as champ, so they give him a mediocre title reign. *Sigh*

    The SD Chamber match was great, and I enjoyed it much more than Raw's match. Taker getting burned was crazy. At first I thought he was just walking to the ring fast to look focused, but I did think he looked a bit awkward. After hearing about the accident, I couldn't help but feel that he truly is one bad-ass dude.

    Overall I enjoyed the PPV. It wasn't the best show WWE could put on, but it was worth the price of admission.

  3. Well I am back with another one of my reviews ok here we go, the 1st match was good except for the fact that batista stole the title from john cena after the match, the 2nd match sucked because drew mcintyre won, the 3rd match sucked because not only did we not see a divas title match but we saw team laycool win, then after the match we saw maryse hit her finisher on gail kim, the only other highlight of elimination chamber was edge spearing william regal, the 4th match also sucked because the miz retained his us title, the 5th match sucked as well because te undertaker lost his title to chris jericho, I gave this ppv a 1 out of 5 because the 1st match was good and the william regal edge segment but other then that I disliked this ppv so I suggest saving 21 bucks and buying another dvd instead when this dvd comes out and I just hope wrestlemania 26 is as entertaining as royal rumble 2010. until my next review have a nice day! bang! bang! yeah!

  4. This was basically a 2 match ppv I have nothing against john cena but lets face it the super cena reigning as champ again and again can sometimes get annoying so I recommend people to buy satan's prison the anthology of the elimination chamber 1. the match started kind of slow and boring but the pace picked up in about 10 minutes into it,2. all the cena vs batista match did was hype up wrestlemania 26,3. drew mcintyre would have had a much better match if they didn't use drew mcintyre and kane as jobbers,4. the women's match was not even woth mentioning,5.the edge william regal segment was filler that I had no idea why it was even there,6.the miz vs mvp feud was not as good as their royal rumble bout in my mind,7. the main event match was the best match of the evening because all of the old school wwe fans got to see chris jericho accomplish something worth bragging about because chris jericho has lead a successful career and suceeded in life regardless of what people think of him.