Sunday, February 21, 2010

Elimination Chamber 2010 Preview

So here we are, the first ever Elimination Chamber PPV, although really it's just No Way Out, which would've made a fine name for a PPV featuring Chamber matches, like it has over the last couple years.  Anyhoo, minor gripes aside, here are the top five things I'd like to see at tonight's event:

5. Rey Mysterio & Chris Jericho start or finish the Smackdown Chamber
Remember last year when Edge weaseled his way into the Raw Chamber, it came down to him and Rey Mysterio as the last two competitors, and they tore the house down?  Yeah, I want to see that with Jericho and Mysterio tonight.  After numerous Match of the Year candidates in 2009, there's no doubt these two have tons of chemistry, and while we've seen them lock up plenty in the last year, why not one more time?

4. Sheamus retains
WWE hasn't exactly built Sheamus up as an unstoppable force since he won the WWE Title at TLC, he's mostly been hanging in the background while John Cena does his thing and Legacy falls apart at the seams.  Sure, there was the big win over Christian and looking like a bad ass at the end of Raw last Monday, but the guy hasn't got a major win over any of Raw's top stars.  So what better way to make Sheamus look like a real champion than to have him beat John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston and Ted DiBiase?  WWE's got a real opportunity here to make Sheamus a legitimate main eventer, I hope they don't blow it.

3. Captain Charisma stops by
We don't know where Christian is going to end up after the end of ECW, but here's hoping WWE doesn't forget about him.  Only four matches are schedule for tonight, that should give them plenty of time to highlight some of the ECW guys, or at least the biggest name from the brand.  To go way out on a limb, how about Edge & Christian vs. ShowMiz in an impromptu Tag Title match?  Besides, isn't it about time for the WrestleMania #1 contender to randomly win the tag belts?!

2. CM Punk gets mic time inside a pod
Okay, so there's no debating that CM Punk was the coolest part of the Royal Rumble last month when he was talking shit between entrants, how about letting him do it while standing inside one of the Chamber pods?  Remember the Chamber match at SummerSlam 2003 where the crowd was begging for Goldberg to get in and kick everyone's ass?  Imagine this as the opposite, the crowd begging for Punk's pod to open just so Undertaker, R-Truth or Mysterio could beat the hell out of him?  It'll be the highlight of the night.

1. Chris Jericho, World Heavyweight Champion
Edge vs. Jericho is the WrestleMania main event we all want to see, and in order for that to happen, Chris Jericho needs to be World Heavyweight Champion.  The storyline has been almost a year in the making, and if you want Jericho to look like the definitive WrestleMania villain, give him a win over Undertaker, John Morrison, R-Truth, Rey Mysterio and CM Punk, and let him prove that he is the best in the world at what he does.

Here are my predictions for tonight's show, feel free to share your own in the comments:

Diva's Title Tournament Final
Maryse vs. Gail Kim
Not even going to waste my time writing out a detailed explanation, Maryse is the next Diva's Champion.

Intercontinental Title Match
Drew McIntyre © vs. Kane
Somewhat similar to the Divas match, I cannot see Kane walking out of this match as the Intercontinental Champion.  Drew McIntyre is on a roll, he's got the undefeated* streak going, a win over Kane is the next step for any future main eventer.  I've been impressed with McIntyre lately and even Kane has been more interesting than usual, so I'm hopeful that this match will give me a reason to watch the PPV when the Chamber isn't surrounding the ring.

Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship
Sheamus © vs. John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Triple H vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Kofi Kingston
Tough call here, I want Sheamus to win, but really this match is wide open for anyone not named DiBiase or Kingston.  Cena is obviously going to face Batista at WrestleMania, but I don't think it's impossible that the WWE Title to get involved in this feud.  Randy Orton could win and defend the championship against Rhodes & DiBiase at WrestleMania in a match to spite me, and the triple threat match at Mania has become a fairly regular event.  Triple H could win and be in the main event at WrestleMania, which would be shocking, I know, but I honestly don't know who he'd defend against since it's becoming more apparent that he probably won't be wrestling Shawn Michaels.  So I'm just going to go with my gut and say Sheamus retains, but I also have a hard time believing that he'll be in a major title match at WrestleMania 26.  Definitely the hardest match to predict on the card.

Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship
Undertaker © vs. Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio vs. John Morrison vs. R-Truth
The wild card in this match is whether or not Shawn Michaels will get involved and cost The Undertaker the World Title.  Morrison's ankle injury could take him out of the match and give HBK an opening to get in the match, or he could just interfere, but I don't think it's going to make the ending of this match any different.  Chris Jericho will (should) walk out as World Heavyweight Champion, regardless of HBK's involvement.

Still a few hours before the show, so let me know your predictions in the comments section, and make sure you check back at Kick-Out!! later tonight for my full review of Elimination Chamber!

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  1. Here's a prediction: impromptu matches. They can't fill up three hours with two Chamber matches, a standard ten minute or so IC title match, and a match for the vacant Toilet Break title. I'm guessing Showmiz vs. MVP/Mark Henry.