Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ECW Thoughts - The Final Episode

It's the final episode of ECW, refresh your page for ongoing thoughts of tonight's historic show!

In our opening contest, the Unified Tag Team Titles finally get some attention on ECW, of course on the final episode of the show!  ShoMiz defend the titles against Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust, which could be a lot of fun.  I've been singing the praises of Goldust ever since his move to SyFy, even naming him one of the most underrated performers in WWE today, and Yoshi Tatsu has been one of the most exciting parts of Tuesday nights, hopefully both men get to keep it up on Raw or Smackdown and don't get lost in the shuffle.  Both shows need more teams, but I'd like to see Yoshi and Goldust end up on Smackdown, just so they can lock up with the Hart Dynasty; Yoshi Tatsu vs. Tyson Kidd?  Yes please!

As for tonight's match, about as enjoyable as I expected: crowd was on fire for Goldust, Miz made the challengers look like a threat, and Big Show - as usual - played the world's largest equalizer.  Unsurprisingly, Miz & Show successfully defended their titles, but even with the forgone conclusion, I'd like to see the Unified Tag Champions utilized in this way more often, putting the gold on the line against teams that probably wouldn't make it on a PPV.

Backstage, Zack Ryder promises to make his presence felt in the ECW Title match later tonight.

Oh great, The Abraham Washington Show, so much for giving the fans something nice for the final episode of ECW.  I'm not going to blame the death of ECW on Abe, but ECW wasn't canceled before he debuted... coincidence?  Thankfully, Shelton Benjamin saves us from Abe's lameness, but let's just hope he doesn't decide to sing more Hootie & The Blowfish songs.  But things go from bad to worse, because ECW's Ambien, Vance Archer arrives.  But before he can put the audience to sleep, Croft & Baretta interrupt, then Vladimir Kozlov, then chaos ensues.  I'm not sure what's worse, this or the Springer segment from last night.

Main Event time!  Christian vs. Ezekiel Jackson for the ECW Championship in an Extreme Rules match!  I could think of worse guys to wrestle the final match for ECW, and judging by their match at the Rumble, this could be one for the ages.  Christian enters first and cuts one hell of a promo respecting the legacy of ECW (very classy move) and if one guy deserves to be the last ECW Champion, it's Christian.

Match is underway and doesn't take long for Extreme Rules to come into play.  Have to give a patented NASTY! call to Christian smacking Zeke across the knuckles with a Singapore cane. As promised, Zack Ryder makes his presence felt by interfering and attacking Christian, but the champ quickly disposes of the Lord of Long Island.  Rosa Mendes tries to attack, but Tiffany hauls ass to the ring and if Joey Styles were here, he'd be screaming "CATFIGHT!"  Yeah, this is an ECW main event!

And after a fun Extreme Rules match, Ezekiel Jackson shocks the world (or at least me) by becoming the FINAL ECW Champion.  Does it mean anything?  Well, they can hype him on Raw or Smackdown as the final ECW Champion, and I have a sneaking suspicion we haven't seen the last of that title belt.

ECW goes out much like it did in 2001, not with a bang, but with a whimper.  At least we got a proper final episode, but for a show that was originally supposed to be an equal third brand spearheaded by guys like Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle, Sabu and Big Show, I don't think this is the finale WWE had in mind three years ago.  Don't get me wrong, I loved this ECW (well, from late 2007 onward), and I'm sad to see it go, but obviously WWE was never fully committed to the concept.  It's a shame, it could've been so much more, but that's the way wrestling goes sometimes.

Next week, we'll have NXT, but nothing will ever replace E-C-f'n-W.


  1. Easily this.....as bad as last night was at least it had Hornswaggle and Santino who are you know....funny. This was a joke.

    I'm far from an Indy guy but I've been waiting for this debut for a while now but why the name change? I know it has been reported for a couple of weeks now but was the name change necessary?

  2. It is an odd name change, but people will get over it, just like they did with Matt Sydal/Evan Bourne and Nigel McGuinness/Desmond Wolfe.

  3. I'm surprised you didn't mention the fact the debut of the cast of NXT. I hate to be negative about the product (I'm of the JR mindset: if you don't like it, turn it off) but one dude was more generic than the next.

    The new superstar initiative was a great idea, but most of those guys, just like all of these NXT guys, were given about as much backstory as a Tekken character. The names were completely generic, (except for I Love NY's David Otunga, of all people, who got to use his name somehow), and the attempt at backstories were really weak. One guy was described as a "mix between Johnny Damon and Adam Lambert"...so he's a flamboyant baseball player? Another guy was described as a "rockstar" with a larger than life personality. The thing is, they already tried this with Tyler Reks, for instance, who was presented as a laid-back surfer dude. But "laid back surfer" isn't an exciting character, and Tyler just wasn't very charismatic, so he flopped. Even Yoshi Tatsu, who seems to be a crowd favorite, is the "japanese anime" guy.

    I don't know, maybe it can be argued that CM Punk and Jack Swagger didn't have TOO much of a character when they came in, but they seem to be using the Create-a-Wrestler feature in Smackdown vs. Raw to come up with these latest gimmicks.

    Also, doesn't Brian Danielson have like twice as much as experience as The Miz?

    Thanks for reading!

  4. I'll talk about NXT when I see it, because as of now, I still have no idea what the show actually is. So a bunch of WWE guys (from all levels of card position) are paired up with these new guys in a reality show/live event hybrid... doesn't really tell me much. Paired up doing what, exactly?

    Danielson is more experienced than Miz, but I don't think this is going to be presented as a training show, I think the whole point behind this is to have Danielson show Miz up and wind up becoming the "teacher" of sorts.

  5. I find the implication that Yoshi Tatsu, who's been getting mad pops lately, is just 'Japanese Anime Guy' to be hilarious.

    Also, I wouldn't really rule it out. I mean, Zack Ryder was Mr. Blandy McBland before he went to ECW, picked up the 80's College Football Gimmick gimmick and became a candidate for 'Most Improved' of 2009 if you ask me. Yeah, some gimmicks won't work, but I'm sure some will.

    Daniel Bryan as the 'No Nonsense, Hard Worker'/Dean Malenko gimmick will probably go well, as will Michael Tarvers who... well, looks like an absolute BEAST. You have to remember that getting people to care takes time. No one figured Yoshi would get anywhere until he started pulling out the Japanese Kofi Kingston style moves, which the fans loved.

    Same with Ryder, he didn't get any reactions until he started getting like a cheap win over Christian. It's why no one cares about Baretta/Croft as well, because they haven't done anything yet.

    A gimmick needs time to get over and see if it works or not. If after about 2 months and some actual attempts at giving the character something interesting to do, he's still not getting any reactions, then yeah, maybe it's time to cut him loose.

    P.S. My predictions for people we will never see again after NXT (based on looks)... Heath 'The Ginge' Slater, Skip Sheffield and Darren Young. (Unless he cuts off that awful hair.)

  6. Where do you think the roster will end up after tonight and do you think they will be lost in the shuffle which is why ECW was so good it was a chance for the great midcard-rookie talent to learn its trade and grow with vets

  7. I just posted an article about where I think/hope the roster will end up