Saturday, January 30, 2010

WWE Superstars Thoughts - January 28, 2010

The Bella Twins vs. Katie Lea & Jillian Hall kicked things off on WGN America, and be honest with me, did anyone watching care about this match at all? I know it seems like I'm always ragging on Raw's Diva division, but this is why. Outside of Maryse and maybe Eve, there isn't a reason to care about any of the Divas on Raw. Katie Lea has loads of potential, Jillian is a fine wrestler, but even getting a match like this is more exposure than they usually get. And the Bellas? They're usually only used to hang out with the guest host, so that should tell you what WWE thinks their talents are. I get it, it's Superstars, we don't exactly need high-caliber stars out there, but I really can't think of a less interesting match that could've opened this show.

Raw gets two matches this week (yet ECW gets none?), the second being a triple threat match featuring Chris Masters, Chavo Guerrero & Primo. Okay, this match was a dramatic improvement over the opener and not only that, it was a damn good match. The story was a spot in the Royal Rumble was on the line, but they way these guys were working, you'd think their jobs were on the line instead. Hands down, the best thing any of these guys have done in the last few months, and I know it's weird to think about these guys putting on a must-see match on Superstars, but if you missed this one, watch it. Catch the replay, go on Hulu, it might even be on, just make sure you see this match, because these guys deserve it. Masters gets the win, but after this kind of performance, they all should get a spot in the Rumble.

Oddly enough, the R-Truth/Chris Jericho segment was taped at Raw rather than Smackdown. I assume the logic behind that was so the audience would only see both guys once and keep the reaction strong. Regardless of the reason, a fun little segment, and R-Truth continues to show why he deserves to hang with the top guys. He's got everything you need in a main eventer: good in the ring, solid on the mic, unique look, and something fun for the crowd to get involved with. Not asking for the guy to win the Rumble and headline WrestleMania or anything, but there's no reason that Truth couldn't challenge the World Champion at a PPV like The Bash.

Main Event time! Matt Hardy w/ The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh vs. David Hart Smith w/ Tyson Kidd & Natalya! This match was taped on Tuesday at the event I was at and I haven't heard this mentioned yet, but Matt Hardy was insanely over in Cincinnati. I remember mentioning back in May that Jeff Hardy had one of the loudest sustained reactions I've ever been a part of, and while Matt didn't quite get that kind of reaction, he was probably in the top five fan favorites of the night. Either it's just a Cincinnati/Hardy love or WWE is really missing out on him, and I'm inclined to believe the latter. Good match here, even though I probably would've preferred Hardy vs. Tyson Kidd, but I'd also prefer Tyson Kidd as IC Champion and I wouldn't mind a pony for my birthday, but I don't expect any of those things to happen. Hardy picks up the win, only to be tossed out of the ring by The Great Khali! Hey, it's every man for himself at the Royal Rumble, even if you have the most random tag team partner in WWE history. I hear Matt was pretty upset about the betrayal though and went for a run after the show to clear his thoughts...

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  1. The divas tag match was actually a good match, the best match I've ever seen the Bellas in. Could be because Katie was in control most of the match, but it entertained me. I know RAW's divas division isn't much now, but it shouldn't stop one from appreciating the occasional good match, rare as they are. Yes, it was a pointless filler, but then again, I don't feel that I have any reason to care about the Primo/Chavo/Masters match, storylinewise, either, but it didn't stop me from enjoying that match. A Rumble spot may be on the line, but neither of these 3 men have any chance in hell of winning the Rumble, so why should I care who wins? It's just an extra jobber to be thrown out at the Rumble. And Rumble qualifiers are usually pointless unless it's to progress a major storyline (like when the evil authority is trying to stop the top face from getting the title i.e. Benoit in 04). So many guys are automatically entered without having to qualify, anyway.

    To me Superstars is the one show where you can just enjoy good matches without having to worry about storyline progression or direction. That's why to me both the RAW matches are enjoyable and entertaining in terms of action, even thogh IMO they're both pretty pointless and featuring wrestlers that I have no reason to really care about.

    Great site btw, I enjoyed reading most of the recaps & columns here. Will be keeping track of this every week from now on. :D