Friday, January 15, 2010

WWE Superstars Thoughts - January 14, 2010

Been awhile since I've reviewed Superstars, have I missed much?

Gail Kim & Primo vs. Jillian Hall & Chavo Guerrero was our opening contest, and considering the participants, it actually got quite a bit of time. Not a bad match either, especially when Primo and Chavo were in the ring, why they're not using these guys more, I do not know. Clever finish, excited crowd and solid wrestling, might not be the biggest names in the company, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with this match.

Raw offered up a second match this week, Carlito vs. Chris Masters, in a match-up of guys who were on the cusp of the main event in 2005, but are now in throwaway matches on Superstars. At least Masters seems to have some semblance of momentum right now thanks to his boob-bouncing face turn, but I just don't understand what the deal is with Carlito. Match didn't really do anything for me either, which is a shame since both guys have potential, but how long can we rest on the idea of untapped potential?

Up next, quite possibly the most bizarre match I've ever seen on Superstars, Jimmy Wang Yang & Slam Master J vs. Mike Knox & Charlie Haas. What makes this match so weird is the fact that all four of these guys are in the ring, and someone has to win, which is a rarity for any of them. If asked to put money on it, I'd place bets on Knox & Haas, simply because Knox is the biggest name in the match, but I would've lost! That's right, Jimmy Wang Yang & Slam Master J won a match! Honestly, when's the last time anyone's been able to write the sentence "Jimmy Wang Yang wins!"? Not a bad match either, and history was made!

Main Event time! A rare ECW main event, Christian vs. William Regal, reigniting their rivalry and hyping things up for Christian vs. Ezekiel Jackson at the Royal Rumble. Even though they've been so closely associated over the last six months, there's no denying that Christian and Regal have great chemistry and almost always provide an entertaining match. This match is no exception, these guys always work like they don't care what banner is hanging from the apron - ECW, Superstars, or a PPV - they always go all-out, and it's why they're two of the best in the business. Christian's nasty bump off the top rope onto the apron was hard to watch, but that's what I'm talking about here, these guys don't hold back just because they're on the "D-show." Christian picks up the win and keeps his momentum going in his march toward the Rumble.

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  1. A nice match from Christian/Regal almost ruined by the painful commentary. Someone seems to have told Byron Saxton to heel it up but that didn't work for me here.