Saturday, January 30, 2010

Smackdown Thoughts - January 29, 2010

I knew something was up when the show opened with D-Generation X, but it was definitely the easiest way to get the crowd on their feet. Cincinnati's kinda stuck in the past anyway, so for us, seeing DX in 2010 is just as cool as it was in 1998. I figured they wouldn't get through their whole shtick (much like at Cyber Sunday 2006 when the crowd wouldn't stop cheering to let them do it), but I didn't expect Rey Mysterio to be the one to interrupt. Great stuff here, I have to give big props to Rey Rey for holding his own on the mic and standing up to the easy joke Triple H made, comparing him to Hornswoggle. I especially loved HBK's "maybe you won't make it to the Rumble," followed by Rey's "maybe YOU won't make it to the Rumble!"

Of course, the whole point of DX on Smackdown was so they could defend the tag titles against the Straight Edge Society, who weren't pleased with Rey getting involved, which lead to even more awesome mic work from all parties involved. Teddy Long however, was intrigued and decided to change things up; instead of CM Punk & Luke Gallows vs. Triple H & Shawn Michaels, it would now be Rey Mysterio vs. Shawn Michaels and Triple H vs. CM Punk! Okay, so the bait and switch was lame, especially for a match that was so heavily advertised, but I think WWE was concerned for the Rumble hype (or lack thereof) on Raw and decided to hold off on the tag title match. Still not an excuse, and I hope SES gets their shot sooner than later, but considering the matches we got instead, I can't really complain.

Triple H vs. CM Punk was one hell of an opening contest. I was worried for Punk, sure, I like Triple H, but he's not exactly known for losing in singles competition. Surprisingly, Punk looked like a beast in there, pretty much dominating the entire match until Triple H finally made a comeback near the end. Yeah, it looked like Triple H may have had it won, but the interference from Serena caused the DQ and honestly, gave us the best ending possible. Speaking of Serena, can we talk about how freaking awesome she is? Admittedly, this is the first I've seen of her in action, but holy hell, she's a natural. Those facial expressions when Punk used her as a human shield? Priceless, almost Regal-esque in terms of believability; she also pulls off the shaved head look well, almost looks like Demi Moore in GI Jane. I know it's pretty soon, but I'll make another of my patented way-too-early predictions and say Serena is going to be a major player in the Divas division in the coming years.

Chris Jericho vs. R-Truth was up next and another rock solid match, with really the only possible gripe about this one being that it was a little too short. And allow me to clarify, that's Smackdown-short, not Raw-short. I'm sure some fanboys were pissed that Jericho lost, but as a huge Jericho fan, what harm does it do to him? R-Truth is on the cusp of greatness and a clean win over Chris Jericho is big. Jericho will be fine, he's one of the biggest names in the industry today (who cares what Eric Bischoff thinks?) and he should be applauded for making others look so good.

Okay, I can't be the only one who thinks Batista looked like a huge dork this week, right? And while I'm commenting on Batista's fashion sense, Dave... pick a look! I swear, every time DAVETISTA~! is in street clothes, it's something different. Sometimes it's a suit, sometimes it's business casual, sometimes it's a polo and jeans, sometimes it's a wifebeater and timberland boots, now he's dressing like Turtle from Entourage? Dave, you're either the badass bouncer type or a d-bag from the Jersey Shore, you can't be both!

Intercontinental Title on the line with Drew McIntyre vs. John Morrison in a no-disqualification match! Morrison was over big in Cincy, but unfortunately that was not enough to stop the chosen one. McIntyre picks up the win in a match I honestly thought could've gone either way, and I was hopeful Morrison would regain his championship, but it was not to be. Great match though, any time guys are willing to tear their flesh apart with Singapore canes, I have to applaud the dedication. This is why these guys deserve our respect, they're willing to out there and put their bodies on the line in insane situations - and this match had quite a few - all for our entertainment. Kudos to both men, and this match may just be what McIntyre needed to sell himself to the WWE Universe.

Yeah yeah, Michelle McCool interview, offensive nonsense, calling Mickie James fat even though she's clearly not, who cares? Wait a sec, what's that Michelle's looking at?

Ah yes, something much more interesting. As for the segment, the crowd chanted "THIS IS BORING!" and that about sums up my feelings on it as well. I would have also accepted "THIS IS STUPID!" or "THIS IS INSULTING MY INTELLIGENCE AND IT'S WHY PEOPLE DON'T TAKE WRESTLING SERIOUSLY!" but that probably wouldn't have fit with the "clap, clap, clap-clap-clap" chant.

Main Event time! Shawn Michaels vs. Rey Mysterio, and yes, that was one hell of a main event. Not the first time HBK and Rey Rey have squared off, but I do believe it was only their second one-on-one encounter, please correct me if I'm wrong though. Obviously they don't get to meet up often since HBK's has only been on the Raw brand since his 2002 return and Rey Mysterio has always been a part of Smackdown, with the exception of that brief run in 2008 that we've all forgotten about already. Anyway, awesome match, not that you would expect anything less from these two, who despite a laundry list of injuries between them, still perform at a level that most wrestlers wish they could. And that's not a knock on other wrestlers, that's just how good Mysterio and HBK are. Oh, and even though we've seen the "guy does a springboard, only to get Sweet Chin Music" spot quite a few times over the years, it's still awesome and looks brutal every single time. Another non-finish with Batista causing a double-DQ, then Triple H coming to make the save, but all hell breaks loose when the lights go out and it's THE UNDERTAKER! Taker chokeslams Rey and HBK at the same time and Smackdown ends with its franchise player standing tall. And just in case you were wondering, The Undertaker's crowd reaction was far and away the biggest of the night, even eclipsing DX, who the crowd went nuts for too.

Absolutely fantastic episode of Smackdown, and I'm not just saying that because I was there. Aside from the stupid McCool segment, this Smackdown was awesome from top-to-bottom. Pretty much non-stop action, and the opening promos with DX, Rey and Punk were awesome. Great matches, fun talking, good hype for the Rumble, definitely the best Smackdown of January, may even go down as one of the best of 2010.


  1. Bit too early for best of 2010 there, Razor.

  2. Obviously. But how many Smackdowns are we going to get stuff like Triple H vs. Punk, Mysterio vs. HBK, Truth vs. Jericho and Morrison vs. McIntyre No DQ all in one show?

  3. I have to agree there, this was a fantastic episode of Smackdown.

  4. I saw the sign during the broadcast and marked out.

    Yeah, I amuse easily.