Sunday, January 31, 2010

Royal Rumble 2010 Preview

It's that time of year, my favorite annual PPV, the Royal Rumble! Last year's Royal Rumble was a crushing disappointment (and no, not just because Orton won), so I'm crossing my fingers that this year will get the event back on track. On top of the traditional 30-man Royal Rumble match, there are four other matches, all for a title, scheduled to take place tonight. Earlier in the week, I asked you which one you were most excited about in our latest Kick-Out!! poll:


Sheamus vs. Randy Orton - 23%
Rey Mysterio vs. The Undertaker - 34%
Christian vs. Ezekiel Jackson - 31%
Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool - 10%

It was neck and neck all week between the World and ECW Title matches, but Mysterio/Undertaker won thanks to one vote! Sheamus/Orton was a fairly close third, and the Women's Title match rounds things out at the bottom. My vote went to the ECW Title match, but I wouldn't be surprised if Mysterio vs. Undertaker winds up being a damn good match.

I made my predictions on this week's Kick-Out!! Radio, let's see if my mind has changed on any of the matches:

Women's Championship
Michelle McCool © vs. Mickie James

As I said in this week's podcast, if Mickie James doesn't win this match, doesn't beat the living hell out of McCool, and then kicks Layla in the face for good measure, then this whole storyline is one of the dumbest and most insulting that WWE's ever run... and that's saying something. Mickie James is my prediction, not just because I think she'll win, but because she has to win.

ECW Championship
Christian © vs. Ezekiel Jackson
Tough call here, could definitely see this one going either way. I'm sticking to my prediction though, I think Christian will retain tonight, but wouldn't be shocked if he winds up losing to Zeke in the future.

WWE Championship
Sheamus © vs. Randy Orton

Aside from the Rumble itself, this is the hardest match to predict. Sheamus, let's be honest, has done nothing as WWE Champ. I like the guy, but his title reign has been completely forgettable, and that's entirely WWE's fault for barely using him since he won the belt. I could easily see them moving the title to Orton to start building his WrestleMania feud, but at the same time, I don't know if they'll pull the plug on Sheamus already. I could see him making it to Elimination Chamber, but I highly doubt he'll be WWE Champ at Mania, so I'm not sure who to pick. As much as I'd like to see it, I don't think this match will end with Orton falling victim to the Celtic Cross, so expect some sort of shenanigans, regardless of the finish. My guess is Sheamus retains, but whether or not he wins, I'm not so sure about.

World Heavyweight Championship
The Undertaker © vs. Rey Mysterio

Sorry Rey, Undertaker isn't losing tonight. Just the way it is.

Royal Rumble Match
On Kick-Out!! Radio, I predicted Triple H to win, but it's really a shot in the dark. I don't see any concrete WrestleMania plans (aside from something with Vince McMahon and Bret Hart), so really, the Rumble is anybody's ballgame. For month's I've been hyping Kofi Kingston as the king of the multi-man match, and it looked like he was on track to win the Rumble, but all that seemed to unravel around the time of Randy Orton's in-ring hissy fit. So as much as I still think WWE should take a risk and have Kofi win, I think this year could be something anticlimactic. At the same time, they've almost made it a little too obvious that a DX member could win, so what about someone like Chris Jericho? Or what about a shock return like John Cena in 2008? It's really wide open, WWE could go with a lot of guys, but I'm worried they'll play it safe, and that's why my gut is telling me to stick with Triple H.

Still three hours before the show, so let me know your predictions in the comments section, and make sure you check back at Kick-Out!! later tonight for my full review of the 2010 Royal Rumble!

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