Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poll: Royal Rumble winner

The Royal Rumble is less than two weeks away and at this point, I think the match is pretty wide open. Of the options presented in our new poll to the right of your screen, who would you like to see win and go on to face the WWE or World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania 26? If you've read the site before, you know my vote, but I want to know who you're pulling for. If your favorite isn't listed, feel free to leave a comment on this post and let me know!


  1. I would love to see Kofi Kingston win the Rumble this year and face Randy Orton at WrestleMania XXVI as much as you Razor. My only concern is that I fear Kofi's momentum would end up getting lost in the shuffle in terms of building towards his big title win. With rumored matches such as Cena/Batista, Undertaker/Michaels, HHH/Sheamus and Vince/Bret, I can honestly not see Kingston/Orton getting their fair share in things and getting overlooked when it comes to creative building up for the show. Not to mention his couple of recent clean losses to Orton has haulted his rise to the top a bit in my eyes. I'm sure a Rumble win and a victory on the grand stage would help him get back on track, but I'd say he's more of a lock to win MITB at this point. That way they can take their time building him up more and not have his title win overshadowed by any of the other marquee Mania matches.

    Outside of Kingston winning, there's no other participant in the Rumble this year that I would be interested in them winning it. I'm pretty sure it will come down to HHH/HBK, but a Rumble win isn't even needed for them to get a title shot. Besides, I'd rather see HBK/Taker if they go ahead with it as a non-title match.

  2. Hey Razor. Been following your blog the last few months, awesome stuff. I voted under other for the Royal Rumble poll, because I just feel a surprise return may come at the PPV. I have a feeling Edge may just return and win the rumble. From reports, he's ahead of schedule to return, and I can see him coming back soon and get into the rumble match.

    If Edge doesn't return, then I would have voted for Shawn Michaels - retirement I feel is in the air very soon for him, and I believe he deserves one last run as the top guy, considering he's still one of the best workers in the company and he still has got it in his mid 40s.

    I actually wrote a post on my blog about who I would like to win the Rumble also. Feel free, to look at if you wish.

  3. I sadly see a rather boring winner of the Royal Rumble - Triple H or John Cena. HBK doesn't need to win as he's got a built-in storyline with Undertaker while the winner of Sheamus/Randy Orton could do with motivation behind whoever they feud with.