Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kick-Out!! Radio - Episode 27

In this episode of Kick-Out!! Radio... what else? It's TNA vs. WWE! Two live wrestling shows on a Monday night for the first time in over eight years. Who was the winner and where do we go from here? Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy and more!

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Theme song: "Believe" by Grasp Infinity

Note: I've just learned that my host for Kick-Out!! Radio, GCast, will be shutting down in February, which will likely cause some troubles with the iTunes feed. Once I get everything sorted out, I'll let you know on here and on Kick-Out!! Radio. Thanks for bearing with me and for your continued support of Kick-Out!! Wrestling!


  1. good show so far, I got as far as 1 min 48 sec before it cut out on me :(

  2. Blargh. Those issues should be addressed when I find a new host. Just download it again or listen here in the meantime.

  3. Great show as always but I have to disagree on your assessment of TNA being on Monday Night. They didn't really take any viewership away from RAW. RAW got it's highest rating in months and it was higher than the re run of wCw Nitro from 12 years ago. From what I've read today the people at Spike TV are idiots because they are absolutely ecstatic over this 1.5 rating and keep in mind that RAW no matter what network it's on has never gone below a 2.0 and the last time it had that 2.0 rating was years ago. Also we all know that RAW has been on 3 networks well 2 but with the name change gets it a 3rd. RAW on TNN and Spike TV did better ratings on Monday Night than TNA has ever done on a Thursday Night or even this past Monday Night. They are simply not ready to be put on Monday Nights but again after what I read today Hogan is pissed that iMPACT is back on Thursday next week and is going to get a confrence call together later today with Dixie, Eric and Spike TV and that we should expect to see Monday Night iMPACT in two weeks forever. Like Forrest Gump always said "Stupid is as Stupid Does" everything else you said was right on the money especially Jeff Hardy's ball being dropped from the get go.

  4. TNA did their best rating ever against WWE and the return of Bret Hart after 12 years, while Raw's rating was pretty much it's usual... that's huge for TNA. A 1.5 is honestly more than double what I thought they would do head-to-head with WWE, they not only got their normal rating, they exceeded it!

    It's safe to assume a good portion of that audience would've been watching WWE instead had TNA not run a show on Monday night, so this rating is nothing but good news for TNA and Spike TV. Now, rushing to move to Monday nights permanently, that might be a really bad idea.

  5. no matter how many times i try to listen to it on here, I can't get further than 3m 36sec, maybe it's just the crappy mobile internet i have . . . but nevertheless, I'm glad you'll be using new hosting for your show soon, coz even when i had good internet, i couldn't really download your full show most times . . . I really do like your show though!


    thanks for all that you give us :)


  6. Tom, have you tried downloading it from the website version? I can never get the streamed one to work, but I never have any problems downloading the actual MP3.