Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ECW Thoughts - January 5, 2010

Due to the holidays, I haven't been able to review ECW over the last couple weeks, but it looks like I picked the right week to get back in the saddle, because CM Punk is returning for ECW Homecoming!

ECW Champion, Christian, started things off to hype up the Louisville crowd, but was quickly interrupted by CM PUNK. Punk's beard is out of control at this point, I think him and Mike Knox are going to have to have a beard vs. beard match somewhere down the road. Great interaction between Punk and the champ, and if it wouldn't preclude Punk from competing in the Royal Rumble match, I'd love to see him be the one to take on Christian at the PPV.

One thing I wanted to touch on was after this fun opening segment, I saw someone on Twitter, representing another wrestling website, say that "not much exciting has happened on ECW so far." Yep, ten minutes into the show, it's already been written off. Oh smarks, you're so adorable.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Chavo Guerrero was the second-to-last ECW Homecoming qualifying match, and how refreshing was it to see Chavo get to wrestle an actual match without Hornswoggle getting involved? A bit on the short side, but a rock solid TV wrestling match and proof that Chavo can still go when asked, I also hear he tore it up with Bryan Danielson in a dark match before Raw on Monday. Maybe it's time to give Chavito something else to do, perhaps a change of scenery, anywhere without Leprechauns?

I haven't had a chance to discuss Tommy Dreamer's departure from ECW, and more importantly, WWE after losing to Zack Ryder last week. Dreamer is expected to go to TNA, but his send-off from WWE was both classy and heartfelt. I'm going to miss Tommy on Tuesday nights, but I hope he finds what he's looking for in TNA. Ryder's promo, talking about stopping the heart of ECW, was short and sweet, but exactly what he needed to do. Ryder's got all the tools (and is a tool), to be a great heel on ECW, I think this is just the beginning of big things for the Lord of Long Island .

Vladimir Kozlov vs. Ezekiel Jackson was, how do I put this? Bad. Really boring, the crowd wasn't into it at all, and probably a match that should've happened two weeks ago. I also don't understand why Kozlov is the face in this situation, he's just such a natural heel, whereas Zeke strikes me as someone who could be a decent face. Zeke mercifully ends this one after a grueling few minutes, let's hope this is the end of this "feud" once and for all.

CM Punk vs. Mark Henry was the main event and really not bad for a Mark Henry match, crowd was hot, Punk was at his best and the right man went over. No gripes for this one, though not much to really say about it either. Glad Punk advances to the Homecoming Battle Royal, and I'd be happy with just about anyone winning it as long as they're not named Vance Archer or Kane.

Solid ECW, nothing spectacular, but two good matches, a fun promo between Christian and Punk, and a simple, concise storyline taking us to the Royal Rumble helped make this show an enjoyable one.


  1. I have to ask: Why don't you want Kane to win the Homecoming Battle Royal? If it's because you think someone younger should get the shot, then by all means, I agree. However, I think Kane's run as ECW Champion was one of the most consistant since the belt came back in 2006. He really wasn't doing much of anything at the time, and I think it kept Kane relevant. At the same time, when Mark Henry won the belt at Night of Champions, I think it was working with Kane and working with Big Show that made it such a big moment and it did a lot for Mark Henry. I know we've gotten away from the days of the "believeable World Champion", but Kane was a believable World Champion and he made the ECW belt seem important.

    Not nitpicking, just want to hear your opinion. Great episode. I was hooked from start to finish.

  2. Kane hasn't done anything for me in at least six years, if not longer. And Kane vs. Christian doesn't exactly strike me as an exciting match. It's nothing really against the guy, he's consistent in the ring and a hard worker, but he just doesn't click with me anymore.