Monday, December 7, 2009

Smackdown Thoughts - December 4, 2009

Little late, but my weekends have been crazy lately, making it difficult for me to review Friday Night Smackdown. Thanks again for bearing with me, so let's get moving.

CM Punk, along with his sponsee, Luke Gallows, kicks things off, and I'm never going to complain when the Straight-Edge Superstar opens a show. Looks like it's going to be CM Punk vs. R-Truth in our opening bout, Truth has a win over Punk, but Punk got a measure of vengeance at Survivor Series when he eliminated Truth after a nasty GTS. I think this match will definitely say a lot about where both of these men are going; they both seem to be on the brink of some kind of push, but kinda outside the main event scene due to the crowded Undertaker/Batista/Mysterio business. Pretty solid match here, unfortunately it has a similar ending to Punk's contest last week with Matt Hardy, DQ due to interference from Gallows. It's good heat for this new duo, but I wouldn't argue with an actual finish. Punk's creepy kiss on Gallows' head after the beatdown was hysterical though.

In-ring action continues with Kane vs. Mike Knox, haven't seen much of Knox lately, have we? Anyway, if you missed Smackdown and the thought of Knox vs. Kane doesn't excite you, lower your expectations just a bit more and you'll get this match. Fairly uneventful match featuring two guys who haven't done anything eventful in months (or perhaps years). Kane wins, but honestly, did he really win anything?

Great backstage promo from Jericho. Much more soft-spoken than usual, but great hype for the TLC match at... TLC.

Mickie James vs. Natalya vs. Beth Phoenix in a Triple Threat? That's awesome, could be the best divas match we've seen all year if given enough time. Unfortunately, it was not given nearly enough time, but luckily, it was still pretty good. Mickie picks up the win and is now the #1 contender to Michelle McCool's Women's Title, hopefully someone with a personality can finally dethrone McSnooze. Mickie knocks McCool on her ass, causing the Women's Champ and Layla to fight back, but Maria (?!) makes the save! I assume we'll be seeing this tag match next week?

Batista vs. Rey Mysterio next week in a street fight? Can't be any worse than their match at Survivor Series.

Drew McIntyre vs. John Morrison in a non-title match up next. Just an all-around good match, I wasn't completely sold on McIntyre at first, but it looks like this guy is legit. He doesn't look like the badass they're presenting him as, but he's been getting the job done in the ring. Still has a ways to go, but after a match like this, I think it's safe to say he'll be around for awhile. HUGE win for McIntyre here and it looks like he'll be challenging for the Intercontinental Title at TLC. I really enjoyed this match, but I have no doubt these two will really bring the goods at the PPV.

EXCUSE ME! Vickie Guerrero would like to talk! Honestly, who's going to care about Eric Escobar without Vickie at his side, she gets more heat than most men on the roster! The guy definitely can't be a face, he doesn't have the look, he doesn't have the attitude and based on this promo, he doesn't have the delivery. Seriously, if they're going to try to push this guy as a good guy, I can't see him lasting six months.

Vickie doesn't take too kindly to Escobar's antics and puts him in a handicap match (ugh) against The Hart Dynasty. Escobar tries to work a face style (despite the hair helmet), but it just isn't clicking with me. Escobar cannot overcome the odds and falls victim to the Hart Attack; good win for The Harts, but I really can't imagine where Escobar goes from here.

I'm definitely looking forward to CM Punk & Luke Gallows straight-edge cult, that seems to be the direction they're going.

JeriShow vs. Cryme Tyme appears to be our in-ring main event for the evening, which is pretty cool since these guys have always meshed well. In this match, Jericho and JTG mesh well, but as soon as partners are tagged in, Big Show knocks out Shad with the Malignant Fist! Seriously, here's how this match goes:
-Jericho & JTG have a fun little match
-Hot tag
-Big Show scores the pin.

So our main event (of sorts) is The Undertaker calling out Batista, but it never gets that far because Batista attacks the World Champion during his entrance! Okay, that's just sacrilegious, you don't tug on Superman's cape and you don't ruin The Undertaker's ring entrance. After the assault, Batista stands tall over the fallen Phenom and that's about it.

Solid show, but everything outside of Morrison vs. McIntyre felt a bit rushed to me. Due to Smackdown's high quality this year, I've come to expect more from the Blue Brand, so this show was a bit of a disappointment, even though there wasn't really anything wrong with it.


  1. I still can't believe the guy who called Vickie fat and disgusting is the *face*. Well, it's wrestling, so I can -- but man, it just blows my mind.

  2. I enjoyed SmackDown this past week. When Punk kissed Festus on the head, I started cracking up. Hilarious. Creepy, but hilarious.

    Escobar's face turn sparked a slight interest, but I'm not going to say that I'm in awe of his character. It was just a minor interest that is likely to disappear if he doesn't do anything intriguing fast.

    I guess Batista assaulting Taker was decent enough. It helped the guy get some good heat on him. I just can never get behind anything Batista does. From the way he flails his arms ridiculously when he's about to start running to the way he limps down the ramp when he's trying to run to the ring. Oh, and don't even get me started on his "Come on!"