Sunday, December 20, 2009

Smackdown Thoughts - December 18, 2009

T-Lo, Teddy Long starts us off this evening, and since Batista was unsuccessful at TLC, we will determine a new #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Batista is not pleased (big shocker) and demands the shot since no one would want to face him for it anyway, which is the cue for Rey Mysterio! Rey Rey's not afraid of no Dave, and it looks like we've got ourselves a #1 contenders match! It's a straight-up wrestling match tonight, ain't gonna be no chairs, playa! Weird thing though, the winner will face Undertaker next week on Christmas edition of Friday Night Smackdown. Since I'm sure next to no one will be watching, I expect serious shenanigans.

Six-man tag action for our opening contest this evening, John Morrison, Matt Hardy & R-Trtuh vs. Drew McIntyre, CM Punk & Luke Gallows, should be a good one. I'm really enjoying the chemistry between all these guys, especially the teamwork with CM Punk and Luke Gallows. Fun match, CM Punk picking up the win for his team by nailing Hardy in his "surgically-repaired abdomen" with a Slammy Award! Another tough break for the good guys, they just can't seem to get on track on Friday nights.

Mickie James & Maria are playing Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 backstage, but Beth Phoenix unplugs the TV (which apparently was plugged in to the most industrial-strength outlet ever) and tells Maria they have a match tonight. Oh no.

A Very DX Christmas next week? Somehow I think this won't be like their DX-Mas celebration in 1997. I don't think anyone wants to see either of their asses twelve years later.

I think it's a testament to how awesome Vickie Guerrero is as a heel when WWE thinks they can get Eric Escobar over as a face just by making fun of her. Though I do have to admit, the chupacabra reference was rather amusing, still not enough to get me to care about Escobar, but amusing. Vickie gives Escobar his birthday present, a match with Kane... great, just what none of us wanted. Is this supposed to get us to care about this guy? Getting destroyed on a weekly basis, and this time by someone who's supposed to be a face? Ugh.

Ah, something to wash the Eric Escobar taste out of my mouth, Chris Jericho! Jericho makes a great point about the travesty of justice that was Monday Night Raw, but lets us know that he's not ready to leave Raw and he'll be back! Yay! Hilarious promo from Jericho, we even get another usage of "mucilaginous troglodytes!" Jericho will continue to dominate Friday Nights because he is the best in the world at what he does, but first he has to deal with... The Great Khali? Wonderful. Well, I guess we'll see if Jericho is a miracle worker in this one, because it takes a special talent to make a Khali match enjoyable. If anyone can do it, it's Chris Jericho, but even he knows there are limits to his greatness, Jericho walks out and takes a count-out loss. Hey, the man's tired from carrying Monday Night Raw for six months, let him have the day off.

The Hart Dynasty in action next against Jimmy Wang Yang & Slam Master J, if the latter team weren't wrestling tonight, they could go film the greatest buddy cop flick ever! Of course, with The Hart Dynasty making an appearance, it instantly makes my mind go to the rumors that Bret "Hitman" Hart could be making a return to WWE. If it's true, I bet (hope) it would be extremely good news for Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith. We could talk about the excitement of Bret Hart returning all day, but I think that would do a disservice to what is actually a really exciting match. Great work from both teams, loved the stereo suicide dives from Slam Master Wang, DH Smith's rolling belly-to-belly suplexes were brutal and Natalya BODYSLAMMING SMJ on the outside of the ring was just plain awesome. Not a huge win or anything, but the real news is after the match, it looks like The Harts are in fact setting their sights on D-Generation X in order to avenge Bret Hart over a decade later. Loving this. Two big title matches next week? They're really pulling out all the stops for this show, but I can't imagine people are going to watch.

Did Michelle McCool just call someone else "underfed," seriously? SERIOUSLY!?

The 2009 Diva of the Year battles to the 2008 Diva of the Year with Maria vs. Beth Phoenix, and I can't imagine this is going to end well for Maria. I suppose we could get the gratuitous win for Maria since she's got the momentum with the Slammy win and hosting Attack of the Show this week... but nope. One Glam Slam later, this one's over! Thanks for playing, Maria, perhaps you'd like a copy of the home game?

Main Event time! Rey Mysterio vs. Batista with a shot at the World Title on the line. Earlier tonight, Rey said after all Batista's done to him, the best revenge he could get would be to keep Batista from ever winning the title again, and with that in mind... GO REY!!! As much as Batista's gotten on my nerves as of late, his new entrance where it's just a spotlight shining on him is pretty funny. Match underway and before it can even get going, we get some casual racism from Matt Striker, something to the effect of not knowing how many of Mysterio's young fans are "here legally." Wow, just wow. Digging Rey's burst of offense early on, but once Batista gets control, it's about as boring as their match at Survivor Series. Luckily Rey mounts something of a comeback to keep this one interesting, and Batista getting frustrated with not being able to put him away is exactly what Mysterio is all about. Batista goes for a Spinebuster, but Rey reverses into a small package for the win! Mysterio vs. Undertaker (first time ever?) next week! No Batista vs. Undertaker? Merry Christmas to me!

Solid show, pretty weird to think that The Hart Dynasty vs. Slam Master J & Jimmy Wang Yang was match of the night, but it was definitely the most fun I had while watching the show. Next week is certainly shaping up to be awesome - World Title match, Harts vs. DX for the Tag Titles, might as well have McIntyre and McCool defend their titles too. Even though I'm skeptical about people tuning in on Christmas night, I'll definitely be watching, so I appreciate the effort. But don't be surprised to see shenanigans in Rey vs. Taker - like Batista getting involved - perhaps to set up a Triple Threat at the Royal Rumble? Would be weird for none of those guys to be in the actual Rumble match, but that's the direction I see this heading.


  1. Shame you didn't see the Superstars last week, the first Hart Dynasty vs Wang/J was a little better I think. Plus, they did the same Natalya spot but bizarrely enough it got a huge pop there. At the time, and during this match too, I was contemplating skipping ahead if Cryme Tyme's music started up. It's a shame that Jimmy Wang Yang doesn't get a greater role. I seem to recall his matches with Shannon Moore against Miz and Morrison last year being good too.

    Other than that, enjoyed the show, aside from the uncomfortable McCool/Beth segment. I found it interesting as one of the announce team pointed out, that there were so more intertwining rivalries in the 6 man tag match. Pretty much everyone one on one side hated everyone one on the other. You could even make a case for Gallows/Morrison.

  2. Yeah, my DVR crapped out on Superstars last week, and since I record the last replay of it, I didn't get a chance to see it. And yeah, anytime Yang gets an opportunity to actually work, he's awesome. It's not like I'm expecting him to ever get anywhere high up the card, but he has more value than most people think.