Sunday, December 13, 2009

Poll - Superstar of the Decade

First, the results from our previous poll:

John Cena - 36%
Chris Jericho - 33%
Triple H - 1%
Ted DiBiase -10%
Dolph Ziggler - 2%
John Morrison - 10%
Other - 4%

A bit surprising to see Cena take the win here, although it was very close between him and Chris Jericho. But whether you love Cena or you hate him, he hasn't faced The Undertaker in a one-on-one match in over six years, long before Cena won his first World Title, and it would definitely be one of those undefinable WrestleMania Moments.

Now, onto our next poll; with 2009 coming to a close, you're going to see a lot of media outlets putting together lists of the greatest music of the decade, greatest movies, news stories, etc., but I want to know who YOU think is the Superstar of the Decade. I use the word "Superstar" not to limit this to WWE, but to avoid any confusion - this doesn't have to be just about who put on the best wrestling matches, I want to know who you think was the most important athlete in the world of professional wrestling over the last 10 years. Whatever you use to come to that decision - ring work, mic work, impact on the business, or a combination of all sorts of things, that's up to you. Please vote in the poll and feel free to explain your picks in the comments section, especially if you pick "other."


  1. Edge and Jericho was legitimately the tossup there, but as I thought about Jericho's amazing performances, I think about three exact moments. The first is the work he did becoming one of the best cruiserweights in WCW, which was 1998. The second is his debut on WWF television in 1999. And the third is not the Undisputed title win, but his slap of Shawn Michaels' wife last year, because it truly made him the amazing dick he is today. But we forget that he (like Edge, in fairness) languished for a long while. He never stopped being entertaining, but he didn't feel like he defined the decade excluding the last two years of it.

    Edge, however, from 2006 on was the most important heel in wrestling. In Jericho's absence, Edge was the safe bet for a great match, ran Smackdown all on his own with Taker's sporadic absences and Batista's injury proneness. And so many of his greatest moments were from this decade. The first cash-in of Money in the Bank, the first TLC match, the King of the Ring, the Live Sex Celebration (which was at least proof of him drawing as champ, not that it was amazing television), even the indirect effect he had on the tag titles with the initial title win at the Bash with Jericho. He and Jericho were consistent in match quality, and were the perfect bedrock figures for WWE. It is just more that Edge's impact was more pronounced to me in the last few years that proves him to be amazing.

  2. It's gotta be the Rock. Seriously, Brock Lesnar on there and not The Rock? CHRISTIAN on there but not The Rock? Come on, Razorman.

  3. I didn't put The Rock on there because I felt the majority of his impact came in the 90s, but you're right, an argument could be made for The Rock.

  4. From 2000 to 2009, I think it has to go to Triple H. He was very successful in the late 90's, but I think his feud with Foley in January 00 really put him into the 'all-time great' category. Since then he's nothced up, what, 10 World Titles in the decade, plus had a 3 year off-and-on feud with Shawn Michaels, formed one of the greatest stables in recent memory, reformed DX twice, won the Tag Titles, held SmackDown together, made Jeff Hardy and, to an extent, Vladimir Kozlov look like a legitimate threat, won the Royal Rumble and invaded Randy Orton's home.

    Plus, he did the impossible and made Legacy interesting.

    Over the space of 10 years and 2 quad tears, I don't think anybody has done more than Triple H.