Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Opening Bell Extra - nWoh no!

In a special presentation of Kick-Out!! Radio, Razor discusses the possibility of the New World Order returning (again), this time in TNA... the company that apparently never learns.

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1 comment:

  1. Happy Wednesday to you too Razor!

    I don't want to use one-liners in relation to people I've only read about but TNA sounds like it has less original material than Carlos Mencia. Dixie Carter may be just a money mark running around with Daddy's cheque book, but surely she realises every television show and every wrestling promotion in history have created their own legacy, no matter how underwhelming it is. Even 1999-2001 WCW created moments no one will forget (maybe for the wrong reasons)... But can you name me an angle from TNA which will be remembered ten years after it first happened? Can you name a match other than AJ/Daniels/Joe that will be remembered? I'm repeating myself here, I'll just refer back to this:

    The thought of Nash, Hall, X-Pac and gang running around as if they're the nWo at their age is embarrassing. It'll be like watching a bunch of denim wearing 40-somethings trying to start a riot after a Def Leppard concert. Why can't the idea of Hogan signing alone draw in some new viewers? The whole point should be that Hogan draws people in, new viewers are wowed by the rest of the roster (athletically and their characters) and they stick around. That's the real reason everyone watched WCW. If it was just the nWo that drew people in, nWo Nitro and nWo Souled Out 1997 wouldn't have flopped.

    When - and it's definitely when - Hogan's arrival doesn't sustain the audience, TNA will be fucked. Pure and simple. The only draws they could bring in after that would be a Brock Lesnar, Austin or Rock... Or possibly a big WWE star. But at this point, a Cena or CM Punk won't defect. They're not stupid. Shame TNA is.