Friday, December 4, 2009

Eddie Fatu aka Umaga dead at 36

Words cannot begin to express the utter sadness felt after learning the news that Umaga had passed away. The rumors were circulating all day and the news never sounded good, but I was hoping to hear something positive, but sadly that was not to be. While young deaths are still a tragic reality in the wrestling business, I don't think any fan could ever get used to hearing something like this.

The only thing for fans to do is look back on Umaga's career and remember him for all the work he put in to entertain us. Let us never forget or fail to appreciate the sacrifices that everyone in the professional wrestling business makes for us.


  1. And thus were Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama able to wrestle uninterrupted. :(

    Umaga was my favorite of the Samoan clan ever. I've been waiting since his release for him to come back, but... dang, dude. Brutal. And only 36.

  2. Another wrestler dead way before his time, another tragedy. Its time for something to be done about this, there needs to be some form of independant drug testing now!

  3. I was so shocked to hear the news. It is incredibly surreal for me.
    I saw him wrestle with the Hulkamania tour here in Sydney, Australia just a week ago and it just... it doesn't seem like he could be gone.
    He looked so good in that match, did some things I've never seen him do in a WWE match before and I feel privileged to have seen one of his last matches (if not the last.)
    It's so hard to believe he's not coming back.

  4. Matt -

    There was drug testing, that's why Umaga was released in the first place. We still don't know all the details, so I'm not going to speculate on the cause of death, but obviously drug testing didn't prevent anything. Unless of course you're suggesting drug testing on the indy scene, but that's simply not possible - it's too expensive and would be too difficult to establish any sort of baseline.

  5. Razor, im aware that there was drug testing, and in my opinion WWEs hands are completely clean as far as Umagas death goes, sorry if it sounded like i meant otherwise.

    By independant testing, i meant testing rendered by an outside body that has no personal agenda - I say this with all the rumours Mcmahon lets his top stars slide through the tests (even though i dont personally believe them)

    I suppose it would be difficult to implement on any kind of nation-wide basis, probably didnt think it through enough.

  6. Ahahahahaha, "rumors that McMahon lets his top stars slide through the tests."

    Look, he was released because he refused to enter rehab. WWE offered him a chance to help him clean up his act--on their quarter!--and he would rather leave his job than go through with it. What kind of "independent drug testing" would improve that? He tested positive for drugs, and they offered him help, and he said no.

    Look, like Razor said, we don't know the circumstances. But to say that WWE hasn't done enough when this is clearly a case where something was found and something was done is a pretty vile way to speak out against a company that's obviously trying to do better.

  7. I never said WWE hadnt done enough, i think they handled the Umaga situation perfectly. The problem is, once WWE fire stars, TNA can just pick some up straight away (Kurt Angle would be an example of this)

    Thats why i think, however impractical it may be, there needs to be some sort of industry wide testing to try and prevent incidents like this from happening in the future.