Saturday, November 7, 2009

Smackdown Thoughts - November 6, 2009

The Undertaker is always a good way to start off a show! The World Heavyweight Champion does a rare in-ring promo, loved the reference to him making his debut at Survivor Series... almost twenty years now! I watched that live on PPV, damn I'm old. The Undertaker is disappointed that Kane did not win his match last week to get into the triple threat at Survivor Series, and this cues Chris Jericho, who will be in that match. Chris Jericho and The Undertaker have rarely encountered each other since Jericho came to WWE ten years ago and now it's finally happening. Jericho makes it clear that he doesn't fear The Phenom, but gets a giant hand wrapped around his throat. Jericho gets a few good licks in, but eats a big boot and hightails it before the fight can really escalate. Please don't let this end at Survivor Series - Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania would be amazing, especially if Edge isn't fully healed by then.


Dolph Ziggler & The Hart Dynasty vs. John Morrison & Cryme Tyme is our opening contest, and even though we've seen a combination of these six guys ion numerous occasions, I'm always a fan of the six-man tag. Solid match, Ziggler and Morrison both looking particularly impressive - Morrison's slingshot corkscrew plancha is gorgeous and Ziggler's ring presence was that of a seasoned veteran. Ziggy & The Harts pick up the win after Ziggler gets a blind tag and nails the Zig-Zag on Shad Gaspard.

WrestleMania tickets went on sale this morning, anyone going?

Backstage, Rey Mysterio is really sad. Josh Matthews confirms that Mysterio will take on Batista at Survivor Series, and I'm honestly not sure how I feel about it. Pretty soon for a match that big, I was kinda hoping for Team Mysterio vs. Team Batista, but that won't be happening.

Beth Phoenix vs. Local Competitor, another Diva squash? That's two on the last two Smackdowns, and possibly the only two I've seen in WWE in the last 15 years or so. Loving the fact that the crowd is cheering The Glamazon while she demolishes the competition, that tells me the WWE Universe is ready for a REAL women's divsion.

Drew McIntyre vs. Jimmy Wang Yang next... poor Jimmy Wang Yang. McIntyre once again doesn't wait for the match to start and attacks Yang from behind. He claims he wants competition, and Jimmy Wang Yang wants to give it to him! The match actually starts! Yang gets some nice shots in, but McIntyre quickly gets the advantage and nails his double-underhook DDT. What an a-hole.

Batista is backstage with Josh Matthews, who asks The Animal what was up with attacking Matt Hardy last week. Davetista says he's not here to make friends, but then complains about Mysterio, who as you know, was supposed to be his friend! Sounds like Big Dave has some conflicted emotions.

Rey Mysterio vs. Mike Knox made sense. Rey's preparing for the monstrous Batista, and Knox serves as a good tune-up for that match. Knox took control early with that brutal crossbody of his, except this time he hit it outside the ring! They did a good job getting over the idea that it only takes one hard hit to stop Mysterio, but once Rey gets a head of steam, his quickness is hard to overcome. Mysterio emerges victorious after hitting the 619 and the springboard splash in a match that was pretty enjoyable. The crowd was really into this one, which helps, and not something you can always say about a Mike Knox match.

Next week, Intercontinental Title is on the line when Dolph Ziggler challenges John Morrison!

Former World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk enters the arena to a chorus of boos and an unhappy Scott Armstrong, who oddly enough is officiating this match. Punk's opponent is R-Truth, and this will be the first time they've ever battled (lot of that going around in WWE this week), so I'm excited for this one. Great action here, with R-Truth getting short bursts of offense, but Punk usually in control and even busting out a bow and arrow submission! Punk hits a big kick to Truth's face and goes for a cover, but only gets a two. He takes issue with Scott Armstrong's "slow count" (I think we've all noticed that before), and while distracted, R-Truth rolls up Punk and Armstrong gives him a fast count, R-Truth wins! Definitely the biggest win of R-Truth's WWE career and that dastardly Scott Armstrong strikes again! No one is safe from his shenanigans! Now while Armstrong screwing over Punk was a fun little moment, where are they going with this?

Main Event time! Matt Hardy vs. Batista, another match that I think may be a first, and Batista enters the ring without his signature pyro - HEEL! And what a difference a heel turn makes, Batista's work in this one was a breath of fresh air. I wasn't a fan of the random submission holds he seemed to be trying out, but when he had Hardy in the corner and told the ref to get out of his face, I saw a newly-motivated Animal. As for Matt Hardy,
he looked great here, and it's great to see him working with main event talent, but obviously he didn't have a prayer in this one. Oh sure, he got the win after being clocked with a monitor and thrown into the steel stairs, but this match was all about Batista. A very angry Batista.

Overall, not the best Smackdown of the year, but not a bad show by any stretch of the means. Next week's show featuring Morrison vs. Ziggler and for the first time EVER, Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker, looks pretty huge, but I sense shenanigans in the main event. I can't imagine they're going to just give away Jericho and Undertaker on a random Smackdown without some kind of screwy finish. But I suppose we'll just have to find out next Friday night!


  1. As far as the CM Punk-Scott Armstrong thing, Vince McMahon hinted a few weeks ago that Bullet Bob Armstrong might deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame. I would like to see either Bullet Bob (who competed in TNA last year) or BG James, Scott Armstrong's brother, come back and decimate CM Punk. They're probably not going in that direction at all with this Armstrong-Punk feud but it's fun to dream.