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Smackdown Thoughts - November 13, 2009

Have I mentioned how awesome the new Smackdown theme song is? If you don't agree, just wait until you hear the new Nickelback theme for Raw this Monday. *shudder*

Smackdown is absolutely HUGE tonight - Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison for the IC Title, the official contract signing between Rey Mysterio & Batista for Survivor Series and for the first time ever, Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker. I cannot wait!

And what better way to start off this major show than with CM Punk, whose facial hair almost (almost) looks normal this week. Punk badmouths the UK, letting them know they're just as bad as us Americans... I'm sure that's quite an insult for our friends across the pond. We haven't had a good preachy Punk promo in awhile, it's been sorely missed and this one is one of his best.

IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME vs. WHAT'S UP?! Is our opening contest, CM Punk vs. R-Truth in a rematch from last week. That crooked referee, Scott Armstrong, is not officiating this match, so the odds are certainly in Punk's favor. This match is also a preview of Survivor Series, with Punk being on Team Orton and Truth on Team Kingston. Great promo from R-Truth before the match, easily his best in WWE, I hope the match will be just as good. Great back and forth action, and definitely have to give credit to Punk for busting out the inverted STF. R-Truth successfully avoids the GTS, goes for a roll-up and Punk drops SummerSlam '92 style to pick up the win. Todd Grisham mentions something about Punk holding the ropes, but psh, details.

Mickie James vs. Natalya is our Divas contest this evening, and this is a match I've been waiting almost two years to see. Natalya dominates early on, showcasing skills that the majority of the Divas wish they had. Matt Striker makes an odd reference to Mickie James' equestrian background as she starts to build a head of steam and just as Mickie is looking to win the match, Michelle McCool & Layla appear on the ramp. The Woman's Champion and Scary Spice have Mickie's clothes in hand and cut them up with a pair of scissors! In all my years of watching wrestling, I don't think I've seen something so horrific! Natalya clocks Mickie from behind and locks in the Sharpshooter! Mickie taps! While it's great to just see her in the ring, this is a major win for Natalya.

Josh Matthews is backstage with John Morrison, who mentions what we all know - Dolph Ziggler is a choke artist and can't win the Intercontinental Title.

Drew McIntyre is making is way to the ring, let's see if he can actually win a match without attacking his opponent before the bell rings. McIntyre treats us to his Groundskeeper Willy impression and claims he'll actually let Finlay get in the ring this week. Much like Punk vs. R-Truth from earlier, this is another preview for Survivor Series; Finlay will be on Team Morrison and McIntyre will be on Team Miz in just a few days. McIntyre is quite the roughhouse in the ring, definitely out to prove something against the Fighting Irishman. "Brutality vs. Brutality" is a great call by Todd Grisham, and the referee has seen enough, disqualifying both men after trading countless closed fists. McIntyre takes it a step too far after the match and cracks Finlay with the shillelagh... but he's not done and does it again! What a jerkface.

Ah, a good old fashioned Contract Signing between Rey Mysterio & Batista. I hope someday I have a job where I can wear a lucha mask when I sign contracts. Both guys are in a hurry to sign the contract, but c'mon, I've seen enough of these to know that the two guys just don't sign a piece of paper and walk away. Oh God, Davetista has something else for Rey to sign - a waiver! He doesn't want Rey or his family to sue him for what happens at Survivor Series... Dave, I'm pretty sure someone waives their legal rights to sue anyone when they agree to fight in a wrestling match. What kind of lawyer gave you this advice, one that would advertise on Smackdown? Rey signs anyway and overturns the table onto Batista, leaving him stuck on the mat looking like a total doofus. Awesome!

Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison for the Intercontinental Championship is up next. Alright Dolph, this has got to be it, if you can't win this, you don't get to be IC Champ, simple as that. Dolph dominates early on, Morrison takes a NASTY fall as he goes for a kick in the corner, misses and lands on his neck. Scary stuff. Morrison fights back, but misses Starship Pain and can't get the three after the Flying Chuck. Morrison gets Dolph on the top rope, presumably going for a Super Hurricanrana, but both men take a rough tumble to the outside and the match ends in a double count-out. Man, they are really intent on dragging out Ziggler's quest for the IC Title, aren't they?

Beth Phoenix vs. Local Competitor is our second Divas contest of the evening; never going to complain with The Glamazon is given time to destroy someone. A top rope neckbreaker and a Glam Slam later, this one is over.

Chris Jericho lets us know that The Undertaker is just a man... but Chris Jericho is no mere mortal, he's the best in the world at what he does. Amen, Chris!

Okay, as much as I'm getting tired of Dolph Ziggler getting endless title shots, the fact that they're doing a 2 out of 3 falls match next week between him and John Morrison for the IC Title is awesome. I think they could've saved that for TLC, but hey, if you want to give me a 2 out of 3 falls match for free, I'm not going to complain.

Main Event Time! First time ever! Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker! Oh my! When you get to see two legends like this, who have never really had a major match against each other, you know you're in for something special. I don't even know if the word "special" does this match justice. This my friends, is a WrestleMania-worthy match on free TV. Perhaps a little on the short side for me to make that statement, but this is about as perfect as you can get on weekly TV. Undertaker gets the win with Hell's Gate and this match was the definition of fan-freakin-tastic.

Big Show makes his way to ringside after the match and the Unified Tag Team Champions are assaulting The Deadman! The Phenom is stuck in the Colossal Clutch/Walls of Jericho combo... OMG IT'S KANE! HELLFIRE & BRIMSTONE! JeriShow vs. The Brothers of Destruction next week!

Awesome Smackdown this week, continuing the great hype for the Survivor Series PPV, truly making the event feel like one of the "Big Four." If Edge returns to Smackdown when he heals from injury, this brand will be absolutely unstoppable.

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  1. As usual, an excellent review. I had the pleasure of attending this week's Smackdown and ECW tapings in Sheffield, and this was definitely an enjoyable show. Jericho vs Undertaker was a thrill to witness live, as was the contract signing, although for obviously different reasons.

    The ending of the Drew McIntyre vs Finlay match was actually re-recorded. Originally, McIntyre hit Finlay once with the shillelagh before walking off, but he proceeded to return a couple of minutes later, at which point a more evenly-contested brawl began. After that, the 'canon' ending was recorded, with McIntyre hitting Finlay twice with the shillelagh.