Monday, November 16, 2009

Raw Thoughts - November 16, 2009

It's a special Raw, Roddy Piper's hosting, there's a massive main event, Survivor Series is this Sunday, and we're live from Madison Square Garden, so Kick-Out!! should be live as well! I'm going to try to keep up with the show, so keep refreshing the page for live updates of tonight's historic Raw!

No better way to start the show with the Hot Rod himself! Piper's Pit returns tonight! Piper's backstage with... Luis Guzman?! And Iron Chef Bobby Flay... or Iron Sheik. Am I on drugs? Oh well, live from New York, IT'S MONDAY NIGHT RAW!

And what better way to suck the life out of an awesome intro than a Nickelback song? Blargh. Oh well, at least it was short! The much talked-about set is awesome, the kind of look they give to PPVs at MSG, but have never used for Raw. Very slick.

Kicking things off with a United States Title match! The Miz tells New York the inconvenient truth, the Yankees didn't earn a World Series Championship, they bought it! Let's see if Miz can earn a victory tonight when he defends his title against MVP! Crowd is red hot for MVP, including Sherri Shepherd, who scored front row seats, but it's not enough to overcome the awesomeness of The Miz! Skullcrushing Finale crushes MVP's hopes of becoming a three-time United States Champion and this major show is off to a solid start.

Chavo Guerrero is in the ring waiting to take on his opponent, Santino Marella. Hard to call this one a match thanks to Santino's shenanigans. Santino's stolen the YouTube T-shirt meme by wearing every New York team jersey in existence. Hilarious. Chavo's got control, but Santino keeps rolling away from the Frog Splash before Chavo can jump! Of course, Hornswoggle (still in DX gear) provides the distraction, and Santino hits his finisher - the surprise roll-up - for the win!

Speaking of D-Generation X, guess who's out next? It's Shawn Michaels & Triple H and New York officially goes bonkers! You might be surprised to hear this, but there's some shilling going on. I know, who woulda thunk it? DX shamelessly promoting their merchandise?! I can't believe it either. DX also lets us know that they will not split up this Sunday, despite the Triple Threat for the WWE Title, they will function as a unit. If this were 1997, they'd probably center the entire promo around the word "unit." Looks like DX has one more item on the agenda - Hornswoggle's gimmick infringement. It looks like DX is ready to forgive and forget, even offering Hornswoggle a spot in the group?! They're all lined up, doing the Michael Buffer bit, "LET'S GET READY TO SSSSUUUU" -- PEDIGREE ON HORNSWOGGLE!? That ain't right! I gotta say though, Hornswoggle took that Pedigree like a man.

Awesome hype video showcasing the special relationship between WWE and Madison Square Garden. If you missed tonight's Raw, make sure you check this out somewhere, I'm sure it'll be on soon enough.

Roddy Piper is backstage, which is good enough, but we're going to add Chris Jericho to the mix?! Well this can't get any better, right? Oh well how about Chris Masters and his musical pecs? Greatest... gimmick... ever. In all fairness to Roddy, he seems to have forgotten the beating Jericho put on him at WrestleMania.

Judah Friedlander is the guest ring announcer for the Divas Championship match? That's cool. Judah gets a lot of WWE references in on 30 Rock (usually on his hats), he's apparently a big fan, why not bring him in as guest host sometime? And this won't be any normal match, all the WWE Divas are at ringside making this a Lumberjill Match between Melina & Alicia Fox. Alicia's got a lot of work to do to get me at all interested in her matches after that debacle against Mickie James a few months back. Luckily for Alicia, and the viewers, this one is short and Melina retains! All the Divas brawl after the match, getting in some last minute hype for Survivor Series, but I'm more interested in Judah Friedlander showing off his awesome martial arts moves!

Finally, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper is at ringside, it's time for Piper's Pit! Piper looks great, a nice little "f-you" to whoever started those nasty rumors a few months back. Piper goes down the list of guys he's taken on over the years: Andre, Albano, Sammartino and Hogan, and claims if you mess with him, you end up either bald or dead. Wow Roddy, wow! Speaking of wows, he's challenging Vince McMahon to a match?! Before we get into this, can I just say how badass is Vince's suit tonight? If these two are really going to go at it, wouldn't WrestleMania be the venue for it? Cringe if you want, but you know it would be an overbooked masterpiece! Piper wants the match tonight, but I'm getting serious WrestleMania vibes... something's up. What a night this has already been!

And what a night it's going to be next week! A 3-hour Thanksgiving tri-branded Raw hosted by Jesse "The Body" Ventura!

Sheamus, making his Madison Square Garden debut, has something on his mind. He's already retired Jamie Noble, who's next? Looks like no one wants a piece of the Celtic Warrior, so he beats up the dude that rings the bell?! Then Jerry Lawler? Sheamus is definitely making a go at Jerkface of the Year. Luckily King gets to his feet, and I'm pretty sure some dude in the audience just yelled "F him up, Jerry!" Gotta love a New York crowd.

Finally back to the in-ring action, Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger in a rematch from last week, but I would've much rather seen a tag match featuring their Survivor Series teams. Maybe something like Bourne & Matt Hardy vs. Swagger & Drew McIntyre? Oh well, Evan Bourne's in the ring, so I'm not going to complain... even if this is likely just an excuse for Swagger to get his win back. And as I type that sentence, Gutwrench Powerbomb! This one's over.

Roddy Piper is in the ring and looking for Vince McMahon... but of course, this night had been too much fun and Randy Orton just had to come out and ruin it. Orton goes ballistic on Piper, sets up for the Punt, but Kofi Kingston makes the save! That's the only good thing about Orton these days, it's usually a guarantee that we'll get to see Kofi. Orton goes for the Punt again, but Kofi strikes! Kofi going toe-to-toe with Orton is exactly the kind of thing Monday Night Raw has needed since the Draft, a fresh face looking strong against a top star. We haven't seen a good brawl around the arena in awhile and this one gets the perfect ending, Boom Drop off a guardrail through a table! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

That makes me wonder - was Vince/Piper just an excuse to get the Kofi/Orton brawl going or the start of something bigger? Hmmm...

Fun little backstage promo from John Cena. Not his best, and definitely not the pre-PPV preaching I've come to expect from him, but I think the main event will do more to hype Survivor Series than any promo could.

Here we go, Main Event time! Chris Jericho & Big Show vs. Shawn Michaels & Triple H vs. John Cena & The Undertaker! Honestly, this has to be one of the biggest Raw main events in history, short of putting The Rock & Stone Cold in it, these are pretty much the biggest Superstars of the last 10 years. This might actually be the latest a Raw main event has ever started, but as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait. This is the very definition of "main event," it epitomizes "big match feel" and it is exactly what WWE is all about. A flurry of finishers later, Cena pins Triple H after the Attitude Adjustment, but gets a Tombstone from his partner! This show ends exactly how it should - the embodiment of WWE, The Undertaker, standing tall!

Okay, Raw's in MSG at least once a year, right? Do you remember a Raw in MSG that was this big? Even though it was packed with commercials and a little light on the in-ring action, this was better than a lot of PPVs... I'd certainly pay $40 for this show before Hell in a Cell. This show, much like the main event, defined WWE and was just plain fun. Shows like this are what get me excited to be a wrestling fan, and excited for PPVs, like the one that happens to be on Sunday. Best Raw of the year so far, hands-down.


  1. I'm shocked by the amount of Hogan references already.

    On another note though....I'm sick and tired of "Empire State of Mind"

  2. The two best moments of Raw all year happened on this show:

    1. The closing part of Piper's promo was messed up AND HE STILL GAVE ME CHILLS.
    2. Lawler got kicked and replaced by Matt Striker.

    WIN FOR ALL OF US TONIGHT. Great show from the hour on I saw.

  3. I was lucky enough to be at RAW last night at MSG, and I have to agree with you: it certainly seemed like the best raw of the year from where I was sitting (no pun intended). I was surprised by some reactions though, for example, other than all the babyfaces in the packed main event, you know who got the biggest pop? Mark freakin' Henry. Mark HENRY? That one really surprised me.

    Piper's segment was especially good because when Vince McMahon initially came out to face the Hot Rod, the Garden gave him a standing ovation. Five minutes later after Roddy cuts a screwy, intense, damn charismatic promo ("I've been in 7,000 car crashes, and 30 matches. Wait, reverse that...") Vince McMahon tries playing to the crowd and gets booed right out of there. All because of a Roddy Piper promo. Definitely a brilliant choice for guest host.

    The other positive was that while there was a lot of celebrity involvement, it never felt forced like it did on other shows. Chris Masters bounces his pecs to Boom Boom Pow? Show the Black Eyed Peas front row, why not. WWE taking place in NY? bring Judah Friedlander out there, makes sense.

    Definitely a worthwhile show, even despite the hornswoggle segment.

  4. I totally marked out when Kofi climbed the barrier... I thought there is no way he is going to do it... and then he got pulled away, which was what I was expecting. And then he ran back and did it anyway... that was beautiful man, beautiful.

  5. I loved Monday Night Raw from top to bottom. They certainly played to the hype and aura of Madison Square Garden to perfection.

    Roddy Piper was classic as always, proving why he is one of a kind. The references to Jimmy Snuka may be hackyened at this point, but the way he can come up with statements like "all my opponents either end up bald or dead", and play off mistakes like the "7000 car crashes" comment to make an even better point is amazing. Every talker in the business get a lot from watching that segment alone.

    I still believe, with a bit of clever engineering, Santino Marella could be the next Kurt Angle. He has an untapped MMA background, and a great ability to be goofy yet loveable with the fans.

    Kofi/Orton's brawl was immense and cemented Kingston's place as a top level guy. He has gone beyond the likes of MVP and Mr Kennedy's top pushes now and can't look back. Like CM Punk became a star in 2009, Kingston is the star of 2010.

    The main event was also great. Funnily enough, we could be seeing three Wrestlemania matches in that match alone, and they were all partners! HBK vs. Triple H, Cena vs. Undertaker, Y2J vs. Big Show.

    I agree with the assessment of this being the best Raw of the year. Can't wait until Survivor Series!

  6. Santino as the next Angle is quite a statement. He definitely has the humor of Angle's goofy character, but I don't know if Santino has the in-ring ability to ever compare. I honestly don't know where Santino's abilities are these days, I don't know if it's intentionally bad or if Santino just hasn't advanced in the slightest. It's an interesting premise, and it would be hilarious to see Santino run an angle where he learns to become a good wrestler, but I don't know if he could hold a candle to Kurt.

    But totally agreed on everything else, especially the idea that 2010 is Kofi's year. I'm still holding out hope for the Rumble, but if that doesn't happen, he's definitely winning MITB.

  7. I did not enjoy Raw this week. They did very little to push any of the SS matches other than the title matches. There was like 18 minutes of wrestling...that sounds like TNA. I get it was in NYC. They didn't need to mention that every segment.

    The Piper promo was awful, it went far too long and he just ranted like well...all of us.

    I defintely enjoyed the screwup either Orton did or someone in the back when attempting to punt Piper. Can't remember a screwup like that since the Cena/Batista Royal Rumble mess.

    I do like the Kofi push but I think he is missing something. I think he needs new music and new tights. If you suddenly say hes not from Jamamica anymore, change his look a bit...especially the music.

    I would prefer giving Miz a push more than Kofi. Miz is getting massive amounts of heat but I can't think of anyone he can feud with on Raw other than Cena and that isn't going to happen.

    HHH taking out Hornswoggle is the start of the slow burn to a heel turn or giving the smarks something to enjoy.

    Enough ranting.