Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Match of the Month - October

October was actually a really good month for great wrestling matches. The month started out rocky with the worst PPV of the year - Hell in a Cell - but once the hype for Bragging Rights started, things really turned around. First, the runner-ups:

DX vs. Legacy - Hell in a Cell
For a PPV that was terrible, it did have two great matches, the first one being the main event. DX & Legacy had a hell of a feud and turned it into a hell of a blowoff inside the confines of the Cell. Not so much a match as it was a mugging, I have to give credit to all four of these guys for the great psychology and ability to keep the viewers interested when the match was basically Shawn Michaels being tortured. This is the kind of match that defines what WWE is all about, storytelling.

JeriShow vs. Batista & Rey Mysterio - Hell in a Cell
The second - and only other - match that I really enjoyed from the Hell in a Cell PPV. Things started off bad thanks to the absolutely horrendous crowd that plagued this event, but once these guys started doing what they do best, the crowd finally stopped trying to be cool and actually had some fun. Any time Rey Mysterio & Chris Jericho are in the ring together, you can expect magic, and while Batista and Big Show can't make that claim, they added just enough to the match to make the whole thing an enjoyable ride.

Chris Jericho vs. Kofi Kingston - Raw, October 26
A PPV-quality match the night after the awesome Bragging Rights PPV, you'll get no complaints from me about that. Jericho is undoubtedly the best in the business today, Kofi Kingston is the next big thing, and this may have been the match that solidified that status for the ex-Jamaican sensation. What a difference a couple weeks can make, two weeks before this, Kofi dropped the United States Title to The Miz. Now, he beats Chris Jericho clean and is attacked by the former WWE Champion afterward, setting up his biggest feud to date. Big things are brewing for Kofi Kingston, late October was just the beginning.

John Cena vs. Triple H - Raw, October 19
Two of the biggest stars in the industry today, only their fourth encounter in history and WWE just gives it away on Raw? Not sure if that's the greatest idea, but the match certainly didn't suffer for it. As I said in my review of the bout, "
This match had it all, Cena kicking out of TWO Pedigrees (can anyone else make that claim? HBK at Bad Blood 2004, maybe?), Triple H kicking out an Attitude Adjustment and withstanding the STF, back and forth action, excited crowd, and the drama of this possibly being the end of an era." Of course we now know Cena is staying on Raw, but if it means more matches like this, that's fine with me.

John Cena vs. Randy Orton - Bragging Rights
And just six nights later, John Cena goes out and puts on another great match, and this one happens to go for an entire hour! The Iron Man Match would've been my pick for Match of the Month had Randy Orton not spent a good portion of it stalling and wandering around like a goofball, but when Cena was in control or the action was back and forth, it was a really fun main event. Once again, Cena silences his critics who say he "can't work," by going out there for an hour and keeping the crowd interested despite this being ANOTHER match with Randy Orton for the WWE Title. Much like the main event at Hell in a Cell, this match - and John Cena himself - defines WWE.

But there can only be one Match of the Month!

Christian vs. Chris Jericho - ECW, October 20
It's been way too long since we've seen these two lock up, but it was well worth the wait. Whenever someone tells me that Christian is being "wasted" on ECW or that ECW "sucks," I know they don't actually watch the show. For the so-called "C-Brand," you're guaranteed at least one great match on a weekly basis, and often it's the best match of the week. In this case, it's the best match of October; these two guys tore the house down on SyFy, just days before the Bragging Rights PPV and managed to outshine any match on that card. And that's coming from someone who loved the event! Chris Jericho should go back-to-back for the Superstar of the Year Slammy, but if anyone deserves to be runner-up, it's Christian. Returning in February, Christian hasn't had a single bad performance since his return and more often than not, he's outshining the entire roster. He may "just" be on ECW, but he's quietly become one of the most consistent and greatest performers in the industry today. Watching these two compete is a thing of beauty, and if you missed it, watch it now, you owe it to yourself as a wrestling fan.

So did I get it right? You tell me in the latest Kick-Out!! Poll, what's your pick for Match of the Month? Poll closes Sunday morning, so get your votes in early! And if your choice isn't on the list, let me know what it is in the comments section.


  1. Hello , I'm http://www.twitter.com/pepohh , as you know , I voted for John Cena vs Randy Orton in BG , I like the match , Good moves , tension , and the final was great! , Also , I was very nervous , was a very good Match , altough , the other matches are good to , greetings!

    PD : I put again the coment LOL

  2. What about Yoshi Vs Christian that was an outstanding match that should have at least made the list over either of the Hell in the Cell PPV matchs

  3. I know you're not a TNA fan but I really liked the match between Lethal Consequences and The Motor City Machine Guns before Bound for Glory and also the Ultimate X match that immediately followed it. Those had some of the sickest bumps I have ever seen in any match from any promotion and were all around good matches.

  4. Thanks for the heads up on the TNA matches. I always try to check out the good stuff from them.

    And it's not even that I'm trying to avoid TNA these days, they've just made it impossible for me to watch by canceling all their Impact replays.